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OMG 10 minutes in to the drama ‘‘Come and Hug me’’ in Spanish, and I was floored. So many things in need of edits. One sentence the whole thing was wrong! by the way the 4 people in the ‘‘team’’ are identified by viki logo, no names.

The English sub mess, like I mentioned before that using big words might not have the same meaning (make sense) in Spanish. What I mean: They used the word exponentially in english translated in Spanish was not the appropriate word for the spanish sentence. They should have use DRAMATICALLY instead. What’s up with adding big words that the BETA mode might not or can even have define in Korean? It’s there such word in Korean?

Ironically the way that subber wrote-copied the sub is just like several girls I criticize so much for not having the common sense of fixing the subtitle because even if the english subber used such a word, that doesn’t make the sentence in spanish to be right.


The actress said I… (forgot the minute) Yo…

minute 10:41 she adds: do look a lot like my mom, right?
minuto 10:41 ella añade: (sí) me parezco mucho a mi mamá, ¿verdad? ¿cierto? (se puede usar cierto pero en mi país usamos ¿verdad? en vez de cierto porque cierto es una afirmación, más que una pregunta.

Look at this ridiculous spanish subtitle in the drama

TE PARECES MUCHO A MI MAMÁ, ¿VERDAD?(translated in English: First, she used informal speech for an older man who conducted her audition. Such disrespect towards an older person would never happen in my language. But here it goes as a whole sentence translated: YOU LOOK SO MUCH LIKE MY MOM, RIGHT? (adding insult to injury) These older guy looks like her mom and not her, the daughter??? The cherry in the pie right? It’s something like this (wait for it) You (informal way) look a lot like my mother, don’t you agree?-right? ROTFL

PS. PLEASE, masters of the Korean language. How will I write exponentially in korean? Such word does ‘‘exist’’ in the Korean ‘‘vocabulary?’’ Hope someone here is kind enough and give me a helping hand with this one. I need closure. Thank you.


I can’t look at anything in that drama it’s restricted at my place And since no team is visible on the main page, I am tempted to believe that the English subs were provided by the content owner, but I do not know for sure, it’s just an assumption.
As I mentioned before I believe the bot would need an AI sitting next to it detecting the person’s age, gender, position … Reflexive pronouns/verbs and such, I think they might be a problem for the bot, who seems to be “more comfortable” in “straight” sentences.

Bot might be the future but it’s not really there yet, it misses out since human uses all senses to translate, the bot gets words in its system and brings out words from its system other influences who make or break a subtitle in a movie/tv series are yet not in the mix, therefor accuracy might be only possible for shorter sentences.

I remember I once had a newbie not really that good at English and that is the base for our subtitles - I told her to start with only short sentences simple syntax and vocabulary she knew. As the bot may learn through edit, we are hesitant to do it, since it is so much to correct that you probably will delete the bigger sentences anyway, because it messes with your mind, when you start to correct a sentence that has 3-4 several types of mistake it will be exhausting for an editor.
As we don’t know exactly how the bot works, and we might not get that information it might be classified since it is a “product” in the works. We will need to hear the position of Viki.
Another sentence a bot might have trouble, irony ahead …
“Mom’s daughter sends her greetings!”


As long as it clearly says so, the viewers know they are not to blame us.


I would really like to happily agree with you on that, but will they all notice that? I remember clearly the banner - This drama has only English subtitles - yet, people still complained about other subtitles.
I tried to look for channels with that information - I knew Marry Me Now was one of them - I couldn’t find any with that banner anymore. Is this no longer put into practice? Or are the other languages allowed in those channels or was it all tested with the bot?
But I saw the questions on Portuguese subs? No bot affected language yet, but since it’s about channels I can not “touch” from the other side of the ocean …
I don’t know what happened.


There will always be people too lazy to read what’s in front of their eyes. But at least there will be something to point them to. And when they finally see it, they won’t be able to say “the info wasn’t there”, they will be clearly be on the part of the wrong.


Ah, d*** it. The log out bug got me once again. So annoying and out of context, sorry. :tired_face:


It kicked me out three times while patiently deleting Timed Comments from “Melting Me Softly”. That’s why now I save and close after doing each chunk.


They placed a red banner at the Help Center. I was only checking on my inbox. Boom, and out … I got another 20 minutes on my drama, then I need to fix something to eat anyway. Will see about it later, well somehow it happens more often the past 10 days, it happened on 3 different days. I feel kind of relieved that discussions never seems to be affected by it.


Here is one:

And they are still asking for other language subs as they did during airing.


Thanks dudie, I thought I would start seeing things. We do not know how visible this is in other devices. How people use Viki? Or if they are just used to getting subtitles in their preferred language?

