[Viki Community Team] November Updates


:sparkles: Site Updates

:popcorn: Watch Parties with your Friends!



Get ready to grab some popcorn – You’ll soon be able to host your own Watch Parties! Shows that have Watch Party available will have a popcorn icon on the channel page.

Currently, it is available to users in the US and for select shows only. As with Viki-hosted Watch Parties, the Private Watch Party feature will gradually be released to more regions. Of course, we are looking to expand the show availability for Private Watch Parties too! Learn more about Watch Parties here.

*Viewable via desktop/laptop only.

:gift: Fall Quarterly Rewards Update

All QCs who qualified for the 2020 Fall Quarterly Reward have been contacted via PM. If you qualified for a digital gift, you will be receiving your reward at your Viki-registered email today, Nov. 20 PST. For physical gift recipients, we have contacted you for your address information and we’ll be mailing those out soon.

You can read more detailed info on QC Quarterly Rewards here.

For the Annual QC Gift - We will be announcing more info next month!


[Viki Community Team] December Updates
[Viki Community Team] February 2021 Updates - Editor Role Coming Soon!

So the only new feature is again one that is only helpful for viewers and not for volunteers?

It is so disappointing!

What will all your viewers do when the volunteers just quit and stop translating all the languages of the world?


No need for watch party feature when there are plenty of apps that allow screen sharing + chat / voice chat.

Why not adding a more functional layout to the editor the volunteers using? Like a CHAT CHANNEL with SUB channel for different languages/topics and other stuff like directly having a OL TEAM CHAT + SEG CHAT etc.?


I’m so excited for the Watch Party feature, been having loadssss of trouble with screen-sharing apps! :heart_eyes: Thank you, Viki!


US Only again. Why is it the US again?! I’m so disappointed that once again people from the US seem to be more important. Instead of pushing the US viewers forward again work on getting more licenses for QC’s worldwide as I’m blocked from watching Kdrama way to much while I’m a gold QC.


Do any of you know if Viki will air Love of Summer Night?


I echo the sentiment of the first poster, in that we fill out surveys. We ask for useful items.

Instead, we get shuffled away from the main page, tabbed into silence and in the shadows…of a dark and dismal “IMMERSIVE” experience. Who really needs MORE DARK GREY!

I personally still am fighting with that mailbox. I mean, the constant need to refresh? click the wrong spot, and you’ve lost who knows what FOREVER AGAIN?

This, combined with the real world challenges of this ridiculous year, is again very disappointing. I…really do not have time for “watch parties”. The popcorn box appeared, and really? If I do not go do my volunteer work here…along with my Teams…well, then the box has only virtual popcorn, right? I mean, should we what, join hands with our Teams and go watch a drama instead of working on one? Sigh…

For such a massive company with nearly infinite resources, (shaking head). Still really wondering why on earth it took so long to send out last year’s QC gift…this years, no word…another gift certificate would at least say something positive to us?

I won’t even say what has likely been something many of us have wondered from time to time, in this plague-ridden year.

The overwhelming majority of workers here are women. Women of the world more than usual now risk their lives for the necessities for themselves and families.

May heaven and earth find us safely transported from 2020 to the following years, with our rice, roof, and families and friends still alive and well.



Did anyone else also get an email saying that your QC status will expire on X date? This isn’t the first time… :neutral_face:


Did you gave a thought to the fact, what if a viewer chooses a show that still has pending subtitles? It’ll be like a CURSE PARTY rather than a WATCH PARTY for the viewers. A place where hundreds of people can curse the volunteers together for not doing the subs on time?

Again, I welcome this idea as a viewer, but not as a volunteer.

Only for The US? The US ISN’T THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD, they get the plus pass, they get special badges for subathons which is supposedly organized for the Entire Viki Community. They get this, they get that. Is Viki trying to break language barriers or wants us to immigrate to The US?

If every new feature you come with is for the viewers, from Vikibot to Auto-translator to Watch Parties, why bothering posting it in Discussions? At Discussions, the members are either volunteers or people who are aware of the fact that Viki is a Volunteer Based Community. If viewers are the main concern, then why bothering volunteers with spending 10 minutes on reading a topic which is of no use for them?

