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Hi everyone,
I thought let’s make this topic so everyone can discuss W freely here. As you know the main comment section on channels should remain spoiler free so that people who start watching later won’t be spoiled but since some complot theories might cover more episodes it’s hard to decide on which episode to post your spoilers.


So what do you think of W?

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Hi Dudie,

I loved the two first episodes.
I wonder if the writer is an Isaac Asimov fan or if it’s a coincidence that Kang Cheol’s Russian challenger, at the beginning, is called Asimov.

Anyway, the drama’s concept reminds me this old video clip :


Well has me captured on just 2 episodes… will be back here as the weeks reveal more. Enjoy everyone.

Wow, like mystery/thriller/suspense is absolutely not my thing but I am really loving this so far. I can’t wait to see the next episodes and now I hate that I have to wait :frowning:

SPOILERS NEXT (though you should expect it in this thread… :smiley: )
So far I am pretty confused, is Kang Cheol the only “real” character from his world? Since the truck coming towards him in ep 2 seemed empty (and no number plate) I feel like maybe the bad shooter is kind of an empty person, too. Since they are created by the writer-guy (don’t remember his name). But it’s weird, like why does the writer-guy want him dead? Something must have happened.
I wonder what exactly he thought of when he wrote that scene of the bad guy killing Kang Cheol’s whole family. Like if he wrote that he must have known who the bad guy is and shouldn’t he have a storyline in his head how to end it?

I guess the question is if he started writing voluntarily then at what point did X happen (let’s call it X since I have no clue what could have happened).
I don’t really know what to make out of the clues yet but:

  • writer-guy wrote Kang Cheol -> XX happened(?) -> Kang Cheol is alive (?)
  • to some point the story seems to have been controlled by the writer, at which point did that change?
  • writer guy saved Kang Cheol himself once (suicide)?? -> not sure but we didn’t see how Kang Cheol got back on the bridge and writer-guy said something like “should have ended it on the bridge”
  • writer-guy disappearing + “should have ended it on the bridge” --> writer guy can also visit the comic-world
  • writer-guy distanced himself from family -> relation to XX?
  • Kang Cheol seems to know something, calling Yeon Joo the “key to his life”
  • picture “eat or be eaten” with the devil -> who is writer guy afraid of? Kang Cheol or someone else, personX?
  • what could happen if Kang Cheol doesn’t die, what is writer-guy so afraid of?
  • why is it the daughter of writer-guy (the man who made Kang Cheol) that can save him? -> something family related?
  • why is Kang Cheol now even able to actively change the story himself (car-accident)?
  • is there anything special about the drawing-tablet?
  • what triggers the world-change?

Did I forget anything suspicious? :smiley:

And the question for episode 2 is definitely how the timing works because idk, didn’t they say that the other world was parallel so there it’s also 2016? But if the months change so fast it isn’t parallel anymore? I don’t know :smiley:

More questions than clues I guess but it’s just the 2nd episode. Too early to make any theories I guess, though I really like to do that :smiley:


I thought things were more clear in the 2nd episode which is why I upvoted the Korean commenter who said that first ep was confusing but thought the 2nd was better set up.

It is clear to me that the writer wants Kang Cheol dead because he’s the one who pulled his daughter into comic book world. More the reason was “If I don’t attack first (eat) I’ll get eaten. (dog eat dog world).” No idea if this part was subbed like this. It’s a very very common saying and I’ll check at some point I guess.

He is afraid of Kang Cheol because he cannot be controlled. So he just wants him dead. Cartoonist! (AH! I got this word! finally i’m going to edit the subs now. We’ve been calling him writer. Kang Cheol has a life of his own. Cartoonist Oh even goes as far as saying that he is a monstrosity.

The question is why… is Kang Cheol “alive”? Was Kang Cheol intentionally trapped there? Why does cartoonist get a high when he sees that he will indeed KILL KANG CHEOL.

I read the synoposis by cgwm808 on the coverpage. These insights were very obvious to me not spoiler nor required thinking. To me it’s now more like so what? What about it?

Side plot: Cartoonist Oh yelled at Yeon Joo and asked her if she too wanted to be a pair of crazies with him. This was interesting because does that mean that Kang Cheol had something to do with the family ruin? Cartoonist Oh was only financially successful because of W. Is Kang Cheol being scapegoated for personal problems? How is it that Kang Cheol’s living existence pushed him to be ostracized?

Those are the two things I wonder.


On the surface it seems to me that the webtoon writer started his story but at some stage the story took on a life of it’s own and now he has lost control of it. I think that’s why he’s scared. He feels the only way to stop it is to kill off the main character. His story is fictional but perhaps with a grain of truth maybe he based it on an article he read some years back without knowing what had happened the young man accused of his family’s murders. Anyway it’s intriguing so far and has us all hooked.


At first, I got little confused but as the story progress, everything is getting clear. I’m just gonna stay tune in this page since you all have very detail view. I love reading all your insight :slight_smile: This drama remind me of old anime which is Fushigi Yuugi hahaha.

