Viki's Volunteers Experience Improvement Suggestions

Hi, dear Vikian colleagues! ^^
I hope each and everyone of you, from A to Z, are great. :+1:

On two topics, I’ve read two absolutely amazing ideas:

  1. A self-removal option from projects on our projects page.

  2. To avoid unintentional removal of volunteers (it happens!), when someone is removed, the volunteer should receive a message of such event.

  3. Adding to the previous, when self-removing ourselves or removing a volunteer from a team, a pop-up dialogue box opens, then we are asked if we are sure we want to delete X volunteer.

(At this very moment we realize if we are deleting the wrong person, so no excuse for deleting by chance nor any eventual abuse :+1:)

Finally, we have to write, directly on that dialogue box, the reason why we are removing ourselves/other people from the team and our Mod./CM/Segger/Editor/Subber receives a message telling: "You were removed from Y team by X because _______ " - showing the explanation.

This way, the process is more professional, assertive and clear for everyone because
everyone receives a proper explanation, as it should be.
No space for anything else :+1:

What do you think, guys? Any more ideas for improving this or other things around here?

Thank you a lot for sharing your thoughts! :sparkling_heart:

@brendas Please, do talk to our Amazing Tech. Dep. It would be Great if they develop this feature since it can definitely improve RH management for volunteers on your end, decrease the number of tickets on Help Center and help us avoid misunderstandings, deleting volunteers by mistake and, very importantly decrease the chances for eventual abuse ^^

By the way, I must congratulate our Tech. Dep. I’m growing grateful by the day. I mean it! :heart:

Today, I’ve discovered that even the security of our accounts are improved because now we must enter a code to change our e-mail account, so it’s more difficult for us to have our accounts hacked if our main account is properly secured :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Great!

Regarding this, only 2-verification step for login is what’s left ^^
Many Congrats! ^^ :sparkling_heart: