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Is it possible to get a last checked time in the inbox? Sometimes I just forget, when I last checked, and sometimes when I check I realize that it is maybe not even 10 minutes ago, I did my last check.

I don’t know how others feel about it, or if it’s only me. I am not involved with on-air projects, so my inbox usually is quieter than others, but I would like to check from time to time and if I knew the minutes, hours since the last check I would feel more at ease.

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Am I the only one who still doesn’t get email notifications for new messages? I don’t receive them for the first message, but I do for replies. I have the notifications on at the inbox and the settings page, but nothing works.

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I sometimes have notification, I sometimes don’t have it, independantly of any answer.

While on holidays, I didn’t receive notification on my email, so back on Viki, I have a list of messages I didn’t know I received for recruitment.

Some already left the conversation without answer from my part.

Also, I still receive notifications from mute conversations I muted yesterday or in the morning.

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Today the inbox kept crashing on me. And messages don’t load from time to time. Then you have 3 people in a row you want to PM an then all of a sudden the system gets stuck on the 2nd person while clicked on the 3 person. Result: I did send some messages to the wrong people because I thought I had selected B. but it remained A. and I didn’t notice on time.

Very annoying when you want to PM 20 people fast.

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Do we have “select all” options? I want to bulk delete some of the messages.

I’m afraid not. There’s not even a search function.

Hi everyone!
I don’t know why it takes such a long time to delete a chat :confused: And then you get redirected to the first message…
Is there any way to select multiple chats at once in order to delete them?
And, is there a way to organize our messages for years?
I have to keep scrolling down until I find a message from 2019 :frowning:

To be honest I do miss the old message system…:expressionless:


Me too. Last time I deleted mails for over 2 hours and I am not nearing the end v.v


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