So far, W and uncontrollably fond got me hooked.


First of all I love discussing this and since the timed comments don’t work for me right now (and I will probably keep them turned off) I will just go to this thread instead :smiley:

But they clearly said that the writer wanted him dead even before his daughter was pulled in for the first time! That guy working for the writer said to her even before she got sucked into the world that the writer wants Kang Cheol dead so that can’t be the reason…

I think it got translated as “Eat or get eaten” if I remember correctly, so yes, same meaning :slight_smile:


I love the idea that it might be based on a true story!
And that’s why Kang Cheol is able to come “alive”, maybe because the writer used a truth for the story so the fake character can turn into a true person? Idk, I guess I just love making up theories :smiley:

But I really hope they will tie all loose ends at the end or it would be really frustrating…


Yes, the writer wanted to kill Kang Cheol and end the story before she was involved. For sure, something happened. He also disappeared for a while. I suppose that father and daughter will meet in the other world.


Wow, I’ve heard this song so many times but never saw this video clip before. Yup! Totally the same concept!


This drama seriously got me so hooked. The mystery, thrill and excitement of it got me on edge. I’ve been racking my brain for any theories on what the actual crap is happening.
I think the cartoonist and Kang Chul’s relationship goes further than what was explained in episode 3. From what we can see in the 3rd episode, Kang Chul and his tormented past were created due to the cartoonist’s personal problems. Yeon Joo and her mother leaving him has caused heartache for him, thus him trying to end Kang Chul’s life.
At first, I believed that Kang Chul was kind of like a recreation of the cartoonist’s past. I thought maybe the cartoonist also had some type of childhood trauma or something, like his family getting killed or whatever but I’m not sure about that theory anymore. Kang Chul and the writer have a deep relationship that the audience hasn’t been allowed to see yet. Kind of like a relationship between a parent and a child, except less familial love i guess.
From the trailers that were shown of this show, we see a scene of her father injured, with a seemingly stab wound. I think the masked killer will definitely play a huge role in both the cartoonist’s and kang chul’s life. The masked killer seems to be able to cross both worlds easily. For me, I think the masked killer is a personal emotional trauma from the cartoonist, he locked it away but unknowingly to him it kept on growing and had manifested into something more sinister. I don’t think the masked killer is supposed to represent a person at all, I think the masked killer won’t be anyone or anything, just an empty dark vessel. Or maybe if it is someone, I think it will definitely either be someone connected to the Cartoonist or the cartoonist himself. If you think about it, the cartoonist controls ( well atleast maybe in the past he was able to control him, althout now kang chul literally is controlling his life) what happens to kang chul. In a sense, the cartoonist was the killer of kang chul’s family and the reason for his pain and torment. The masked killer is simply kind of like the puppet, with the cartoonist as the hand who controls it.
So it all falls back to the cartoonist himself. Which brings up another point, will the fact that the cartoonist, yeon joo’s father, was in a sense the reason for kang chul’s misery affect kang chul’s romantic relationship with yeon joo? Won’t he see her father as the reason for all the torture he had gone through, thus making his relationship with yeon joo strained? Yeon Joo loves her father, and sympathizes with him so if kang chul plans to kill or hurt her father, will yeon joo stand for it? I assume there will be some kind of showdown between the cartoonist, kang chul and yeon joo. Or maybe her father will end up getting “eaten” by the masked killer? Maybe the reason for the cartoonist trying to kill kang chul is that because he has to do so, in order for the story and the masked killer to be gone. Because of kang chul, the masked killer was created and maybe that’s what he means by he created a monster. He had created kang chul’s story, which allowed the masked killer to be a part of it. Or will the cartoonist be hard to kill, because kang chul and him are connected? What if kang chul and the cartoonist’s life source is connected, so if one dies so will the other? Or well atleast, if the cartoonist dies Kang chul will be gone as well. I think the most definite theory is that the masked killer has to do with everything that’s going on. He’s not only a villain, but something more cruel. He has to have played a huge role in what’s happening with yeon joo, her father, and the cartoonist.
ON A SIDE NOTE: ISNT LEE JONG SUK’S CHARACTER SO REFRESHING. I DONT KNOW IF I WANT TO PINCH HIS CHEEKS DUE TO HIS ADORABLENESS OR SWOON AT HIS SEXY AND COOL PERSONA. His chracter is definelty not a common main male lead charcter. Actually the entire plot is not a common kdrama one. Literally we get two kiss scenes in the span of 3 episodes. Not only that, but it seems like we’ll be getting more kiss scenes in the next couple of episodes. And Yeon Joo is so cute, like I love her as the main heroine. She is very considerate and caring, and her quirkiness is so adorable. When she literally flashed kang chul, i died. I was like wtf is this girl doing, I was so confused and just started laughing. Her character is not naive, but she has an innocent heart. She’s not weak nor strong, and I definitely think she will help kang chul let go or at least get past his demons. ANYWHOS, the cast are amazing, plot, setting, everything is well-written and exciting. i’m so anxious and excited to see what will happen next and how the plot is going to thicken.


