Viki - Please fix your website

I find that the Viki website is poorly laid out and lacks some useful features that other sites have.

  1. Very hard to find what are the latest episodes uploaded and/or subbed. Example - High School - Love On I could not find listed anywhere under current shows, or under TV - I managed to find it from an external link on
  2. None of the shows or uploads are listed by date uploaded and/or subbed. In fact looking at the list of current shows, I cannot see any order to them at all, they just seem random.
  3. No ROKU app, even thought Viki stated they were working on this over a year ago.
  4. On many sites there is a constantly updated list of the latest episodes - Viki has nothing like this.
  5. Not sure how Viki decides to recommend shows for me, but just this week it recommended a show that has been unsubbed for months, and another with only one of several episodes uploaded.

Another good suggestion list can be found on this thread:

Well, if you know what the show’s called, you can just search for the title.

I’m not sure, but if I had to guess, I’d say the “on air” shows are listed in order that the channel was approved/ made visible.

I’m with you on the recommendations… Front page rec’s just seem to be channels they’re “showcasing” or whatever. Rec’s on episode pages are probably just things with sort of similar genres or something.

His Example for High School Love in is true tho, because the 1st episode was on viki and now for some reason the drama itself isn’t there anymore.

It’s “Hi! School” but searching for “High School” still brought up the show for me. But I do see that it wasn’t listed under “on air” shows.

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I also have problems when I want to start subbing, like i click on “subtitle editor” then the page takes AGES to load and just a blank page appears and I have to retry at least 20 times until I get it to work. -.-

I love Viki, and what it stands for, but if this site continues to have countless amounts of bugs I can’t back you guys up anymore. The Viki pass is a joke, unless you can fix these bugs once and for all. I find it hard to believe that a site, that has less amount of viewers than YouTube, is having so much trouble with its site. What happens if this becomes another YouTube? How will you guys handle double the hate of billions, than the thousands that you have now? I should only see a “503” no more than 3 times a year, maybe even less. Also, I shouldn’t be logged out if I’m still active on Viki’s website. This is really sad. Improve yourself please.

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It’s absolutely ridiculous to compare Viki to YouTube. Downright hilarious.

2 x hate x billion = 2 billion hates? Or is it haters? Or is it merely some disappointed people? Or is it just slightly annoyed people that they have to login a few times per day? And when I say login, I mean I have to press two buttons and I’m back in the game. Takes two seconds. Not really worth my nerves.

Things really escalated fast in this last post.

Unrelated to that, I have a nagging suspicion that every time we have to do this, it’s because they updated something on the site. Which I know they are working a lot on. I would advise lots of patience.

The problem with name searching is that sometimes it will have an alternate title, or is translated different, sometimes not even the same title as the “official” English title.

there is error r of please fix the viki of a Screaching word were like move create or something… becuase it was a stuck somehow of that how that made a create from viki … know it coming up of a 2015 … have a nice day :wink:

there is a big problem with a viki create it … becuase of a brower and scearch of a issue … when I start a video of a click it … the play start … but i can’t click of word brower … the screach was move stuck somehow …

that all I just let you kow …

Does anyone have problem with the search bar? My search bar is under its usual position, and as a result i can’t access the subtitle editors (i have to manualy access them by writing the link in the link bar) nor the Manage Channel.
Plus when i’m watching an episode, i can’t access the Drama Tittle by clicking on the name over the video (Tv>Tittle>Episode) 2

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same here! I can’t access to the “manage channel” option and I really need to do it

Yes, most definitely! The search box blocks the entire tool bar above the video.

What is the code you type in into the address field to reach subtitles?

This one:[episode-code-number]

@bozoli @johannacostag @nadine_ks
You need some quick fingers, there is a very short moment before the search tool appears, if you click right then the sub editor will start.
P,S. It doesn’t help for managing a channel.

Ohh lucky me I don’t have that problem yet with the searchbox but I have timer problems which I keep reporting to Viki.

@bozoli, @nadine_ks, @johannacostag, @lutra

when you have the search bar problem, there is a solution!

You need set you site size smaller!!! This helped me and my sister too!! This was 90% for me and 75% for my sister.

I hope I can help to you!


Thank you guys! Now it’s working again ^^

I got this problem as well…No… :frowning:
Temporary solution: I try to zoom about 110-115 % then the manage channel or subtitle editor button whicj cover with search button before will appear completely and you can click it.

I have a couple that would really make it easier for the users.

  1. Instead of having to scroll through the list of episodes in a small area, there should be an option to view all the videos of the show on one page. Easier for viewers and volunteers to pick videos.

  2. It would be nice to have a synopsis for each episode instead of the shows summary. It’s more work for the volunteers but it’s a huge help when you don’t know what episode you’re on.

It would be so awesome if these could be implemented. Thanks!