[Viki Community Team] October 2023 Updates

Seg-Subtember Wrap-up

Seg-Subtember turned out amazing thanks to your excitement, support, and determination! :heart:

Here are some stats we’d like to share:

  • A total of 4,016,606 contributions were made during Seg-Subtember. Incredible!
  • 1,601 contributors earned gleaming gemstone badges :gem:
  • 4,546 badges were awarded over the course of 4 weeks :star_struck:
  • More than 77% of participants returned to contribute another week!

A huge thanks for making Seg-Subtember 2023 an event to remember. We miss your weekly check-in posts already!

Winter Subathon Badge

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming… In preparation for our 2023 Winter Subathon, please let us know in the form below what animal you’d like to see on the next Subathon badge! (The top 10 most popular choices will be revealed for a final vote at a later date.) The poll will close on Sunday, October 22nd 11:59 PM PDT. Don’t forget!

:arrow_forward: Go to Poll

Winter Live Trivia Event :snowflake:

We had so much fun with our first live trivia event that we’re doing it again!

The Viki Community team will be hosting a second live trivia event on Tuesday, November 28th to kick off the Winter Subathon. Find out in real time how well your knowledge of Asian dramas compares to other fans. :wink: Save the date! More details to come!

:star2: Contributor Spotlight

This month we’re spotlighting two Contributors who helped make Seg-Subtember unforgettable with their unique enthusiasm and community spirit: maria_lavendula_77 and androniki_p! :star2:

Maria made sure every single contributor felt supported by liking their check-in posts week after week. And it was Androniki’s check-ins that really brought out the fun with posts like “I am enjoying this challenge, I feel like going on a date every single day! :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Both reminded us that Seg-Subtember was an event best pulled off together!

Read on to find out more about Maria (@maria_lavendula_77) & Androniki (@androniki_p) and which K-drama stars they would choose to spend 2 hours with!


– Joined Viki in May of 2021

  1. Describe yourself in 5 words!

Dreamer, eager, hopeful, student, creative

  1. What was the first Asian drama you watched?

I honestly don’t remember as it was at a Chinese neighbor’s [house] when I was a child (she was a young woman that was working/studying at a university hospital nearby and had VHS tapes)

  1. What brought you to Viki and made you interested in becoming a Contributor?

I was interested in Korean dramas and we all know that sooner or later Viki becomes a must. On every page there was a text about joining the contributor community and segmenting sounded so interesting and honestly cool. After a while I applied to learn segmenting and my sensei in Sandbox said that if you know more than one language consider translating whilst waiting. That’s the story shortened on how it became possible for me to do things I really like doing. Today thanks to the support from all my sensei (in Sandbox and in NSSA), CMs and CS I can call myself a segger, subber and Swedish moderator.

  1. If you could meet up with any actor or actress from a Viki drama for 2 hours, who would it be and what kind of outing would you plan?

Keita Machida seems like a nice person to drink a cup of coffee with. But let’s be honest there are a few more I wouldn’t mind meeting.

  1. What’s something you’ve learned from segmenting or subtitling that you’ve been able to apply to everyday life?

That there’s a big difference between sound and sound. I have become better at listening, and some of you know it already but subtitling is more than just words. I don’t know how many things I have googled as there are plants, clouds and god knows what that I never had heard of before starting to translate.


– Joined Viki in Jan of 2022.
Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 3.35.55 PM

  1. Describe yourself in 5 words!

This question is always difficult to answer.
I can only share what my family and friends say about me.
Enthusiastic, passionate, organized, creative, perfectionist.
I tend to agree with them!

  1. What was the first Asian drama you watched?

My first Asian drama was the Korean series Love Alarm but it wasn’t what drew me into the world of subtitling. I think it was just the ticket for this journey. Along the way, I discovered many more reasons to fall in love with Asian entertainment. Start-up and True Beauty were some of them!

  1. What brought you to Viki and made you interested in becoming a Contributor?

I came across the Viki platform while searching for a specific K-drama. I made a subscription almost instantly. My interest in subtitling began when I wanted to watch a K-drama that did not have Greek subtitles. And that’s it! I dived into the world of Viki as a contributor. In this journey, I met two special people who helped me a lot in my first steps, and I am grateful for that! Thanks to Anna and Anastasia, I am here now! It is a great privilege to have them as my fellow travelers.

  1. If you could meet up with any actor or actress from a Viki drama for 2 hours, who would it be and what kind of outing would you plan?

Oh, that’s a tricky question! Can I choose more than one? No? Okay! Let me think for a moment! Alright, I would pick Cha Eun Woo. I admire his energy, innocent smile, and of course his looks. He is multitalented. He is good at acting, modeling, singing, dancing and more. I would love to spend a cozy afternoon with him over coffee and sharing stories! Through his eyes, I would like to learn about South Korea and its culture. Simple as that.

