[Viki Community Team] Project Finder Updates

Hello community!

We have some more Project Finder updates to share with you!

Personalized Acceptance Criteria

Recruiters can now personalize the acceptance criteria for the channels they are recruiting for so they can find applicants that best fit their needs. This criteria will also be displayed to Applicants as they apply to a channel via Project Finder.

For more information on this update, please read our Help Center article How to personalize acceptance criteria for Project Finder applications.

Application Access

Applicants are now able to see and apply only to the channels that they have access to one or more episodes for. Simply select the “Only show projects I can access” option, and save time by applying to just the channels you have access to.

Sample Videos on Applications

We made it easier for Applicants to add sample videos onto their application forms to showcase their skills to Recruiters! Sample videos can be selected and added from a drop down menu in the application form.

We hope these updates help Recruiters and Applicants during the application process!

Viki Community Team

  • How do applicants apply to shows they do not have access?

  • What happens to those shows no one has access to, do they become accessible by a set date?


I am glad that applicants can select “only the show projects I can access” but I wish that the application would make the selection for the applicant. I just went through about 40 applications (for two different recent dramas) for subbing from Korean to English and for about 75% of the applications, the applicant could not view the videos. Also, there must be some way for applicants to understand that if they are applying for English subbing on a Korean drama, they must be fluent in Korean. For some unknown reason, over half of the applicants wrote about their skill in English and gave no hint about how much or how little Korean they knew.


Most of the English subber applications I get aren’t even applying to be an English subtitler. English is just the default option, so if they don’t adjust the settings, you get the application anyway even if they are not fluent in the source language :frowning:


Oh, that’s true. I have also had several people apply for languages other than English through the English profect Finder.


It still shows projects that can have only the English subtitles. It would make sense to filter them out too.