[Viki Community Team] November Updates

@jeslynl Please forward to Viki IT’s to stop sending me so often emails that my QC will expire on December 26, when on my profile it states on December 26 it will be renewed for another 6 months.
Honestly it is very annoying and I don’t know anymore what to make out these emails!
It has been mentioned in this forum so often and I see no change…

Thanks :rose:

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@jeslynl @mariliam Please take note that I received today another notice that I have only 2 weeks left before my QC status will expire this is I believe the 4th notice and my 2nd appeal (10 days ago) in this forum (I’m not the only one who received multiple same notifications).

Is there any way that the IT tech people can stop these notifications for members who do not need to do such since they have already fulfilled the required 6 months/500 subs or segs contingent. As I took part in the subathon I have some some x thousands since July.

I’d really appreciate it if you can take care of this or I have to file for a ticket, thanks.


Hey @simi11 - thanks for raising this up! Our team is currently investigating. We understand that it is frustrating, but we’d need you to bear with it for a while in the meantime. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: Simi, I dropped you a PM over Viki inbox!


Yes, I’ve had this issue as well :neutral_face:

@simi11 Had another one in the mail too.

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