[Viki Community Team] Inbox updates

Hey @irmar,

If you have Windows 10 you can probably use the Xbox screencast function! This FAQ article might help.

The settings on discussion.viki.com seem to only be saving at the cache level. I will check with the team to see if this is intentional or if there’s a plan to make this permanent later on.

Thanks again,
Mariliam :smile:

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I don’t have this bug of only seeing 15 messages.
When I scroll down at the very bottom of the first 15 messages, there are suspension points saying “loading” then when it’s done, I get to see the next batch of 15 messages. Same pattern if I continue to scroll down for the next next batch.

(On phone and pc: same system)

Have you scrolled down at the very bottom and waited a little?

While waiting for it to be solved:

You can keep the url link of the conversation and paste it in a googlesheet (1 single url for a conversation even if you answer or someone replies later, it will always be the same url)
And when you want to use it: click on the url you kept.

Do you still have access to our previous conversation even if you left?
(No access in Private Mode of the web browser)

On phone, I can swipe the message with my finger like for a text message: 3 suspension points appear on the right and I can pick to mark as read or delete it.


For ex: I kept the url to find my conversations with mods and added status on a gsheet.
It’s to check the % of completion in each language and the locking.

E = envoyé = sent
A = the person answered
C = closed = :ok_hand:
The link to the conversation is attached to the letter so when I click on it, I remember.


This is 1 tab for 1 drama. But if you work on many dramas, you can create many tabs (=files) and organize it as you want.

That’s a clever workaround, keep the links to each message on a google sheet. Of course it’s an incredible lot of work.
More importantly, to keep the links, I first have to access the older messages, which is not possible for me.
No, I cannot scroll, there are no three dots or things like that. When the bar reaches the bottom of the page, that’s it, nothing else can be done, it won’t go further. I tried zooming out my browser screen down to 40% and yes, I do see more messages at a time, but still a total of 15.


Yes, I saw about the X-box game bar in a Youtube video but it doesn’t work. I have on my Start Menu both X-box console and X-box bar. I click on Bar and… nothing comes up. Then I tried what it says on the FAQ link you sent me:

Press the Windows key and the letter G at the same time to open the Game Bar dialog.

Absolutely nothing happens, nothing opens.
That’s why I was trying the VLC method.
I did make a 30-second video, after many tries, although VLC went wild again and wanted to create a dozen clones of it. I could finally submit it. Let’s see what the tech people reply, because there are others who have the same problem.

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Do you still have access to the old conversation that you left?


If you still have access despite leaving, it would help you see more conversations.

:thinking: You can find old conversations through your personal inbox (not Viki) if you have opt in for email notification. There’s a blue box with a link on “reply” = url of the conversation.
But this blue button is only available for messages answered after the update.


The tag used here is “Go Go Squid.”
I have used “Tags” to automatically recognize and stash these messages in the correct drama tag when the message contains “Go Go Squid.” The tag system of gmail works like the file system of outlook.

It sometimes fails to recognize the correct tag but I can tag/untag them manually directly on the message or by swiping through the list of messages.

I used both inboxes (personal and Viki) to work together when I had a few dramas at the same time or else, it would have taken me longer to find the correct message.

I think if you opt for emails notification, you can create tags or files according to the status, status like “to answer,” waiting for an answer or create dramas tags “Your drama: to keep”, “Your drama: releasing PM”…
You can also create double tags like “Viki” and “Go Go Squid” so 1 mail is stashed in both files.

The management of emails through gmail app phone is easier once you have created tags on your computer.

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OR they could make our life easier by implementing

  • organizing by folders
  • sort by user
  • sort by subject
  • contact list

You see, you have devised a number of extremely ingenious ways, involving Google sheets, your personal email, tagging and whatnot, just to circumvent the lack of those basic features.
I think that Viki designers should look at your two posts and reflect on themselves. “Ah, this is what we have made our volunteers resort to, because we haven’t made this messaging system functional”

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When the new help center with Ideas got out, I already gave this idea a long time ago, the post is probably still there :joy:

Do you still have access to the conversation by clicking on the url? If you still have access and you have opt in, you will read your old messages, that’s why I’m asking you :grin:

Aaah… we always got to do with what we got.
So it asks us organization and coordination between us. Used to :wink:

While waiting:
Maybe try on your phone if you have a web browser.
Not to read your PM, but to scroll down and copy some url you need in a gsheet or in a draft to send to yourself via your personal inbox (not Viki).

So you mean see if I don’t have the problem if it’s on the phone. Okay I’ll try this, thanks. I usually hate using Viki from the phone. As you know my eyesight is very poor and text looks like minuscule ants.

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This is the same for me as well. I can only get back to the last 15 messages in my inbox. And the subject box is covered up so I sometimes forget to add something there.


I know I’ve given up trying to get back far enough after both my in box and sent were thrown in together. Things I DID NEED are gone, and …meanwhile new ones heaped on it.

I STILL NEED FOLDERS and I SAID THAT FOUR YEARS AGO. I know I am not alone in that one either.

One cannot stay in “ALL THE CONVERSATIONS” as seriously you get buried in nothing but INACTIVE CHATS and have what, where did the ones you need go now?


So you know…Viki got me effortlessly through lock down. I am abundantly blessed. Thanks from New
Zealand :grinning:


TO whom it may concern:

The inbox is a total disaster at this time, and very little has been done to fix all the other issues that needed fixing. Yes, the world is in turmoil right now and the days ahead won’t be any easier; but why give us an extra heartache? If we could just get an explanation as to why the inbox issue is totally ignored right now… (so we can understand why it’s in such bad shape), it would be a nice gesture from this site, that has always updated where things stand and how soon we can see any improvements done in that department.

The moderators are IGNORING the message send to them or they are NOT getting the message we volunteers send them? Can you investigate if moderators pick and chose who they will answer for team add? I believe something is very wrong with the inbox and is not the moderators fault at all but can’t tell since I get no answers in my inbox.

Thank you for the prompt attention since I doubt this issue will continue to be swept under the rug. We need to be able to communicate and moderators need to be thoughtful and answer even if it’s a NO answer. That’s the least they could do (the waiting adds stress to an already stressed out times we live in).

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Another terrible thing of this inbox - at least for me.

Suppose you’ve just finished reading a message. Now you want to go to another one on the list, another that is unread, in order to read it.
And you click on it. Nothing happens. You still see, on the main panel, the old message you’ve been reading and replying to. But that other message you clicked, it just becomes not-bold, as if it were read. But you haven’t read it, and no matter how much you click on it, you can’t go there.
Only if you refresh.
Everything in this inbox is done by refreshing.

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i still don´t like to see, when people left a chat / conversation and doesn´t reply to me…


ir they say something so negative about what you said you don’t ever want to put anything on here again!


A post was merged into an existing topic: Bring back the light mode!

Please, make it easier to delete messages like the old inbox. It takes so much longer to delete messages one by one and the inbox always stops working when I delete a message. I have to reload the page again and again. I really appreciate all the work that the Viky Community Team is doing, this is just feedback, please listen to us.


Yes, it’s infuriating. When you delete a message, one of two things happen:

  1. Everything goes back at the latest message, so to go back to the section you were cleaning up (such as old group messages to the whole team, sent to a zillion people one by one, as it used to be the case) you have to scroll interminably.
  2. Everything becomes white, blank, both the left section with the messages and the right, preview section.

For now, my solution is to CTRL+click every message I want to delete, so it creates a different browser tab. I create about 20-30 tabs like that and then I visit them one by one, delete the message, close the tab. So the original tab remains at the point it was, without going back to the beginning and without stopping working.

But still it’s so maddeningly slow and fussy! If they made everything like an Android phone, then also put tick boxes or radio buttons near each message so we can choose multiple ones to delete at once!


Interesting work around Irmar. I’ll have to give it a try. i have the same issue with the inbox and deleting is so frustrating. I finally came up with a work around for finding things, which is another issue. I had to make a google sheet for it. I hope they get this figured out soon. It takes up so much time to just find your mail and I’ve been missing things a lot lately.


Thanks for the tips, I’ll try your method. And yes, it’s really frustrating and infuriating, I wish they bring back the tick boxes so we can delete it all at once as you said.