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The exact same problem. I can’t subtitle anymore. :rage:

I have contacted Viki help about the search bar problem. However, what I don’t understand is that this has been going on for at least a week, I think. Support says they are working on the problem, but, let’s face it, it is just a coding problem. This isn’t a hardware issue with their servers or anything. This is a coding problem…the search bar moves from its designated spot whenever you sign in. So, why is it taking so long to correct a coding issue? Just seems to be taking a very long time to sit down and figure out a problem with the coding. Just sayin…

Of course you can subtitle.

  1. Check the number of the video you wish to subtitle, just the number.


In this case the number is: 1057096

  1. Type into address bar

followed immediately by the video number. So it ends up like this:

thanks! ,

I have been a viki pass member for a year now until very recently and I just came to watch one drama ( made a post under discussions for the whole story) The site is broken and it seems they are not going to get it fixed, I said pretty much the same thing you said close to a year ago and as you can see no changes were made.

Subbers can’t sub and viewers cant watch. And as for new members I doubt there will be many because there are to many free sites out there where you are not inundated with commercials ( I just watched 16 & 1/2 mins of drama but had to watch 18 commercials in that 16 mins.

For a site that does not pay its subbers it sure seems to be making a lot of money with the commercials and the subscriptions, but cant seem to get the site up and working like it should.
I dont think I will be renewing my subscription.

The issue with the search bar has been fixed.

I have the same problem with both of my channels in that I can’t see the channel unless I’m logged into my account. Otherwise, it’ll show up as “The webpage is not available” as if the page doesn’t exist at all. What’s the issue with this? o,o

Also I’m having trouble uploading videos. It shows up in Video Management but not on the actual page, and they are all working youtube videos.

It seems the channels are created, but not yet approved by Viki.
That means channels are visible only for you at the moment, and yes only if you are logged in.
When did you create them?
'Cause sometimes it needs quite a bit of time till channels get approved.
Before the channel is actually approved you can’t upload videos.
This discussion might help you:

The format of the website needs to be improved to make it easier for viewers to navigate. When I use the app, I can quickly find all my recently watched videos, but I have to click on “overview” to find them. That isn’t logical. I don’t care about the trending or top picks for you videos. None of those are remotely close to what I choose to watch. I want to continue watching my videos where I left off. Regarding the “top picks for you,” if there’s a way to edit those, I don’t know how to do it. I’m tired at looking at the same suggestions that aren’t relevant to me.

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Right! No support for ultra-wide screens, either.

I am not saying I hate viki or anything, but I am annoyed that it’s so buggy. Every week or couple of weeks there is a new bug. Sometimes it’s fixed, sometimes not. I still see the website changing language randomly.
The improvements we suggest are very seldom heard (the disappearance of the “suggest a subtitle” bubble was one, the formatting shortcuts in Subtitle Editor were another of those who made me happy), whereas they implement unasked things which make things worse. An example. We have complained about reviews from people who haven’t watched the show? Viki implements a screen at the end of an episode which encourages people to go leave a review since episode 1 and obscures the last OST and preview. Where’s the logic?
The inbox is still uncomfortable. The space where we write doesn’t wrap, so we cannot see all the words we type. The list of messages in the inbox is so widely spaced that we have to scroll a lot and change pages a lot. And every time you do some work like deleting messages on some page, it will take you back to page 1 instead of letting you continue.
The project finder still brings you to episodes which don’t need an intruder outside of the team, as for instance the trailers and clips. And the link leads you to the Channel Manager instead of your language moderator (poor CMs are being flooded with messages in all the languages in the world, suggesting to translate the clips and “making of”).
The Volunteer Finder only lists people active three years ago, who have long since moved on.
They brought a robot which not only filled in empty segments, but over-wrote good subs lovingly made by teams. They since took it off, but it wrecked havoc, and we were never asked about this.
We asked them to be more transparent with the future subscribers about the fact that viki pass is not about subs. We asked for the spam comments about the subs be moderated. Nothing has been done about those things.

Should I list more? I don’t think it’s necessary, we all know the issues all too well.
I know you are a positive person who tends to see the good in everything, and I admire you for that, but the situation here has become undefendable.
There are good volunteers who have been active for years and turn away from viki every day. I know those in my language maybe you know those in yours.

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I agree. I know. I was almost one of them.

That post of mine was written so long ago, I don’t even remember I wrote it. I was a different Vikian back then :weary:

Has anyone noticed for about the last two weeks that the shows listed as popular this week and and popular all time are exactly the same list. It wasn’t that way in the past. This has made it harder to find the newer dramas because they are usually popular for this week but since they are newer are lower down on the list on popular all time.

I must admit I didn’t notice that. It’s true, they are exactly the same! another bug.

What I did notice, though, is that my Top Picks for You list is not filled with shows I have already watched or even translated. Progress? Could somebody else check this, as well?

Oh, I feel so silly, LOL, I hadn’t noticed the date! It came up as “latest” post because of two people who revived it and I assumed that all of it was new.

Why is Viki blacking out. Since 9/25/18 every time I want to watch a drama the screen blacks out. Is someone trying to sabotage your website?..

A new bug has started for me. Since a few days, it can happen that while I’m on viki, I suddenly get logged out and cannot log in anymore. No matter how often I put in my username and password, the page just loads again and I have to fill them in again. The only way to get logged in is by clicking on the ‘forgot password’ link and have Viki send me a mail to change my password. This has happened a few times already and it’s really anoying to change my password every time. I sent a request to the helpcenter but I don’t even know if they received it because my computer and internet is not working very well these days. Has anyone else have these issues?

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