Volunteers needed


The drama ‘’ One Fine Week ‘’ needs volunteers (sub’s and segmenters with experience), if you are interested contact us

Drama: https://www.viki.com/tv/37135c-one-fine-week

Moderators: Portuguese, German, Korean, Frech, Italian, Spanish and Romanian

(If you want to be a sub, contact the moderator of the desired language)

Ps: Segg and candidates for moderators for new languages ​​please contact CM.


Hola muy buenos dias! me interesa participar como subber en español si no hay moderadora todavia te recomiendo a Eun Soo Lee (Carmen ) , Patty Sitta . mil gracias .

Hello, I would like to sub from English to Portuguese, I have experience. I would like to be a moderator but I don’t have experience with it yet.

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