[Viki Community Team] March 2020 Updates - The New Inbox! ✨

…the red button for “you got a new message” lights up all the time. Even if the message was not for me…:D… It’s really starting to get on my nerves…


i agree with you on that, i am really confused with the new update specially the messages which sent or reseaved one


@irmar I agree with you with all that you mentioned. It disorganized me :confounded: and very disappointed me :disappointed: . I hope honest improvements from Viki :pleading_face: Thank you, dear

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Don’t expect too much, frankly - based on what happened with other changes. Still one should try.


Completely agree with everything you’ve written. Aside that it’s a new tool that we aren’t accustomed with, it’s really hard to work with the new inbox.

Hope it’ll improve soon.

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Honestly, dear, especially since there are many who we have appealed about Viki to return it to us if they could not improve it for the better and refused:
Reset the language selection icon for the site as before or include Other languages in the languages of the icon Choose your language…etc. so I hope this matter is an exception from them. Just a little hope :pleading_face:
Whenever they update something, they increase it, from the new video player to this thing now :disappointed_relieved: So the next one will definitely be worse. Don’t you agree with me?!!!

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Dear Irmar, dear Vikifriends :))

I agree and add: Please do Let us use HTML code back again!! We Loved to embed pics in our messages (alone or with links included in the code) and we can’t do that now :((

It’s way tooo frustrating!! Images are Essential to make Viki cheerful and to boost our team’s energy and motivation!!!

It’s very gray and plain, at the moment, with these new changes.


I think they said that there’s not html “for now”, meaning that they are thinking of implementing it. That’s why I did not mention it.
That goes without saying, that removing html is also a downgrade!


thank you for your information :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I agree with each word of this! Thank you for taking this serious and speak up for us :slight_smile:
I hope they don’t play much with other parts of Viki anymore, I mean ofc reform is good but pls listen to us. I still don’t like viki’s main page, the old one was better (I was able to see new dramas by one slide) :((


I love it, love it! Love the new inbox! The fact that everyone in the team gets the message at the same time, and that immensely helps to stop some ppl. from excluding certain team members from the conversation is the most wonderful new thing implemented in here!!!:rofl::clap::clap::clap::clap::tada::confetti_ball::sparkler::boom:

They are also giving users the choice to leave the conversation, and you can see who left the conversation too (wonderful detail!!!). You would think I designed this new inbox since this was something I was hoping they had implemented here for a long time now.

For starters, it deters many here from being rude to other team members since so many can see the way the are interacting/communicating with other team members (too many witness to risk showing how rude some can treat other team members through the PM).

The new inbox give everyone an open communication between ALL team members without excluding anyone because they simply no longer can do that. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart, the GENIUS who designed this new inbox. I don’t see anything wrong with it so far. But some issue may always arise here and there down the way but just like with the beta new video player that things are starting to work really good I know the new inbox will be an amazing change (we needed this new inbox at this site for a long, long time).

Thank you RAKUTEN VIKI and all staff, engineers, etc… and especially to new appointed CEO that is allowing this site to work in a fair manner, and making so many great improvements at this site!!! You really made my day today! Although we are going through rough time at this moment, this site is that support that gives us all a moment to dissipate the trying times facing all humanity worldwide. It has always been the site I admire the most since back in 2012 (started as subber 2013). I see many years of success and abundance of $$$$ to this site, and many blessing for ever. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

PS. I will patiently wait for any needed adjustments so that we can have a more modern, new and improved inbox at this site. Thank you for all your hard work! The video player’s main issues were resolve and I know this one will, too!

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The new inbox is really confusing. I just sent a group message through the Manage button under a drama, but now I can’t see it in my inbox. Where did it go? How can I see my own sent messages?


Another item which is awkward with this new mailbox and its pointed attachment now to the sort of “twinned off” contribute site.…well, i keep getting extra browser windows if I try to move back and forth between the stupid mailbox and my project.

But another item as a whole that seems more of a question is this: why do they feel it’s NECESSARY TO first ISOLATE DISCUSSIONS and NOW OUR MAILBOXES from the rest of the website? Why twin off ALL Of this and yes somewhat HIDE the volunteers even more with this “contribute” zone. If anything, we get even less acknowledgement than ever as to efforts that get more difficult as they change projects midway and other things on a daily basis here. Clearly this was not tested in any fashion that would give them our feedback AS THE PRIMARY USERS OF THIS FUNCTION and it was even INSTALLED a day ahead of time catching all of us flatfooted.


Back to trying to find my current messages, please roll this mess back so I can get back to working on projects instead of finding the people I need to respond to.


We cannot send a peomotiom for upcoming dramas, so how the everyone knows abd ask for news dramas. We migth lost the oportunity to see dramas that we want and others plataforms take it.


Any else having trouble sending a message? I wrote one, but I got a Failed To Send Message message.

Where do I start, omg. Let me tell you all that just saying that “dislike” is little for how I feel about this new inbox.

  1. I’m legally blind without my contact lenses, so the fact that the all the conversations are so close to each other, and the font is so tiny and that the actual messages are just 1/4 or the screen really hurts me and give me a huge headache.
  2. "Let’s get chatty? = “Vamos a platicar?” Really? I feel like I’m looking at the Yahoo inbox and that’s not a compliment. There’s way to much space (3/4 of the screen is just to get chatty) something that is meant for our volunteer work just became to get “chatty”… we already have the chatter, why do we want an inbox that is like a whatsapp/ yahoo looking thing.
    2.1. This let’s get chatty and make friends thing is really insulting in ways that we volunteers only know.
  3. Did you thought when you design this thing, that when we get new channels as CM, or when we moderate a new channel, the inbox is really our main tool to recruit? We could see the profiles of the people who applied right away so we could keep a track of who, was who, but now is impossible to access the person profile and even if you manage to enter the profile you can’t send a message to this person anymore.
    3.1 When we moderate we used to paste all the list for our teams in order to send a GO, or, the computer remembered the usernames with just typing the first word of the list. How do I send a fast GO to 40 people if I have to add one by one? Should we remember all the usernames?
    I really can’t see how this is going to improve our VOLUNTEER work without just making it more difficult to recruit people. We had that all in one place, one place and even if you design something else to recruit, is gonna be in a different place, so is just gonna take more time and I’m not up for this.
  4. The concept of a PM was to get private messages, that’s gone, the privacy part.
  5. I really don’t want 20 messages filling my inbox when I receive one GO, because the way gmail works is that probably you will get the last responses to the go and not the go itself so you may miss the GO and people do stuff besides viki so you just can’t be ‘leaving conversations’ all day.
  6. I used to use the outbox as a tracker to see when I send what, edition GO, so for me the Outbox was the most important thing to track and remember stuff. I’m really not gonna get in to each ‘chat’ to see when I sent what.
  7. The way things are right now, is that we will have to find other simpler way to communicate between each team, because this is too confusing.
  8. The endless scrolling… omg. We had page numbers that was fine! We just needed something were we could search one word and have all the messages that we needed. But at least with the page number you knew where you were or until what message you read. This endless scrolling gives headaches.
  9. Of all the things we need at viki to improve our work, the inbox was really not a priority. We just needed something that allowed us to search in it and the subject of the pm, that was it.
    I could go on but I’m just very very disappointed.
    Oh and I do agree with Irmar

I agree, its absolutely confusing for me.

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Wow!!! The new inbox is crazy… I have the email notifications on, but I didn’t get any, and when I get into Viki, I get a lot of messages.This is ugly.
By the way, ¿why I have to delete the message for leaving the conversation?, I think that is a disrespectful to the sender


I agree with most of what you said, except:

  • I think sending a message with “enter” can be useful and don’t think using “shift + enter” is difficult. So, instead of disabling that option, adding a button to activate or deactivate it would be great.
  • What do you mean the e-mail icon for direct messaging on viki members profile has gone? I can still see it…
  • I always see unread messages blue, don’t need to mark them as unread. I guess you had a bug… But I definitely agree that read messages SHOULD NOT be bold. I was really confused at first, thinking they were all unread…
  • Why is it “Get chatty” insulting? I think Viki is trying to make the inbox a tool not only for contributors but for everybody else, so people who watch Viki can become friends and chat here, and I think that’s perfectly fine. We can use it to discuss important things as to chat.
  • I’d like to keep the user icon. I agree that they should reduce the space between each
    message but I feel like they could still reduce it to half of it and keep the icon.

If I may add some recommendations, I’d say:

  • PLEASE add the inbox to the app, like, pleeeasseee… I got a notification from the app telling me about the new inbox and I got so happy thinking they finally had added them so I clicked on it, search for the inbox and couldn’t find it… Why would you send me a notification on the app of something that the app does not have…?
  • The HTML will be back so that’s great, but wouldn’t it be better if images, gifs, emojis were already there to search or upload and send them easily… like most chats everywhere else…?

I think that’s it, hehe… Thank you for your very thoughtful review, I hope Viki will listen to us! :sweat_smile:


Agree, so I have to choose between getting many messages if I wanna save the original message or leaving the conversations which deletes the message and is rude as hell with the sender just to not get what we can call spam’