W-Two Worlds REMAKE


Had a dog …and BINGO was his name !


Ha! Ha! I can imagine! Now that’s a W, worlds colliding :smile:


Thank you for the recommendation @angelight313_168 :heart_eyes:

Re Sisyphus, I created a review for that in Soompi Sisyphus: The Myth and The Review because I really got curious about the myth (in Greek mythology) and found out another one for Philosophy. The philosophical context is quite interesting.


@leerla73 I love Seo JI Hye for SSH Oppa ahahahaha their Dinner Mate chemistry is waaaaaaaay better than KJH in CLOY. That’s why I don’t even believe SJH-KJH dating scandal.


I believe there is a lot of potential the [W] remake won’t be ruined by the ‘‘Americans’’
Executive producer for MBC America’s Kim Na-hee will also be involved with the project.

excerpt from:

Remakes of Korean dramas have a history of doing well in America. The most recent example is The Good Doctor , a remake of the 2013 Korean drama of the same name, that is currently airing its fourth season.
Executive producers * David Shore

As you can see; as long as one of the Directors/ Producers are from the country the drama is from, it can be successful, too. [W] is one remake, I’m looking forward to watching in the near future.
When we look at remakes we don’t need to expect to be exactly the same; just follow the storyline, and be different and try to be just as good as the first version we saw. The saying goes: To each its own and there is a reason why; ‘‘para los gustos, se hicieron los colores.’’


Mi neither, I honestly think they’re just good co-workers giving each other good support.


Exactly! Point! Point! Point! Point! :goal_net: Goal!


Sebastian Lee is a good guy. He’s one of the producers of Suits Korea and Pachinko, Lee Min Ho’s newest drama.


So I found a Younger Kids REMAKE of W. COMIC BOOKS and real life entwined?


@angelight313_168 is this Ro Woon’s drama?



Yes it is. I’ll finish watching tomorrow. It’s fun to watch.


@angelight313_168 good for you, Chingu!

I hope I have time to watch my pending dramas :sob: I haven’t started Penthouse. They even started filming season 3


I heard crash landing on you is getting an American remake.


How are they going to do that, though? The whole plot revolves around North Korea - South Korea tensions with lots of scenes in the DMZ… there’s no other place with the same type of tensions


That’s what everyone is debating about.
And several other k dramas are also getting American remakes, I will post the article tmr


It will take place in the former GDR, I guess. Or maybe Vietnam. (Just kidding.)


really - I know they are doing a musical???


I don’t remember the names but they picked some hit k dramas.


Any updates?