[Viki Community Team] March 2023 Updates

:unicorn: Spring Subathon is Here!


It’s that time again! Our Spring Subathon starts today!! :tada:
Don’t forget to RSVP, and find all the details for our Spring Subathon and winning a new Unicorn badge in the FAQ page!

:wave: Meet The New Staff!

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Brenda!! Our new Viki Community Staff member. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Here’s a little bit about Brenda:
Please feel free to check out her profile! :tada:

Coming Soon… blobby-r

:sparkles:New Discussions Categories

To keep you all updated on new features and tools that we are working on or releasing, we will soon launch a dedicated space within Discussions where we will share community and product news! We hope this new space will keep users up-to-date on all upcoming changes!

:sparkles: Sample Videos Feature

Thank you to all those who have used our Sample Video tool and provided feedback so far! We hope this new feature has helped new contributors more easily showcase their language skills, and Moderators & Channel Managers in their recruitment process.

We are happy to announce that the Sample Videos tool will be expanded to all Languages in the coming months! :tada: More updates to follow later!

If you haven’t yet, or would like a quick refresher on what Sample Videos are, feel free to check out our Help Center articles.

:arrow_right: I’m a New Contributor
:arrow_right: I’m a Manager/Moderator


Welcome @brendas :cake: :clinking_glasses: :bouquet:


Welcome, dear. :wave: :wave:


Welcome, dear @brendas !
So what is your job designation here? Do you have the “enviable” position of being the link between volunteers and Viki management?
(If it’s that, I wish you good luck, you will sure need it!)


Congrats and welcome @brendas on board of the Viki boat :ship:. Wishing you good times and fun within the Viki Community; I’m also a cat lover :smile_cat: In what support/managing field will you be at so we can contact you if needed?

Cheers, Simi
PS I hope you are not affected by the troubled weather disaster, stay safe!


Welcome, dear @brendas! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hope your time here with our community will be as pleasant as possible :smile_cat:


Welcome Brenda!!!
Wish you a good day and have fun here with us :slight_smile:


Welcome to Viki, @brendas
Wishing you all the best!



Oh! Nooo! :rofl: I’m not one of the players, :smile: just cheering them on for a win. :smile::blush:


Welcome @brendas


Welcome @brendas :partying_face:
Few questions:
What is your favorite drama?
Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Your favorite Kpop/Jpop/cpop artist or band?
Your Favorite kpop/jpop/cpop song?

I hope you have fun on Viki🙂


thank you so much, @mirjam_465! i’m so happy to be here! :heart_eyes:


thank you for the warm welcome, @weavingadream :sparkling_heart:


it’s so nice to meet you, @irmar! thank you for the well wishes, and yes! i’m here to listen and support you as Contributors and develop stronger links between us. :chains: it’s been amazing seeing how long some of you have been with viki. as a viki member since 2016(!!), do you have any tips to share? :smiley_cat: :blush:

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hi @simi11! it feels good to be aboard the good ship viki!! :anchor: :raised_hands:

is that your beautiful fur baby in your profile pic? their fur reminds me of my own little girl who tries to pass herself off as a maine coon :heart_eyes_cat:

for now, i’ll be lending community support and taking over subathons. i’m also interested in finding ways to make this community more rewarding and purposeful. if you have ideas, please send them my way! :pray:


hi @hanjingyi! thank you so much for popping on this thread to welcome me. i so appreciate it!! i hope to see you around often :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@simi11!! thank you also for the weather thoughts!! it’s been challenging for sure as our garage and laundry room (where my desk is) has flooded more times than i can count! and another “atmospheric river” is scheduled to hit us later today. :grimacing:


hi @pattycdc_143 !! greetings to you in italy!! :it:
i’m so glad you mentioned fun! i want to make sure that element always stays here. :heart:

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thank you for the warm wishes, @marykarmelina!
i loved that you included the link to your overview page so i could see all of your work and your badges! :star_struck:


happy monday, @leerla73 !! thank you for the sweet welcome!
are you doing the spring subathon? i love how a unicorn was chosen! :unicorn:

ps your GIFs are the BEST!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: