W-Two Worlds REMAKE


Agree! I had some withdrawal periods to Joo Won’s performance as Park Shi-on in Good Doctor.


Amo a este personaje :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


I felt only the first season was good. The next seasons were all less-focused on his autism and more on his romancing and other stuff, I lost interest because it felt like they had diverted from hat it was supposed to be. Freddie Highmore was really good, though! :heart_eyes:

I think this is one of the biggest plus points of kdramas. They end quickly, so it usually stops useless plots and arcs no one needs. There’s less “milking” of the plot lines.


Yup! Song Seung-heon 송승헌!!:grinning::star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck:



I don’t know the (SK) actor name. I only recognize one of them in there, the very good looking one; that sadly, did the most ridiculous kissing scene with the FL (which is so unlike him). I was shocked how bad his acting was in this movie since he’s one of my fave male actors. I wonder what bug ‘‘bite’’ him.


Yeah yeah haha

LDW sent a foodtruck to him SSH IG

Can we apply to Kingkong Ent :smile:


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Hi again @ahjumemshie_883 and gang!
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His weibo, Song Seung-heon 송승헌!!

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Is that gorgeous actor married? I just see pictures of him. Maybe he’s too private in his personal life?


Hmmm sorry if I’m misreading some of the comments, but I would like to cape up for the US entertainment biz a bit. Like it was mentioned earlier, every country does remakes of each other’s content. Korea has definitely remade US shows, and US has remade Korean shows. Each has its own flair due to the culture and it should be different to a certain extent. I’m sure it’s very flattering for people to see their original content want to be remade.

I enjoyed the first half of W because it was so innovative and imaginative, but for me, the writing towards the middle and end fell by the wayside because they focused on the love story in a way that seemed obligated to the typical kdrama love tropes.

Im looking forward to a US remake, and hoping for more of a gritty and less innocent/wholesome experience.


not really related to the topic, but I felt like the drama fell on its face more because of the weird and random breaking of rules wherever the writer felt like it than the romantic progression. I wanted to throw my laptop when the villain pulls off the dad’s face and other scenes that were pretty stupid.


This is actually more a question from the time of cinema. If you think you can’t expect the audience to watch with subtitles and if there is no dubbing, too, these films are hardly ever shown. And so viewers are hardly able to perceive foreign filmmakers and actors. But here, too, streaming somehow provides more balance; and that is one of its good sides.


@angelight313_168 Song Seung Heon oppa? Not yet…i guess…he broke up with his Chinese GF a year ago…i think?


I totally agree with you on this. I felt like sometimes, too, the rules were broken inexplicably even because of the romantic progression.


I completely agree with this. Because of streaming, I have discovered some amazing foreign content that I would not have known about otherwise. Its definitely opened up the viewing experience.

For people all over the world who avoid foreign content mainly because they dont want to/ can’t read subtitles, remakes do help with stories still being told in a way that will reach viewers better. Reading subtitles definitely isnt for everyone as a form of entertainment


We dub everything, and unlike others, I’ve sometimes been startled when I suddenly heard the original after many years of dubbed shows…



I think is a matter of our likes and dislikes when it comes to dramas or movies. I love those crazy fantasy dramas like W/ DRAMAWORLD/My Only Love Song/ Sisyphus (this was to me the best one this year!)

Someone mentioned they didn’t like when they removed the character’s face in W and I just loved that part bc it made sense how a good person (the father) hated and wanted kill the ML otherwise the whole story would have never make any sense to me.

We have here MISSING: THE OTHER SIDE (SK) which is obviously a remake of the GHOST WHISPERER (USA) with : [Jennifer Love Hewitt] These two versions are the best, and I hope more ppl go and watch the SK version bc is awesome to watch.


Oh yeah its definitely about preference. I do think people miss out big time if they don’t watch content from outside their country, and I, too, will always encourage them to watch. For me, it helps me respect/understand/enjoy their traditions. From Nollywood, Bollywood, Hallyu, and more, each culture’s story telling is so special in its own way


:smiley:! Nope, he’s available :smile:
So ji Sub (they like real tight bros) is the one who got married in 2020. :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:Happy for him, it’s over due for them . . .

See my profile, I’m keeping my fingers cross for them, but Seo Ji-hye is not into (kinda off) getting hitched, she had a breakup via news reports from a major league sports personality, so she probably needs time.

A really nice article by soompi