Want to subtitle? Let people know!


suggestion: message @kobolt - could be they can use French editing on some dramas perhaps?

May fortune attend your return. :slight_smile:

GeNie of the Lamp


I may have a project for you. Pm me for details


Hello, I would like to help with subtitles from English to Dutch. Feel free to contact me if you need!


i might be in the wrong area for this but id like to help out some how but i only know english any ideas on how i can begin to contribute


You can contribute by captioning.
That is, writing English subtitles in English-speaking videos, where there are none, by listening to the audio. This is very useful to deaf people.
Or writing English subtitles in foreign videos which have hardsubs. Why is this necessary? Because without that, the Other Language teams cannot make their own subs.
There are a number of older dramas with hardsubs which need captioning.


ok could u point me in the direction to go for those hard subs i wouldn’t mind trying my hand at that


Hello, I would like to help i can subtitle from english to polish


@serenite78 I think perhaps this person may be of use - possibly in several projects now going in Polish? :slight_smile:




Possibly a transcriber for you or Walter_casa? You do seem to be keeping the list of things that need such work. :slight_smile:


Hi !
I want to help with subtitles ^^
I can sub from english to french :slight_smile:


@louiisa : Bonjour, j’ai des dramas chinois en recherche de traducteurs, si tu es intéressée, tu peux me contacter.


Hi I would like to help, I can subtitle from english to italian


Hello, I am really interested to sub from English to French

Bonsoir je peux traduire de Anglais à Français !


I speak fluent English and Korean. Am open to new projects.



Hi, thank you for wanting to be part of Rviki’s volunteers. It will help if you can add the link to your page so those interest in your language skill can contact you directly. I added you in my new topic bc I feel this page needs to be updated and messages from as far as 2013.14/15 and 16 and half of 2017 should be deleted so we can see the new message like yours faster.




I have some projects that need a kor-eng translator. Send me a message to talk about this.


Grazie infinite per le utilissime informazioni!
A quanto pare mi ero persa qualche passaggio.
Grazie ancora e dato il ritardo nella mia risposta…buon anno :slight_smile:


Hello, I would like to help. I can translate from Chinese to English/German or simply from English to German. Feel free to contact me!


Please don’t forget to add the link to your profile page is the fastest way to communicate with you.