[Viki Community Team] French Machine Translations


What happened to that channel, the CM is gone and the whole team seems to be gone too. And now it has restricted access for me too while I did watch this Kdrama on Viki not so long ago and I’m pretty sure there was nothing wrong back then…

Or am I mistaken with an other Kdrama and is this still on my too watch list…


we had access. i wanted to watch it later… but now i cant… great v.v


I don’t for me it was never accessible, I wanted to try it back then and as much as I can remember it was not license for -D-.
And had only English subtitles …
I don’t like channels like that - it’s a poor sight - look like a shell


Have you mixed it up perhaps with Search: WWW?


This drama isn’t accessible in France.
@niennavalar The girl says: “I’m really disappointed with the translation of this drama. I have read it was done by automatic translation. No, but it’s all nonsense! How to read subs and try to guess what is the real meaning of the sentences at the same time? It’s such an exercise. I’m really unhappy with Viki. Considering the price monthly, I think the service should be better. Yes, sometimes, there are errors of conjugation or subject-verb agreements but here, it’s the whole story which is incomprehensible because the translation sucks. I don’t know about others but for my part I want to express my disappointment about this service.”


Here it is on Age of Legends also subbed by vikibot. 4 days ago.

Translation: “The French translation was done by a bot? Sometimes incomprehensible, what is the staff doing?”
On Come and Hug Me:
Translation: “Unfortunately the French translation of this drama is really bad. There is some words which are still in English, some sentences in which there are words missing, some sentences are feminine written whereas it should be masculine. It’s a really good drama and moving but this quality of translation makes it insipid.”


Anyone got a PM of Viki staff for a chat about Inbox problems?
I am not using my inbox that much so not really something I am keen to chat about …


I got it but will not be enough present to participate. I don’t have time this weekend for this.
Even if I would like to have a better inbox, because I’m often checking and sending messages. And I’m keeping all of my messages.


And the commenter probably thinks it was a human that was sloppy translating.


The most part of the time, people doesn’t even take the time to read if it’s translations done by a bot or not.


No I did confuse it with this one:


I am not that active, so my inbox kind of is full of “cyber spider webs” LOL I guess there will be others being edgy talking about the inbox matters. Why pick me?


Haha who knows how they choose who they contact.


I am off to pick a new drama and get some sleep - oh, almost forgot the washing machine - okay with a bit of delay.
Good night^^


Good night, I’m going to sleep soon too. :slight_smile:


Thanks @irmar for the update. Could that nice gentlemen have been Sean?


Is there a problem with About Time?
I am confused, there were no machine translations on this one. What’s the matter so I could take a look?

Yes it was Sean:


Is there a way the viewers/paid subscribers know when is a bot or human translation? The only way I knew the bot was messing up the Spanish subtitles was when I worked as a volunteer in the dramas because I was able to see it with my own eyes since I had access to the SE.

Viewers can’t do that so that is why most of the time as a viewer, I assumed it was a ‘‘human’’ translator that did all those horrible translations.

Kind of think about it I had stopped watching dramas bc the segments and subs were not in sync and now i believe is the work of the vikibot, and I was ranting at the segmenters. (sorry guys…:frowning: )

They kept saying it was a bug but I’ve seen a lot of complains about segs and subs RECENTLY in the dramas (WOK OF LOVE) for example. I stopped watching it because it gets annoying when the seg comes in the scene so delayed. Wish I could confirm if ‘‘bot massacre’’ was committed in that drama.

Let’s call it that: ‘‘bot massacre’’ before I used to call it ‘‘Google translate or BIN massacre’’

BIN translations are worse than horrible. A total nightmare you may say. Has anyone try it? My niece from PR. tried to communicate with me in English through BIN translate, and I had to tell to stop it, and I gave them other resources and links (they were trying to practice English with me). They improved, thankfully. But I had a good laugh with those nightmarish BIN translation.


Come and Hug Me is a channel that is obviously bot-translated in 3 language as it is stated on the main page.
I don’t know about other channel information …



I’m going to check it out see what points can be argue about the ‘‘bot’’ subtitles (if there’s any bc if it was edited it can’t be bad) lol. Thanks for the info. Enjoy your weekend.