Viki pass - 2 queestions/suggestion

  1. will it be possible to pay via paypal ? atm you can only pay using credit cards , im an adult but i dont have any credit cards (never needed them) , also it would be nice to be able to “buy” 1 year subscription
  2. Will vikipass give me an acces to all dramas no matter where im from ?

I feel like Viki is changing into drama-fever. We love Viki because we get to put our comments in the video and it was free to everyone and it had few commercials but now it is turning into drama-fever. I don’t feel it is fair that we have to pay for things that we translate for free.



From their FAQ, they don’t accept Paypal, but it sounds like they might in the future. Do you have debit? They’d probably take that too.

With a 1 year option, do you mean at like a cheaper price b/c you’re buying a year? You might suggest that to the help center or something. But otherwise, you’d just get automatically billed monthly (until you cancel) - like Netflix.

Viki Pass will not let you watch things that you would otherwise have been unable to watch. The perks are that the videos are commercial free and you get 720p HD vidoes if they’re available.


Well, the comments aren’t disappearing.
And sure, it’s not fair that you’d pay for something you helped work on for free. Which is why QCs (who help get the shows translated, for free, of their own volition) automatically get access to Viki Pass.
However, you have made no contributions, so it’s not fair of you to complain about it.


Hrm looks like Viki is going to turn into DramaFever. I had long suspected this move since the design change. Oh well, all good thing have got to come to an end.

Commercials, I don’t mind. None 720p HD videos, I do mind. Good thing there’s Hulu. Guess I’ll be heading there once Viki pass takes effect. It’s free. Same thing as not having VIki pass but you get 720P HD.


Hah…looks like VIki Pass has gone into effect. Good luck Viki. Thanks for introducing me to K-Dramas. I am heading over to Hulu to see my drama.


I think it is better without the viki pass. I would rather to stick what was before. if they keep on changing things around in this website, im not going back here to watch the tv shows. =/ good to you viki staff.

But viki is still free. The difference is that if you don’t have the viki pass, you will have to watch with commercials like most of the other websites that I know including Hulu.

Seriously? Why are you guys so whiny about the Viki Pass? You should be grateful that Viki’s been doing this free for years now. If I had money I would definitely buy the Viki Pass just to support them.

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Difference is free Hulu = 720P with commercials. Free Viki = 480P with commercials.

Why would I watch dramas on Viki now?


I gotcha! I really never saw much difference prob because I don’t like Hulu, but you are totally right, you have to look for the best website you can find to watch dramas. If Hulu was that for me, I would totally change. Viki is a business as any other website that will prob loose and gain viewers due to the changes.

I’ve tried using Hulu in the past, but they simply had too many commercials. I’ve been satisfied with Viki for the past few years and I’m just going to stick with them. Also, $4/month isn’t that bad a price. Viki is still free and honestly, watching at 480p vs 720p isn’t that big a deal.

LOL commercials aren’t a big deal at all. Once the commercials start, I just minimize the window, open up another browser and surf the net until the commercials are done.

That’s why for me, commercials = no big deal. For me video quality is a must. I watch dramas on my 65 inch LCD TV, so if it isn’t 720P or really good quality 480P (bitrate is a big factor in good 480P and bad 480P), it’s really hard to watch for me. The big screen really blurs things out at bad quality 480P.

Viki, I LOVE, this site. Sad to have to go but I gotta enjoy my dramas in 720P.

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@borri Yeah, it’s different for different people. If you primarily watch the major K-dramas and you value the HD quality most, it’s your choice if you’d like to leave Viki because you think there’s someplace better for you.

The thing with DF and Hulu is the limited availability to within the US for a lot of shows. At least with Viki, for many shows, if you contribute a bit, you also have the opportunity to watch shows, even outside the US.

And then there are fan channels on Viki; I think there are some gems there that people miss out on, but their loss.

Actually, Hulu has MORE dramas available than Viki. They pretty much have EVERYTHING. I’ve had to go to Hulu to watch:

  1. Heartless City
  2. I Miss You
  3. Horse Doctor
  4. Lee Soon Shin

And others that Viki does not provide. LOL i don’t want to advertise Hulu too much but damn, it’s a no brainer for anyone unwilling to pay to watch their dramas.

I hate that I have to leave Viki but Viki is no longer the best option out there. Not just for me.


I didn’t mean to say that DF/Hulu have less shows than Viki. I mean that the shows aren’t available outside the US if you’re watching on Hulu. However, there are people all over the world that may use Viki - the point is that they can’t use Hulu.

no me gusta creo que borrare mi cuenta ya que no me gusta su manera de colectar dinero supuestamente es gratis y es trabajo de todos los voluntarios pero se quieren aprovechar de las personas que nos gustan los doramas ,es mi opinion y hasta que cambien

What I do not get is everyone mentions other drama sources, that is against Viki policy, but well …

The next you mention HULU and surprise it’s as well a partner of Viki.
Don’t believe it?

And sorry this is the German version but there should be something equal in your language, if you check out the net.
If you would have bought Viki for 200 million, wouldn’t you want some of that money back?

I am living in Germany so I did not have that much adds anyway, and I even watch in 240, since I have a rather old pc and screen. Viki for me is the only legal choice out there. I am a QC, so I get the Viki Pass on top, but there is not that much difference for me, 'cause aside from not getting adds now, I can’t use HD anyway as long as I don’t change my pc. I am not going to change it, since it’s only about drama, but it doesn’t rule my world.

at least on drama fever u can still watch dramas free with the ad blocker… viki doesnt let u to… that sucks! i wont be using viki anymore…

we are complaining because that was essentially what made viki special. but since it lost its quality then some of us will move on to a diff. website then.


I’d rather pay $9/month and get to watch worldwide shows ad free in HD. If Viki would let me watch Heirs and other shows “not available in my region” after buying a Pass, then I would forget about the other sites completely…