  1. What’s something you’ve learned from segmenting or subtitling that you’ve been able to apply to everyday life?

This volunteering activity has sparked my interest in learning and exploring both English and Greek languages. It has also deepened my respect for subtitlers who dedicate hours to make movies and series accessible to people worldwide. Furthermore, I’ve learned that when you love what you do, you can find time, energy, joy, and opportunities to meet amazing people Recently, I was welcomed as a “maknae” member into a fantastic group called the "Power Puff Team.” The name really suits me! After all, when you have supportive people by your side, you can find the power inside you to do whatever you love. I know that I am just at the beginning of all this, but I am willing to go on until the end. I will follow what the Greek poet Cavafy wrote in his poem. “As you set out for Ithaka, hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.”

So, I will enjoy the journey until I find my “Ithaka.” Thank you for having me!

:mortar_board: NSSA Graduates

Please congratulate the latest quarterly group of graduates from Ninja Segging & Subbing Academy! :tada:

Segmenting Academy Graduates! :mortar_board:

  • crimac
  • bozoli
  • youyoung7_905
  • mella_74
  • naysilveira
  • midnighthunter6
  • subwayhongsamkopiko
  • oceansunshine22_957
  • rosesfall
  • natadecoco15
  • grace_g
  • theasphaltbird
  • zhien98
  • midknightmoodz
  • coldmeco
  • thaly1209
  • 1str
  • bella2106_282
  • my_happy_place
  • neelima19
  • carinamotadasilva
  • didi_dramas
  • nazsaria
  • jinxbat
  • marcela_athaydes
  • niele_duarte
  • tokki
  • aja36_jm_1
  • annieisntfamous
  • damiechan
  • pareetaagrawal1135_143
  • iashley
  • fecothomas_810
  • catman_48
  • cerejacult
  • n1c3_berry

Italian Academy Graduates :mortar_board:

  • bradamantecrix
  • kkikikaa
  • grace_senpai91
  • eva_mezzanino_197
  • sarykawaii

Romanian Academy Graduates :mortar_board:

  • elizavelica082_927
  • echoizzy

:white_check_mark: ProTip of the Month

Did you know that including your Viki profile link on your Discussions profile page helps Recruiters when considering you for their teams?

For this month’s ProTip, we encourage each of you to link your Viki profile on your Discussions profile page — not only will this make it easier for recruiters to view your profile, but it’s also a great way to show off your badges and projects to other community members!

Follow these steps to add your Viki profile to your Discussions profile:

  1. Click on your profile image in the top right-hand corner
  2. Click the “person icon”, on the drop-down menu
  3. Click “Preferences”, with the gear wheel icon
  4. Click on “Profile”
  5. Add your Viki profile link to the “Web Site” field. Your Viki profile link should look like this: “https://www.viki.com/users/<your username>/overview”
  6. Now if anyone clicks on your profile image Discussions, they’ll be able to see the link to your Viki profile page!

I think it is a pity that Viki emphasizes the language academies so much, but it is not possible to start another language academy. We had everything ready for the German academy a few years ago and then we were told that no more languages would be included.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for the graduates of course, but it’s strange to read that when your own language doesn’t get a chance to do so.


It would be wonderful if the Dutch Subbing Academy could also get a badge like the Italian and Romanian…


Thank you for letting me tell my story on how I became a Viki volunteer. What I didn’t know when I started contributing was that I would start seeing some people here as my “Viki friends”. :heart:


Wow, all I can say is “Success, success”! To you all earning badges congratulations, you did well! :clap: Thanks @brendas for making it happen too!

It’s nice to see more volunteers featured and appreciated and getting to know them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink: @maria_lavendula_77 @androniki_p


I am grateful for the opportunity you gave me the chance to share my story. :pray:t2::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It was such an honor to be chosen among so many amazing volunteers out there. Thank you for having me! :heart:


Bravo @androniki_p and @maria_lavendula_77! :clap::clap::clap:


First of all, congratulation to all the graduates :bouquet:
Specially @bozoli , @1str , and @fecothomas_810 , I’m relly happy for you :two_hearts:

For the winter subathon , I suggested the Polar bear :polar_bear:, tell us what you wish for :heart_eyes:


We need a badger badge… :wink:


Congrats to all the new graduates!


I had Penguin on my mind, but Polar Bear is cuter ig


The penguin is cute too! what if this time we have 4 whitish winetry animals, each one for a week for 4 weeks! :heart_eyes:


Subathons are conducted over 2-3 weeks. This subtember was the first time a 4-weeks long event was conducted. Maybe we can have another decathon lmao where each week will be a different animal. Subathons have 5 versions of the same animal, the animal grows with each contribution level.


No, lovelys we need a badger badge and then maybe a bunny… :wink: Badgers are so cute and think how many differnt badgers they can create. :heart_eyes:


This little guy?

He looks adorable; he’ll be a great choice too. Kind of reminds me of our Fox badge


They are so cute, :heart_eyes:do I want them on my farm or under my house no but as a badge. I know it´s silly but I will suggest one every time we have an event until I get one (knowing that it might take years until i get one). :wink:


I am sure we’ll have a badger badge this time or next. Dimghro insisted on a fox badge for so many events that we finally were given one last subathon haha


He might look cute, but it only the smell comes to my mind :joy:

but If you want it this badly, we can support your choice if it make it to the selection :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Will only 1 vote per user be counted? Because I want to nominate two more animals…


If the next Subathon animal is dolphin :dolphin: I will take a break from work and work on Viki to get the top 100 badge.