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I need help for medical brothers. https://www.viki.com/tv/29490c-medical-brothers?q=medi
If you are interested in helping send me a message.

My comment is about another person somewhere here in discussion who also wrote that can ‘‘translate’’ (won’t mention the language but is not korean), and I had to get someone else to edit the subtitles bc they were a total mess. The person has the contribution count anyway and nicely edited subtitles in the profile page if we go to this person’s page we will see the edited subs and not the mess the person did.

I believe everyone deserves a chance and I’m the biggest advocate of that. But lately in spanish everyone use a goggle translator and declare themselves the best translators of the language. I myself have to edit hours and hours of this mess, while the contribution count stays in their page.

I like honesty above all and a person doesn’t have to be perfectly proficient in a language to do subtitles. I understand that part. But for someone to get contribution count for terribly done subs that have to be edited completely (80% of the subtitles) I think is so, so unfair.

I love helping out, explaining what they did wrong, and giving them links so they can improve, but it goes --’‘on one ear and out the other’’ sort of speak. That’s when I get upset bc it affects the quality of work in the drama, movie or documentary I work in.

I have to add that I no longer report them, I just remove them from my project. Very nicely, I explain and provide in a PM all the lines of mistakes they made episode after episode. I usually give two chances (2 episodes) on the third one, they are out. If they are really bad, I won’t wait too long either. Is not worth it.
I rather do the subtitles than try to fix a mess that most of the time has no hope whatsoever.

The same goes when I do subtitles in Spanish, if the English translation is poor I excuse myself from the project bc I know my subtitles in Spanish no matter how hard I try, will sound like cr*p. QUALITY has always been my priority, not perfection but some level of decency in my subtitles for the viewers.If I can’t fix it i know is not worth staying there.

This is a message from a moderator where is obvious the subbers were using some form of translator and were giving terrible subtitles

  1. Si usan un traductor mínimo lean lo que ponen, muchas veces no tiene sentido.
    2)Si dos personas se tratan de usted, no pueden cambiar el trato en otro segmento al ser las mismas personas que hablan

1)"If you use translators the least you can do read what you’re putting, many times it makes no sense.
2) if two people are formal you can’t change to informal in the next segment.’’

I remember a comment in Spanish where the girl added: What kind of spanish is this, that I can’t understand? It turns out a Portuguese person was doing Spanish subtitles. That was a real mess.lol

I wholly agree with the rest of your message, but this sentence… in my experience thit is not so.

I often wondered about what gets to be shown in recent contributions and what doesn’t.
The rule we know is that when a moderator edits your translation, you don’t lose your sub count, and the sub still shows. And it shows as it was originally, not the edited version. Which is fortunate, because other moderators looking at your work can establish if you’re good enough etc.
If you edit your subtitle yourself, then both versions are shown in Recent Contributions. Although I assume it still counts as one sub.

Test 1: subber edits herself
I had a look at an edited sub in one of the series I moderate. Here are the two versions the subber herself made. The first one in the bottom and the revised on top.

So far so good. We established that if she edits herself, both versions will show. I have encountered this many times, so I knew it already.
What if I, the moderator, edit her sub? Will something change in her Recent Contributions page?

Test 2: moderator edits subber’s sub

Here I edited her sub adding -nim after the person’s name. See it in Subtitle Editor.

But in her Recent Contributions page it only shows the one she made, not my edit.

I’m very glad about that, because it means that we can go and take a peek at new people’s subs to decide whether they are good or not.

Test 3: moderator edits herself

There is a series where I am CM and segmenter, so I made a new segment somewhere (hoping nobody is watching right now), and wrote
“test sub”.
I saved, and looked at my recent contributions. It was there all right.

Then I went back to Segment Timer and edited, writing “test sub changed” and saved.

Back to Recent Contributions, refreshed the page. The new change wasn’t there. Only the original sub

Back to S.E. Another edit and save

Back to Recent Contributions, refreshing page. The new change wasn’t there. Just the first subtitle, “test sub” (I"m not including a picture, it is always the same, just the timing shows “7 minutes ago” I assumed it just needs some time to show up.
In Segment Timer, I finally deleted the extra segment, saved and closed.

After ten minutes or so, all my changes showed in Recent Contributions. Except the deletion of the segment.

So you see, the moderator’s edits don’t change the subber’s work in the Contributions Page. You can still go and judge how good she is by looking at it!

Yes, I know that part what I’m saying is, the contribution count still goes into their page although the subtitles were bad. I should have been more specific: when the subber works in my drama/video/movie, I make sure the subber’s name is also on the credits, so when you see the drama you’ll see the edited subtitle and assume the person did the good subtitles.