P.S. Is the wind blowing as hard in your area as in mine?


Yes it has been windy the whole day but I just closed the bathroom window as the wind was howling pretty hard in the bathroom and the windows above the doorframes started to tick. The wind seems to be getting worse. For some provinces code yellow is issued.


For my region it’s code orange at the moment, my bedroom’s window faces west, I thought I would let the shutter open but it doesn’t help too much the wind is howling and the peak gust speed is nothing to laugh off and every now and then it rains heavily at least no hail. The north is far worse though it’s code red for them, hopefully nothing too bad will happen tonight. I am so tired and just can’t even take a nap.


I’m just glad they removed the old trees in front of our house a few years ago. It’s code green here but in the west and east side it’s yellow so it’s odd. Code orange or red is really bad be careful and only go outside when you have too while it’s orange or red. Maybe you can use ear plugs if you have any?

Lot’s of rain here too all day.



The only reason why this bot system is not working as well as it should be doing is because they must be using a cheap translator system, and I don’t know why bc Japan already has a translator system so advanced and is very popular already (I see a lot of commercials here in US). The CEO is from Japan so he must be aware of this advanced translator system. too expensive maybe?

Anyway, the drama’s subs had the questions mark in the sentence so it could be the English subs were provided by the content owner like you mention here but my theory is that since the sentence in English have so many mistakes in them, they kept the bot translation, and fixed the grammar needed in the sub.

One thing all subbers here at viki know, that you start a sentence with capital letters, and the continuing seg (when is the same conversation) you leave them with lowercase and a period at the end (end of conversation from that character) but in those 10 minutes I saw every sentence in Capital letters (even if that seg was a continuation of the other seg/sentence and needed to have lower case letter in that case). The way I see it, good or bad, they’re keeping that mess in there.

I can’t watch dramas like that.


Finally it’s quiet I didn’t take a look outside, hope everything is still in place. I was out last night just to check and put everything fragile aside. I slept, but I am tired as if I hadn’t. Need a breakfast something that kicks my blood sugar.
About rain, I left my rain gage untouched last week we had about 34 liters per m², not too bad, as the summer was not as dry as last year but still too dry. Have a nice day/week.

They are not using an existing tool, they are trying to make one. There are systems for translation, yep … But … As far as I know, there is no system that can deliver just in time automated translation for movies etc … Text that don’t convey emotion and only talk about it - there is no problem to translate via bot, but when emotions are the center of dialogues it is more than lacking, since other things are involved as well.
Viki said they “accidentally” used the bot in some dramas they didn’t actually want to … Anyway, if the base is not edited we know what the outcome is, it’s easy to tell. As easy as it might be to add bot translation, deleting them again might take longer. Viki was collecting data from the volunteers which channels bot subs need to be removed again. I think we still are at that point. All in good time hopefully better in any way possible. Let’s not lose hope.


I was watching Black Knight when it was airing and I’m not sure if those subs where bot translations, translations provided by content owner or done by paid Viki subbers. Overall I didn’t think the quality was really bad. Not our usual standard but OK. The main issue I had with this Kdrama was the segging. I had to pause and rewind a lot because so many normal sentences where split in 2. So as I was reading the sub the other half already popped up before I was done. And no they where not split because they where to long.


I have seen results from some of the expensive ones (being at the receiving end of ‘fully translated’ documents) and I have to say they are only good for translating washing machine manuals and legal text templates.
Anything more creative than that would better be cured by humans.

From the free systems, I use google and, considering the trainloads of data and free feedback from all sorts of sources it is getting, I find it extremely inaccurate.

Volunteers have indulged them for so long that now it is a given.



I have seen segments done by ‘‘viki staffer’’ (the logo is there) doing 10 SECONDS segs in dramas (too bad I didn’t wrote down the title of that drama). I also saw in another viki staffer page, way too many 1 second segs, and when I went to check the drama part, it would jump into the next scene before you can finish reading the whole sentence.

Now when I watched a few dramas here, the scene changed so fast I have to hit the pause button in the drama so I can finish reading the sub. I know the segs are also very off in the dramas what I call the icing in the cake.


this sounds like a paying job performance sheet… it left a bit bitter after taste, I get your idea yet it looked a bit worrisome… I feel that there are too many variables in play which may prevent such ruling… isn’t Viki’s idea that everyone can contribute…


I just got there, following your message. And, Yes!!! That’s one of the Several reasons why WE CAN’T TAKE VIKI VOLUNTEER WORK SERIOUSLY, just for fun and ONLY WHEN WE WANT TO… That is, while they don’t “dismiss” all volunteers hahahahaha