[Viki Community Team] March 2020 Updates - The New Inbox! ✨


Just logged in for the first time after the inbox change and am confused by the total new changes.
Thanks for making such a detailed list @irmar


I definitly agree with this!


Honestly, I just want to know how to reply to a message! Oh boy…


I totally agree. They should leave the inbox as it was and add a new tab for chats. And to be able to leave a conversation without deleting it. They would also make things easier if they included the option “mark as important”, so we could access something we wanted to take up sooner.

I suppose that the more we use this new “improvement”, we will be able to find new improvements and suggestions for Viki.

Although who knows if they will listen to us. Sometimes I think that little by little Viki is going to make things difficult so that, in the not too distant future, the only translator is Vikibot (If you have noticed, even if we do not use it, it is improving) and all the rest of us have to pay to see our dramas.


Yeah!!! The moderatos and CM’s want the old inbox, please… please


Hate the color. Hate the fact that I can’t see time of a specific email at a glance. Hate that I can’t delete a specific email instead of deleting the whole chat thread. Where’s the option not to be in a chat tab? I merely want to have specific emails and delete whichever is not relevant later for easy reference.

No improvements at all. Why fix something when there’s no problem? Old inbox is more user friendly. Sometimes, simple is better without all the unnecessary jazzed up stuff.

Read messages should not remain as bold - how would we know if we have read them?

Bring back the old in-box!:roll_eyes:


I don’t know if anyone already mentioned this but the same (about total of four messages) message thread to me from a viki staff member now shows up four times in my inbox. Yesterday it was one thread. Now it is four threads but I am afraid to delete any copy of it for fear the whole thread will disappear

Whoops - it must be a glitch that was fixed Back to only one thread now!!


Can we have the old inbox back? Besides the Group messaging I don’t see the big improvement, tbh.


When I go in Community, it shows this:

When I go, after that, in Inbox, it shows this:

As to say, do I, or don’t I have 22 unread messages…?.. (rhetorical question:))


@denisse_bach i still have this problem since day 1 of the new box. Jeslyn from the staff knows my problem, so I think you can write her also about this


but how long does “For now” mean? Days? Weeks? Months?


I actually like the possiblity for group chat, but it should have it’s own bookmark. I suggest Announcements - if they think it is really necessay; Inbox, Sent and Groupchat.

Groupchat is fine, especially for new channels. It might be a bit more work to create effective group, but you will use it for long time, right?. I do segmenting, but all the time receive messages “Episode xx is ready for other languages”. If we have group for segmenters only and group for subtitlers only, you can effectivelly reach the group you want and don’t spam other people.

I hope Announcements are not ment only for VIKI messages, I take it as “Nottifications” where we should receive messages about new channels, volunteers needed and so on.


If this has happened, it must have been a mistake. There is an option to choose segmenters and/or subbers and/or moderators and also which language subbers or moderators.

If the English mod or Channel Manager sent the segmenters the message meant for Other Language moderators, it must have been a moment of inattention/distraction. It can happen. It has happened to me a few times in the past four years that I’ve been moderating here, to forget to uncheck one of the boxes.
Basically, they are all checked by default (as you see from the screenshot), whereas in my opinion they should be UNchecked by default. There would be fewer errors.


@jeslynl Hi, I can’t make a thread, the button is missing, tried different browsers etc. Must be account specific, can you enable this please.


I hate the new inbox!
I completely agree with everything you said! Great analysis!


Yes, that is true, but sometimes when drama comes with subtitles and you need to fix them, we need to be All Language Moderators to be able to delete segment with text. This way we receive messages ment for Moderators too.


Aaaah, I hadn’t thought of that.


This is a bug, not a problem with the features.

Here is a screenshot. It says I have new messages (red dot on my user icon on the right upper corner) and it says I have 3 new messages (on the left of the Inbox).
But none of the messages are blue. And rightly so, because actually there are no new messages. I clicked on the newest three (I have them sorted by newest on top) and they were the ones I either sent or received but already read hours ago.

After all this (visiting my inbox, clicking on the last messages etc.) if I go to Community it still shows I’ve got three new messages:

And of course if I go to my inbox again, there’s nothing new.


I did this in other comments before one or two time right now I did about 5 times and I had my comment and it chats comment box was double the size, in the upper part the text and in the second half empty space. I don’t know if that is what happens but it doesn’t look good.


I don’t understand what you mean by “double the size”. I can’t see a change of size when doing that. Or maybe is it because I’m used to it, I don’t know.