What I do now, if I have to do a lot of editing in their subtitles I don’t add their name on the credits. The reason why I was doing this was to help them out for ppl to see their good work and recruit them in other dramas etc…

Yesterday, I was editing and noticed that the subtitle was done with a translator (I can spot those right away) I went to google translate and the person wrote word by word what was on google translate (I’m an idiot and never bothered to check this way before) The translators are getting better, but not as good as they should. BING is the worst one.

I always wondered why some of the subtitles were really good and some were not. I got my answer: Is a lucky shot and some translations are ok and some are terrible. It really bothers me that they don’t put more effort and in the process learn more from that extra work they do. Copying a google translation word by word bothers me so much since the person claims she’s a English teacher in her country.

There’s no need to lie we can work together, and they can learn more from doing the simple steps I tell them to do. I realized that they just want a contribution count and the hell with the rest.

Quality in the subtitles takes a little more work on our part and if someone is willing to help them out they should take advantage of that. I myself go through all that work with the synonym of the big words, make sure the word is spelled correctly and taking my time when I’m working in a drama,documentary, or movie.

They all work in a ‘‘rush’’ bc they take so much projects they need to ‘‘keep up’’ I tell them time and time again: what’s the use of doing more (QUANTITY) if in the process, they are affecting the (QUALITY) of the subtitles? There’s no need for a person who is editing to have so much work to do.


Yes. I timed to english. I dont do translation. Just timing and typesetting simple korean caption.

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Oh, captioning is also much in demand here! There is a list Mahoula made. It’s here:

Atualmente tenho tempo livre e gostaria ajudar de qualquer maneira com as legendas, composição, revisão, ou o que for necessário em dramas coreanos ou japoneses.
Se precisarem é só chamar!

Hi --I would love to help with translation from English to Romanian for any drama or movie. I am fluent in both languages and like to use accurate grammar and appropriate language. I am passionate about translation and am more than willing to participate in any projects. I also work fast. Hope that you will consider me. Thank you ^^

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Hi! I can help with translation from English to Turkish(Türkçe).

Procuro por dramas para traduzir do inglês para o português.

Olá, michele_pim_843!

Estou sempre procurando voluntários, se não for incomodar estarei enviando um pm pra você.
Dessa forma vou dizer quais dramas sou moderadora, se estiver interessada basta retornar a mensagem.



strong text quiero ayudar a subtitular tengo tiempo

Hi, I would like to help with korean drama. I can sub from english to french. :slight_smile:

Tu trouveras peut-être ton bonheur ici ^.^ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_j0dyJDbQ7_JVIJX_IZmf6sXiCUH21suhA7ru4fgqY4/edit#gid=0

hola me gustaria ayudar a subtitular de ingles a español. tengo bastante tiempo y soy muy responsable, espero poder colaborar pronto
muchas gracias :blush: :wink:

Hello! I’m mostly interested in cleaning up the editing to the English language, as my Korean isn’t the best as-is, though I’m getting better every day! If you have any projects that read shakily when translated to English, feel free to message me and I’ll do what I can to assist! Thank you for your time and consideration; have a wonderful evening!

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I am interested in being an English editor. Just a word of warning, this will be my first time editing. I prefer Korean and Japanese dramas and don’t want to take on anything exorbitantly long, so nothing more than 20-25 episodes at most (although I am willing to make exceptions).

For a little of my background, I have a BA in English as well as some experience at a small, independent, book publisher. I’m also a writer myself, so you can trust that I take words very seriously.

If anyone has a position like this available and is comfortable taking on a newbie, please message me here: https://www.viki.com/users/ohsoenthusiastic/ I look forward to hearing from you.

(I believe I am posting this in the correct place, but if not, I apologize. The forums on here are very confusing.)


I am just replying to give you a tip. You will find projects much more easily if you quickly become QC (Qualified Contributor). For this, you need 3000 subtitles. The best way to do it is look for the list of projects needing captioners (people who copy the hard subs into the Subtitle Editor).

Captioning is a boring job, and not easy: because the moment you start typing the subs disappear so you have to remember them by heart (unless you work from Segment Timer: there, they just fade instead of disappearing). But it’s so worth it! First of all it enables all the Other Language subbers to start work. And for you: once you get to the QC position, then you will be able to access many more dramas, including on-air ones and others which are normally not licensed for your region.

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Thank you for the tip. I’ve tried looking for shows I could help out with and had some trouble finding ones that fit what I know I can commit to and that have a slot open for an editor/newbie like me, so that’s why I commented on this post. Someone actually messaged me a couple of days ago about helping out with editing on an older drama so I can get my sea legs, and I’ve taken them up on the offer.

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Hi! I would like to begin to sub some kdramas, I can sub from English to French and maybe from French to English :blush: