[Viki Community Team] February 2023 Updates

Oh, no! :scream: It looks like you might need some help. I’m not saying that you do…:face_with_peeking_eye: But I think you should contact the help center, for some help, you know…

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You know, when life gives you bots, you need to take a break and get some fresh air, or eat something nice …
Just to not let it bother you.


It sounds more to me: like a human trying to be a fake bot. Going back to square ONE. I’m so done with all this drama going on in here… :people_holding_hands:. :robot: ::crazy_face:

The danger of the past was that men/women became slaves. The danger of the future is that men/women may become robots…


Lol!!! :clown_face::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
I can believe a bot just showed up and said that lol. Or… they are bots, what else to expect?? Lol


I think you meant to write: Just to not let it bot-her you.


:dart: adding the missing 10 …

If you report it to the helpcenter please include which phone and tablet you use and which operating system it runs on. Not just “android” but “android 13” or " iPadOS 15.4" etc. And the Viki App version. Their current version is 23.1.0 but always check because not all devices update automatically.
It’s the first thing they ask when they get back to you.

I was told by staff that the team will look into it now and will fix it asap but that could still be weeks.


They said the same thing to me too. I hope they are really going to do something

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is this QC Benefit Auto-Application immediate or is there a wait time, does anyone know?

Getting a QC status, after fulfilling all the requirements, has been automatic since ca 2016.

Here they’re just talking about how the benefit of watching restricted content will no longer look like a paid subscription, but will have the same effect. Almost everyone, if not all, have already switched to this new look. The functionality is exactly the same as before.


oh ok thanks. I just came back from a long hiatus and so many things have changed. My QC status lapsed and now I’m in a bunch of catch-22s

  • Lone subbers are no longer allowed, but I’m stuck with 5(+?) ghost moderating projects that are out of license so I can’t be moderator lol
  • Some shows are still available, but without being a QC I can’t access them. What’s worse is that the project was finished, but there are 2 highlights episodes I didn’t bother translating, so it’s called “unfinished.”
  • Finally found a show to do 500 subs on and still the system doesn’t give me QC benefits. Says my benefits are renewed for 6 months until INVALID DATE

Life is tough right now lol :rofl:

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That’s clearly a bug, have you opened a ticket in Help?


That’s true, I forgot a lot of things :sneezing_face: I’ll open a ticket


Except Chromecast.

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They say they’re fixin’ it :cowboy_hat_face: It might take a year.


It’s taking them soo long. I want to use the app and cast to my chromecast but no still not fixed. And I noticed that when I cast from my mac the ep doesn’t start where I left off. Also annoying when you couldn’t watch the ep in one go.

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Have you seen this? Transcribing in Korean is needed.


They did fix it (maybe earlier, I just tried it) and I want to say thank you.

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I still have there that I need to upgrade to Viki Pass. And I already uninstalled and installed the app again and have the latest version. :pensive:

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I heard back from Viki Staff regarding casting on the TV using the App on your phone/ipad

Our engineers have gotten back to us and the issue has been fixed. Please try updating your Viki app on your mobile device, and make sure to check that your Android mobile device is on our latest Viki App version 23.3.0.

For me it works now on my phone but I still see the “get Viki Pass” button but no error when I actually cast on my TV, Well atleast not for Secret Romantic Guesthouse. Tested casted from my ipad aswell and it also works now despite the “get VikiPass” button. Tried it with Our Blooming Youth there.