Want to get rid of your Corona kilo's in a fun way?

I’m doing work outs for a few weeks now and this week I discovered a youtube channel of some Korean men providing all kinds of work outs and I thought let’s share a few because they are fun and easy to do.

20 minute walking routine:

30 minute walking routine:

And their female staff member is pranking them from time to time :rofl:


shirtless guys made my day :rofl:

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Those workouts seem like fun, I might try one this weekend :blush:

Hahah that female staff video - the intro already got me to laugh. And then her prank. It reminded me of something I did when my cousins would steal all my homemade treats that I spent hours making :sob:
The next time I put pepper extract in the centre of some and made sure they chose those :laughing:

I like easy kpop dance videos as well. This video is a compilation video of different people dancing. There is a learning curve though :smile:

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I was so distracted at first when I started doing both of these walking work outs…:rofl:

@feyfayer Yes, it reminded me of one april fools day when I was a kind :laughing:
That work out seems nice, maybe I should try it but I guess I will fail badly hahahaha


That’s brilliant! :rofl:
I suppose since then you can keep your treats for yourself? :wink:

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They didn’t try to steal my treats after that :wink:

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@dudie I saw that you posted another workout video somewhere else. Could you post it here too?
Then I know how to find it haha.

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Ohh you mean that booty challenge which I finished last saturday?

And this work out from Joanna Soh?

And let’s include some more work outs I like to do.
Arms work out by Emi Wong

Abs workout by Chloe Ting

When I want to take it easy I’m picking one of the other Walking Workouts by Allblanc:

Or even an episode of Nederland in Beweging/Thuis in beweging (I think it’s easy to follow for the non Dutch too) :

All are beginner level as I’m a beginner. :grinning:


dankjewel :smile:

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This is really helpful! Now I will do my training at home, thank you very much :heart_eyes:


I never liked sports but since I found fun work outs I can do at home I do them every day. I already lost quite a bit along with making sure I’m not eating to much calories. Mostly I pick 2 a day.

This is also handy to warm up and cool down:


Yes, warm ups and cool downs are super important

I usually do a warm up / cool down from fitness blender

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OMG, you guys are so disciplined! :open_mouth:


Only because I notice results, not saying I see abs now, they are still hidden under the fat…LOL


I’ve never worked out more in my life than I do now! Now that I’m working from home, I am using my normal commute time to work out anywhere from 30 min to 1 1/2 hr every week day! Yay! I don’t see any results though, as I’ve been eating more chocolate at home, too. lol At least I haven’t gained any weight. :wink:


I did this one today and I was so happy with that last cool down stretch. Much needed and so satisfying :laughing:
@dudie thanks for recommending this channel. The exercises are fun and their silliness gets me laughing during the exercises.


That work out is a good one too, did that one last week as well and I was like “How is that no noise?!” :rofl:
I died laughing yesterday when I saw this:

I did this workout in between segging 2 parts of King Maker today :grinning:


Hahha I know right? I mean, I really appreciate that there are no jumping jacks, but they obviously don’t know what it’s like to live in a house with old creaky (under)floors :laughing:

Luckily I’m friends with my neighbour downstairs and she’s repeatedly told me she doesn’t mind, but still. I want to be as quiet as possible - especially if I happen to do this at night, like today :see_no_evil:

I had no idea about their background. That’s impressive :blush:


I do all work outs in my room and I know others can hear it but never had any complains. I also have a stepper thing and that does give a ticking noise when I use it. So the very first time I used it many years ago my parents where like: “We heard you using that thing for 10 minutes straight”. I tried to put a blanket or mat under it but that didn’t work well either. Ohh well I try to limit the noise and I don’t do much jumping yet.

The only time the neighbors complained was when my bro was hitting a ping pong ball against a wall and let it bounce on the floor as a kid. But he was doing that for like an hour. We had no idea they could hear a mere ping pong ball as it wasn’t on the wall in between the houses but still.


Hahaha you’d be surprised what people can hear. I was so shocked one day. My downstairs neighbour’s neighbour (our walls touch her upstairs neighbours’ walls) came up to us and asked us what we were watching all of the time, because they could hear us laughing a lot and they wondered what tv-program was so funny.

I asked her: “you can hear us? Wow, I’m sorry if we disturbed you.” But she said it was okay and was just happy that we were laughing so much.

I told her we were watching Korean variety shows :laughing: