[Viki Community Team] March 2021 Updates


I can’t understand either. It’s one of the most useful feature on our profile. I use it like you all too, to go quiclky and easily on the episodes. No time to go on the channel, then on episodes to click on the little pencil…
And I use it when a contributor ask to join one of my teams as subber, to check if they was active on their last project until the end or not, too. This is really helpful to adjust the team and know if I’ll need more subbers or not for a project. The number of contributions is not always enough to see that :confused:


Why? seriously, why would you do these changes? what’s the point of them? as a subber, moderator & an editor , these changes will just make everything much more difficult.
why Viki never asking us b4 applying these changes???


I agree with every point which has been made before this message.
I will simply add that it’s going to be harder for the channel managers to build their teams, and for moderators to recruit the members of their team.
I personally use this feature a lot to check out the profile of someone who is applying to one of my teams, whatever the position.
I am not going to write an essay about how against I am regarding this change.
It will probably won’t change anything since you didn’t ask our opinion to begin with.


I am really sensitive with the “later date”, in a company I worked we once got a note “temporary for a short term only” and that situation lasted and lasted until it became a permanent state.
Can you tell? Is it a week, month …


lol well it’s temporary until we get used to it, then it’ll be the new normal :rofl::rofl:, we’ll just try our best as usual despite the weird pointless changes.


Today, I noticed that a show I’ve been working on just now, showed at the top of the list of project contrubutions, instead of listing the shows in the order that I’ve started working on it for the first time. Perhaps this has something to do with the upcoming change as well? It’s the first time I’m seeing this. (The other shows are still listed as before, only the show I worked on today seems to have shifted in the list of project contributions).
Have you noticed something similar?

I also make use of the subtitle option in the before part.


Those things happen regularly when the licence changes. It’s been like that since they introduced the current Project Contribution pages.


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yes, that happened to me as well from 10 days or so, suddenly an old show shifted to the top & said it was opened 2 days ago while it was over almost 4 to 5 months, it was very confusing to me.


they never really answer us even when they send these surveys to ask about our opinions , i keep filling them & suggest to ask us b4 any major changes like when they changed the language setting or when they removed the comments under each episode & it became under the whole drama, etc


Well, yes what to say I am at Viki since 2010 … I know, I’ve seen, …
You get answers as long the other site has questions they want to have answered it gets quiet, when they do their thing - good or bad.


I completely understand the frustration. It’s sad but they won’t listen… I don’t use that function so depending on how the English team works maybe I could give you an easy alternative.

French teams usually have a Google Sheets document to distribute parts, give feedback and check the progress. There’s a direct link to the subtitle editor for each episode.


You just need to click on the link to translate directly. I hope this was a bit useful.
How do you guys (english team) distribute parts to your translators to avoid having many people working on he same part? I’m curious. :slight_smile:


The English team usually uses the team discussion in the editor. They post on which part they’re working. This way everyone knows who’s in which part.

Personally I translate into a language not many people speak, so I often work alone (or with max 2 others) and then it’s just easier to go to my project contributions to continue with something.

But I think your solution is a good idea if you’re working in a lager team :grinning:


@vikicommunity, PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THESE THINGS. To us volunteers, it is EXTREMELY helpful. Maybe to your team it looks “messy,” but it’s actually lowering work efficiently if you choose to “clean up” and remove these features. Having the MOST RECENT EPISODE there helps us navigate 10x faster than us having to click onto the channel and remember which episode we left off. Furthermore, seeing the percentage of EN completed or other languages helps us out a lot because we can see if we need to work on this episode or not. A lot of these features are helpful for volunteers, and since a lot of us contribute a lot to this community, it’s important that you try to accommodate to what is best for the volunteers. Please think again about this decision, I’m pretty sure not a lot of volunteers voted for this change…


I don’t understand. :roll_eyes:
Just improve the mailbox. This is more urgent.


Interesting how you structured your docs which is also kinda similiar to ours.
Since 4-5 projects I also wanted to save time and added the link besides the table like this (in the google doc):


For months now, the Project Contributions showing on my profile page have not given me recent episodes. Instead it has the shows I did 20 days to a month ago. I used to be able to rely on it to update by the next day so I could hopefully re-enter the nearest episode.

By going straight into the subtitle editor, I do save time, but I can also miss the fact that a new trailer/teaser/shoutout or episode preview was loaded. On one drama, the episode previews are loading separately from the episode and are found at the bottom of the show page where the trailers are. This would be a serious problem if an editor is unaware that a preview has loaded separately.

For language moderators who follow the English team, the CM gives you a link straight to what she is releasing. An English team must wait until we can get access, and we rely on the speed of the segmenting team. Thus, entering a new episode is never simple for us.

For anyone with several projects, it would be really helpful if the Project Contributions still remembered for us which episodes we did last. I hope that Viki’s change will enhance rather than hinder our work. I know that no one responds well to change, and the general attitude is, “If it already works, don’t fix it.”

“The only constant in life is change,” said Heraclitus. “Nothing in life is permanent, nor can it be, because the very nature of existence is change.” I just hope the changes are to our benefit. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you look at Project Contributions on your own profile and don’t sort by channel role, all the projects you have ever worked on are sorted by some algorithm which I cannot figure out
Initially, I thought it would show when I last contributed but that is definitely not so.
For example, right now on my page the first project is The Penthouse 2 – episode 10 which I have been working on sporadically for the past 7 hours. The information is NOT real time - it was updated four hours ago but people are actively subbing it as I write this. The English completion is REAL Time at 86% which I confirmed by looking through the manage video function. The % is currently the same % shown in video mode.
Next on my page is All About My Romance. We completed English on that in 2013 and I haven’t contributed at all to that channel since 2013. That is because three days ago someone wrote a sub in some other language.
Then I thought it was sorted according to when anyone last worked on the channel, but that isn’t so either.
Third is River Where the Moon Rises, Episode 9 which was updated 4 days ago. However, according Team activities, there has been other languages subbing episode 10 for the past several days including 15 minutes ago. So this project should be second after Penthouse 2!!
Has anyone figured out the algorithm for “all” project contributions?

Now I tried a sort of project contributions by channel role.
Once again it seems within a given role such as Manager, the projects appear to be randomly appearing. It’s not alphabetic, by broadcast date; by number of contributions as a subber or segger, or by recency of work by me or anyone else.

PS – I don’t know why part of this post is bold.


The computers are taking over :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


More likely than that, the project may have come up on your Project Contributions list because its licence changed for one or several regions around the world.

Since Europe gets a lot of the licence changes, we immediately see the effect of a project changing place on that web page. It’s actually a good indicator of when the project you completed or been working on has (usually) lost its licence. Rarely it is the other way around, where a project regains the licence.


This is not an improvement. It’s a handicap! :rage: