Viki Inbox Suggestions

Hello Viki staff and volunteers,

I have many suggestions for the Viki chat inbox because I find it very hard to communicate with my teams.

  1. Make the Inbox instant message so we don’t need to refresh every seconds.

  2. Instead of sending emails I think you should make a normal chat format because technology is evolving and not everyone uses emails. Especially because sometimes the email doesn’t arrive, or it’s very late. It is very easy to make instant chat platforms these days so please consider it. :blush:

  3. After making the chat instant, notifications could come from the Viki App and the site.

  4. For group chats, please allow us to add people in it. It is very tiring having to send multiple messages to the team when someone new is added. It will make everything easier and more organized. Having that option will encourage people to have and keep one group chat for any information they would like to send to their teams. It will also avoid people deleting/leaving chats all the time because they are flooded with messages from the same team.

  5. Please allow us to search up usernames.

Those are all my suggestions. If anyone has anything else to add or to discuss with me, please go ahead :smiley:


I have made a whole list with my suggestions. You may want to have a look:

Here is a more complete list, recently updated. It is on many different subjects, so go to the navigation at the left and choose “Messaging System” to see everything pertaining to the inbox. I have about 27 suggestions.

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Apparently it’s top secret. :stuck_out_tongue:


@irmar I only found this

It says “Pending approval” because I had made a few edits yesterday.

Anyway, I made a new one, updated to reflect the current situation.

This one also won’t show now, as it is still pending approval.
Please visit in a few days and upvote it if you like it, or add your own amendments in the comments below.

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Now it is visible.