[Viki Community Team] November Updates

Thank you so much! It’s so nice to know that I’m loved by many of you in here. I hope to be remembered with love when I’m gone (I’m hoping I last a long time), but is all in the hands of a higher power now.:heart::heart::heart:


Yes, that happens when you have to put in 500 contributions to keep your QC status for the next 6 months. So if your contributions expire on December 31th, the counter will go down to 0. And after you put in 500 contributions, it will show your total contributions (subtitles + segments) there and the date when your QC expires and you’ll have to do this again.

The email I got said:

Your QC status is going to expire on : XX XX, 2020

[ Visit your profile ] to track how many contributions you have left to maintain QC status.

Remember, it only takes 500 contributions every 6 months to keep your QC benefits like no ads, HD quality, special video access, and more! Read about maintaining QC status here .

My profile however says:

Thank you for your contributions! Your QC status will be renewed for another 6 months on XX XX, 2020.

After that date, I’ll still have my QC status but I’ll have to put in 500 contributions so I’ll keep my QC status for the 6 months after that :upside_down_face:

So, the email is misleading, because I won’t lose my QC status on that date… it’s when my counter resets :confused:

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I get it now. I thought yours was reset like mine was at 0.

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Be aware that they can only get KakaoTalk if they possess a Smartphone. KakaoTalk does have a computer version … but you cannot use it until you activate it with your Smartphone. :roll_eyes:

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@angelight313_168, please take care of your health above anything else. I want to be able to answer your questions about Korean terms for a long time although I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’ve been feeling down about subbing myself.



I understand what you’re going through but please don’t let it get to you; like I always say some ppl here like you, are the most wonderful caring human beings, but there are a few here that will try to discourage you, especially if you are good in what you’re doing, and they see you as their competition. Sore losers.

You have done what many others have never bothered to do in here, and that is share the knowledge you have with others instead of keeping it for yourself. You have answered my questions quite clearly, while others in the past were evasive, and gave me false worthless links that serve no purpose for me bc that was all along their intentions.

I appreciate your patience with me, and your clear answers. I thank you so much for that. I was shocked to realize I heard the word (ssi-bal) today in a movie, and the title is: Midnight runners. I’m sure it wasn’t jebal lol.

It’s really beautiful that ppl like @mirjam_465 and you @choitrio share your knowledge in the korean language and help others comprehend the language better. You won’t believe how excited I get when I learn new words or slangs terms that used to confuse me in the past, but you and mirjam made me finally understand them.

Keep up the great work you are doing, and I hope I can always come to you when I need your expertise. thanks again :heart:

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@sonmachinima @deadliftdiva_548 @twinkling There are various teams at Viki working on different features. We have a dedicated team for the Community and we are working hard on bringing improved features for our community members. We want to clarify and reassure that Viki releasing new features like Watch Party does not mean that the Community takes a backseat; various developments go on in parallel behind the scenes.

@Dudie @twinkling Watch Party feature is being rolled out in phases. This is so as to ensure feature stability before it is being rolled out to everyone for enjoyment. We are working on a general rollout soon. Stay tuned!

@feyfayer @teufelchen_netty_266 We are indeed running into issues with the counter there but we are in the midst of working on a fix. :slight_smile: This fix is taking slightly longer because there are several layers of complexities that have to be worked on sequentially before we can say that the issue is fixed. We do have a log of actual counts, so if you ever observe status or benefits being terminated despite meeting the renewal requirements, please drop us a ticket request.


What is with the blue button field “Get started” on the right of the inbox?

I don’t see it. Only a blue envelope telling me how many unread messages I have … :thinking:

@lutra Oops, that is unintended! Looks like we ran into a minor hiccup on the backend. You should not see the button now. :slight_smile:

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LOL maybe I have a “third eye” … Please if you bring it for real, introduce it and not just throw it at the people.


I saw it too in the morning :slight_smile:
So dont worry you are not getin old xd

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I’d use Discord because you don’t have to add your phone number and you can use it with any device and system, which is an absolute plus.

You also have more options for the channels etc.

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Thanks for your reply. I hope we don’t have to wait too long and the tech team is able to fix still existing bugs with the inbox plus adding white mode again. Since everything is black I cannot read most profile pages because it gives me headaches (contrast is just too extreme with neon glowing colours and gifs etc. I feel that many changed the colours in their profiles since it is black because when it was white there weren’t any profile pages that caused headaches because of the colour scheme).

I don’t mean this in a metaphorical way, I mean it as real physical pain caused by certain animated effects/too much neon colours/extreme contrast between colours. The everywhere black design increases this issue, also because now too many use such neon colours while before with white design the colours usually had a soft colour scheme that didn’t cause any pain for me while looking/reading it.

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Actually there’s another update, a welcome one, you didn’t tell us about.
In some pages, now the Inbox has its own icon next to our avatar, instead of being inside the drop-down menu. Notably, when you are already inside the inbox (LOL!). At first glance, you may think that it is useless there, but it’s a quick way to refresh (since we have to refresh all the time)
So thanks! Hoping it is generalized all over the website.
I hope that the non-decorative changes in the Inbox will follow soon. We’re all sick and tired of it. The old one was surely lacking, but this one has been pure torture for everyone.


The e-mail icon is there on the Profile page and the Community page. But not on the Viki homepage.


Well, maybe they are testing it out to see how it looks. Crossing our fingers that it will be put everywhere.

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non-volunteers don’t need the inbox though…I guess that’s why it’s not on the homepage?

Much less than we do, that’s for sure. But they sometimes send messages to ask when a translation will be done, or to thank us for our work etc. It’s very heart-warming!