Yes, changes which could make the Viki community more smooth isn’t even being talked about! In the subtitle editor, that big tab has been named Team Discussions, but is that actually a Team Discussion? That’s just for Seggers, English team or sometimes, Spanish team. Other languages are dependent on the rusty Inbox. The Viki inbox is of no use already. I frequently mix messages. One of these days, I sent a message which was meant for my team to other moderators too.
A week ago, I needed to send a message to my CM, I wrote the message in our convo and I clicked SEND. I did not received a reply until I got a new message from a new subber whom I was training and then I realized the message that was meant for the CM was sent to the new subber. HOW???
I need to make an entire new thread if I have got additions to my team, I can’t remove a member from a group chat if they’ve left the team.

I know this is irrelevant here, but if Viki thinks unhappy volunteers isn’t good for them, then bring new ideas and changes which are good for THE VOLUNTEERS.


Got the mail twice and I make over 3000 subs a month…


We Germans have Docs and Kakaotalk. We do not write often in the Inbox (maybe a team memberhas no kakao then we write there). Kakaotalk makes it a lot easier and so you only have to write CMs, Seggers or other language Mods in the Inbox.
So maybe try this?


That’s why I said that makes absolutely no sense at all if the person is active doing subtitles.


Right. I also wondered why I got them, because all the tears before I never got such a mail.
Nu yaeh… let’s see if this changes :slight_smile::smirk: we cant do anything therefore


My 2 cents here; all the new things they implemented here have so many flaws, is totally ridiculous. The inbox stinks; I got a go did the work I had to do, and went to ‘‘get off the chat’’ but they don’t have that option anymore! I was bombarded with everyone’s comment to the moderator, and you know how large our Spanish team is. I finally was able to delete conversation but imo they need to resolve that issue too.

Now, I get log out constantly, and when I login, the error doggie appears. Things are suppose to improve, not get worst, when new things are created. The videoplayer: when I try to go to jump an episode, the thing disappears and I have to open it again, and when I try to jump episode, it closes on me again! grrrr…lol

Help Center is non existent. Everything is shrug off kind of bc either no explanation is given or the one given is not detailed enough. Things don’t get fixed or look into. They stay as is.

The subtitles in many dramas take even longer now! What ever happened to that Al they were discussing would be available in here and we had the option to use it?


Yeah the thing is, I got that mail with the date while it’s supposed to renew on that date. Plus I actively make contributions, so there is no way mine would be expiring.

If I were to get an email after that date, I’d understand, but not what I got at the moment :confused:


They did the same thing to me back in July, and I had to rush to get the 500 subs with little time on my hands.

I wonder what role the CEO plays in all this. If these things are implemented here they should be revised by a higher status staff that’s not a volunteer staff. Why? imo things should be done in a fair manner bc if a person is an active subber, what need they have to be rushing to make up 500 subs when they have thousands already done?

This should apply only to newbies or of course ppl like me, that don’t work on a daily basis but here and there. I would work more here if my health would allow me to, but I can’t commit to something when just recently I was 8 days admitted in the hospital on death doors bc of my Lupus. I would love to be a moderator some times but I worry I might get very sick or even drop dead. I’m realistic but more than that responsibility means a lot to me and to think i might not be able to give go’s etc is unthinkable for me. I don’t need the stress either at this point in my life.


I’m sorry to hear about your health. I hope you are feeling better. Yes, you shouldn’t feel stressed about doing volunteer work.

I think the email is a bug really. My profile doesn’t indicate that I’m going to lose my status and in the past when I got this email, and I did nothing, nothing happened. My QC status still got renewed (as my profile indicated).

It’s just annoying to get these emails as a bug, because it confuses you when you first get them :sweat:


Thank you so much.

But they deleted all the numbers in MY PROGRESS and they put a big 0. It was after I did the 500 subs that they put the 170,000 something contribution back in that my progress area. All I had was a 0. You are saying, they didn’t put yours down to zero? That’s odd.


I think I got this QC mail 2-3 times now. The last time was right after the QC was renewed for next 6 months (and I did more than just 500 subs).

So it is a bit silly somehow - but they have a cool * timer now that counts the days until QC expires.

*= sarcastic


I am so sorry to hear about your situation. Please take care of yourself and all of us always love to see you around.


I just joined KakaoTalk after reading your suggestion. I asked my team mates to join too, I hope they are good with joining KakaoTalk as well. I’ll still take some time to get familiar with the app :smile:
Thanks for the suggestion!