Want to get rid of your Corona kilo's in a fun way?

Thanks for all this info! I will check and try!

It’s so weird because I lost 22 pounds during this ‘‘corona period’’ and didn’t do any exercise. A lot of ppl I know lost a lot of weight during this pandemic. It wasn’t lack of food for me, i just didn’t feel hungry and cut on coffee intake bc I would get horrible palpitations whenever I drank coffee.

PS> I did enormous amount of cleaning and redecorating in my apartment.

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I started the Chloe Ting videos this weekend :dizzy_face:
I’m also bad at planks!
Today, tummy and butt are aching.

Not only sports, but eating habits!
Will eat oats with Greek yoghurt and a tiny bit of chestnut cream more often​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

One of the things I’m experiencing just after 3 days:

  • less tired after a long day at work even if I didn’t sleep a lot yesterday
  • focused for a longer time, more productive
  • no aching today, she said body gets used to it.
    I didn’t know that fast.

I want to continue!

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What really helps is a good warming up. At the beginning I often skipped that because I was lazy. Now I’m doing the get fit challenge by Chloe again (finished day 8 today) and I always do the warming up as well. I replace the cooling down with this one as I like it better:


Good luck with your get fit challenge!!
I don’t regret trying her videos! Thank you so much for suggesting her to me!

I can only watch women so I can focus on body shaping. If I see a man body, I don’t have the same motivation anymore!!

I love that it’s short videos, so short (10 min) that we just think “Oh, let’s continue!” until you did like 30-40 min already without seeing time passing by.

I like:

  • we just need a yoga mat, socks and leggings.
    Plus a hair rubber band. Don’t need to invest, just click on the button and follow.

  • when an exercise can be difficult, she cuts the screen in half so we can pick to follow the easy version of it on the left side of the screen or the difficult version of it on the right side. She also takes into account if we live in a flat and can’t jump.

  • warm up before and cool down after doing her videos are optional. I did the warm up only once and I don’t skip the cool down after skipping it the first time.

Today is rest day, pretty cool to include them in the program.

Yes that’s what I like too. The work outs are done before you know it. She started a new challenge a few days ago and I plan to start with that one after I finished the get fit one.

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What do you do if you miss 1 day of training?

I just start where I left so if I skipped day 8 I start again with day 8. It’s totally fine if you add extra breaks. I did that once too when I didn’t feel well and my back did hurt.

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@piranna did you finish the challenge?

I’m still doing work outs from home and I lost quite a bit of weight. Dropped about 2 sizes now.

I currently really like this workout by Joanna Soh.


:sob: Nooo, I haven’t finished!

My right arm began to hurt when I did some exercises like push ups or stretch, but it was fine when I was typing or crocheting.
I might have forced it too much or it’s my past, I fell a few times on that arm while trying horseriding.

I stopped doing the videos for a few weeks after, but now it seems all right, so I think I can begin again :slight_smile:

Wow! Thanks for the other video and keep up the good work, that is really motivating to see you have results!

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Do you do pre-workout warm ups? If you have an old injury I highly recommend doing those before any work out videos :smile:

I do them too. You are exercising for longer, but the day after you feel it less (or at least I do).

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He’s super fun to watch :smile:

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That one seems fun but my work out space is limited so I guess if I do that one I knock over quite a few things and send my lamp flying. But I will keep that one in mind when I have a bit more space around me :slight_smile:

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Low impact videos:

Sometimes I just “walk” along with these videos. Can’t stare at the screen for too long though, but the sounds are very relaxing :slight_smile:

Morning facial work-out :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

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@cgwm808 and @lutra

I enjoy dance workouts too. I found some easier versions of dance workouts suitable for beginners. These workouts are easy to follow so you do not have to remember the dance moves. Just follow along with the videos and have fun!

“Dynamite” with Emi Wong

“Lovesick Girls” with Emi Wong

Another version of “Dynamite” with Josh and Bamui

“Mamma Mia” by SF9 with Josh and Bamui - I highly recommend this one as I personally find this one the most effective of them all.

If you are not a fan of Kpop, I suggest that you could try these Bollywood ones out:

“Mera Wala” Dance with Emi Wong

“Illegal Weapon” with Emi Wong

Hopefully, you can try these workouts and see if they can become part of your 2021 exercise routines. Feel free to comment below and let me know how it goes!


I don’t, give me some headbanger music and I will loosen up. Give me some disco music and I will dance while cooking, but exercising with music is just not my cup of tea, if you have fun doing it, that’s nice. Maybe if I had only a small apartment like in my 20’s I would do it, but with the house, garden, my mom and today snow on the pedestrian way again, it’s just game over for any kind of physical extra activity.