2 new episodes and I feel like a lot of mysteries got lifted already. When I look at my list:

What remains:

  • Writer created Kang Cheol -> XX happened -> Kang Cheol started to act on his own --> WHY?
  • why is it the daughter of writer-guy (the man who made Kang Cheol) that can save him? -> something family related?

Things we got to know:

  • writer doesn’t know what exactly happened (XX?), he just seems afraid of Kang Cheol coming to life, that seems to be the only reason (seems like too small of a reason?)
  • writer guy only seems to be afraid of Kang Cheol hurting him because writer “killed” his family?
  • WE GOT THE ANSWER ABOUT THE TABLET. It seems to be the portal between the two world, at least in terms of Kang Cheol. Yeon Joo is still a mystery though…
  • the evil prosecuter who tried to put Kang Cheol into prison at all costs showed up but doesn’t seem to be the main evil tbh…

New Questions:

  • has the writer even ever visited the “other” world? What about the night he disappeared, if he isn’t the black guy (which I don’t think he is) what did he do then?
  • writer didn’t “save” Kang Cheol, he wasn’t on the bridge at the suicide attempt, something else must have happened?
  • is it really ONLY Kang Cheol who is alive from the other world?
  • Where did writer get the tablet? Maybe we could find some answers there
  • WHY IS THE STORY GETTING NARRATED? I think it’s Yeon Joos voice but I didn’t think too much of it yet (too busy reading subs I guess) but is she like telling the whole story in the future? Is it even her?

So what I just think is weird is that it feels like a lot of questions got answered in these 2 episodes? I don’t know, there is probably a backstory or something that’s going to happen but right now it feels like since Kang Cheol is in the real world there can’t be any weird things happening and he will just confront the writer and probably have a fight with him or something. It will be interesting to see how they will go from here but for me it feels like it will kinda just go over into a “normal” romantic/finding my true self story? I guess I will just wait and see, I mean it’s not like I don’t love these kind of stories, too :smiley:


It’s so amazing, the last minutes of episode 4 were EXACTLY like in the music video, just in “modern” omg :smiley:


Really?:slight_smile: I’m going to watch episode 4 tomorrow.

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I don’t have any interesting theory, but just had to say:
OH MY GOD! I can’t believe I have to wait an entire WHOLE week until the next chapter :scream_cat:


I thought the same thing!

Then don’t read my long post, there might be spoilers! I hope I didn’t spoil you yet O.O
I actually watched the 2 episodes before I went to this thread because I didn’t want to get spoiled :smiley:

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Love this show! And it’s going to be hard to wait 5 more days. ><
By the way, I read a very interesting theory on Dramabeans, written by “deathbychocolate”. Have to share it, it makes so much sense!

It’s interesting to note that when YJ was first sucked into the webtoon, her father’s reaction puzzled me. Given that he knows that the webtoon has a life of its own, it wasn’t the reaction I was expecting when he found her daughter in it and even during their confrontation. He didn’t even ask how and why YJ was able to go inside the “manhworld” like how his assistant was curious when he realized that YJ was really able to go inside that world. So I conclude that YJs father already have an existing knowledge on how and why someone can go and exit from that world. He probably knows or have an idea how crossing the two worlds is possible. Remember his reaction when he just said that YJ shouldn’t have interfered with his plans on killing KC, no reference at all about how she’s inside his created world when in fact it more weird to have someone enter that world and interact within it than seeing it on his computer.

Also, I can’t shake the thought about KC statement about how YJ is the key to his life that maybe YJ is his original creator. I mean, she’s the one who conceptualize him first and all and only his father adapted his character in a manhwa, given that it already said that YJ can draw too(conversation between her aunt and mom about sending her to med school instead of pursuing art).

I especially find the part about YJ being the original creator of KC very interesting! It would explain lots of things. Like why it’s only her that gets sucked in (apart from the cartoonist of course). Aaaah so impatient to see what’s next.


Oh I can answer why the story gets narrated. It’s like why for 24 episodes we have Yi In Jwa (main evil psychopath in jackpot. introduced in ep 1) hard subbed. For the new people. It is only narrated during recaps at the beginning of the ep. It is annoying to subtitle those because along with narration is the actual flashback. So have to sometimes determine if it is important. The flashback dialogue.

If things are narrated in 4 past the 40 min mark. IDK. I only watched up to 40 min into 4. Editing this show is hard because there were close to 10 new words I learned today. We listen for each word because errors are quite… embarrassing. Some of our friends (aka ex-teammates) watch and will point out errors. More than one native Korean too. To try to help the whole community I’ve taken to personally copying the harder vocab (defined as words you don’t hear at the dining table in an ordinary daily convo with parents) onto TD.

Already I learned 1 new 4 character idiom and if no one on the team knew the 5 clouds surround you, now they do. Came out like at least 5x this ep.

mmm don’t think Father is the killer. The physique isn’t right.
Definitely need to rewatch this ep. But no time!!! ah!!! when I mindlessly watched kdrama i’d speed through by now… eek takes me hrs to finish an ep.