[Viki Community Team] March 2020 Updates - The New Inbox! ✨

Wow!!! The new inbox is crazy… I have the email notifications on, but I didn’t get any, and when I get into Viki, I get a lot of messages.This is ugly.
By the way, ¿why I have to delete the message for leaving the conversation?, I think that is a disrespectful to the sender


I agree with most of what you said, except:

  • I think sending a message with “enter” can be useful and don’t think using “shift + enter” is difficult. So, instead of disabling that option, adding a button to activate or deactivate it would be great.
  • What do you mean the e-mail icon for direct messaging on viki members profile has gone? I can still see it…
  • I always see unread messages blue, don’t need to mark them as unread. I guess you had a bug… But I definitely agree that read messages SHOULD NOT be bold. I was really confused at first, thinking they were all unread…
  • Why is it “Get chatty” insulting? I think Viki is trying to make the inbox a tool not only for contributors but for everybody else, so people who watch Viki can become friends and chat here, and I think that’s perfectly fine. We can use it to discuss important things as to chat.
  • I’d like to keep the user icon. I agree that they should reduce the space between each
    message but I feel like they could still reduce it to half of it and keep the icon.

If I may add some recommendations, I’d say:

  • PLEASE add the inbox to the app, like, pleeeasseee… I got a notification from the app telling me about the new inbox and I got so happy thinking they finally had added them so I clicked on it, search for the inbox and couldn’t find it… Why would you send me a notification on the app of something that the app does not have…?
  • The HTML will be back so that’s great, but wouldn’t it be better if images, gifs, emojis were already there to search or upload and send them easily… like most chats everywhere else…?

I think that’s it, hehe… Thank you for your very thoughtful review, I hope Viki will listen to us! :sweat_smile:


Agree, so I have to choose between getting many messages if I wanna save the original message or leaving the conversations which deletes the message and is rude as hell with the sender just to not get what we can call spam’


It’s back! Yippee!!! This morning it wasn’t there. And it wasn’t there for many of us, if you read the previous messages. But now they’ve put it back, thankfully.


Totally agree!!!

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The message with go just for one team like Spanish team I I cannot do it, althougth I put just for Spanish team Viki created a chat for everyone! Please put again the old inbox.

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Yes it’s back! Oh that’s good, now let’s change back the other 99 things lol


I have the feeling that my inbox has hit the corona virus (COVID-19) Totally confusing. Why would I have to read the messages Cm sent to moderators and those to him if they were not sent to me personally. I can’t find any messages from a couple of days ago that I might not have been able to read, can’t reply directly to a message, etc …
You made the simple thing complicated. Pure nonsense.


Wait, the message for our language teams were never done through the inbox, they were done through the Manage page of the show. This still exists.
They have taken away the “message to the fans”, but message to the team still exists. I sent one today.

Yes, the Manage page still exists, but I can no longer send a message to a certain language moderator, the message goes to all the moderators.

That’s weird, because I just checked I still can select the language when it’s to send to a certain language moderator.
It’s maybe a bug on some channels, I don’t know.


Me too, no problem.

@irmar @deval_chloe
Me too, I selected the language, but the message went to all the moderators.

@sandia28 Really weird then. It is a bug, I guess.
We should report it to the staff.
I’m still waiting for my issue to be fixed right now (because I have a few messages which are not appearing in my inbox whereas I received the emails notifications). I’ve been told they are working on it but for now, still not fixed. It will probably take more time to fix everything.
I even received a message from someone using project finder for a project on which I’m not even on the team. It’s one of the messages not appearing in my inbox by the way.

I totally agree with everything & also want them to add the sent messages icon back as b4, or better just get the old system back & only add the group messages bcoz anything else is just very confusing & distracting & also PLEASE PLEASE VIKI, sent us a survey about the changes b4 forcing it onto us.

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You’re right. Too many changes, and not pleasant ones.:disappointed:


I mean, in a main page of a drama I send yesterday a message request for subbers just to a Spanish subbers and Viki send to all people. For that I ask that Viki put again the old inbox.

Here is the survey, where you can write all your opinions.

At the very end, they ask you to say what you liked, what you disliked and what suggestions you have for improvements (in “Other”)
I recommend that you first write everything down on a text editor somewhere and then copy paste it (run the spell-checker too while you’re at it)
Because the place you write into is very small. You can write as much as you want but you cannot see what you wrote. You also cannot click “enter” to change line. Whereas if you copy-paste a text prepared elsewhere, then you’re sure it will be just as you want it.


You’re right, it’s awful. I complained briefly last night, but your comprehensive list is better.

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Thanks a lot , i filled & sent it, plz if there is one for the new video player, can i bother u to sent it to me as well, bcoz i really hate that new video player as well.