Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Olá, gostaria de ajudar, posso legendar de inglês para português

Um, I can translate korean from english, (not because I learned it but I grew up from a bilingual household. My parents are korean but I was born in america. So I’m kind of confident that I won’t make any weird mistakes or things like that.) :wink:


Hii, I can translate some dramas from English to Polish :slight_smile:

Para apreciação…


Aguardo oportunidade.

English to Korean is almost never needed here - since the American films lost their license. Most of the time what’s needed is Korean to English, but I’m sure you can also do that as well.

Here is a post with info about how to find projects.

And here are my Subbing Guidelines for English subbers. Different English Chief Editors make or adopt different sets of guidelines, but the basics here on Viki are the same.

There is one American movie that doens’t have Korean subs


Hello, i am looking for a project in which i can help with English to Romanian subtitles.

@sophiapyo2_19 might also want to provide Korean subs for Japanese and Chinese shows. :slight_smile:

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Hello! I just joined the community and can subtitle from English to French. I have a lot of time and have previous experience (outside of Viki) translating and subtitling videos for my work. I hope I have the opportunity to help!

¡Hola! Recién me estoy uniendo a esta comunidad. Quisiera apoyar en la traducción de inglés a español, también podría apoyar en inglés-francés y en inglés-portugués. Espero pueda cotribuir con un granito de arena :hugs:

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Olá, gostaria de legendar do inglês para português.

Ach, you’re right, I completely forgot. My bad.

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Hi, I would love to help Viki !
I can subtitle from English to french/Turkish or from French to Turkish.

I would like to help with subtitling. I can subtitle from English to Dutch, preferably a Chinese project. I grew up in a Chinese family and am studing it seriously recently.
PM me if you’re interested. Thank you.

Welkom op Viki :slight_smile: Er worden nog vertalers gezocht voor ‘The best partner’. Misschien kun je je daar bij aansluiten.


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I really want to help subtitling from English to Portuguese, but it has been difficult to be included in any team. If someone is accepting help, please let me know.



quero muito ajudar na legendagem do inglês para o português, mas tem sido difícil entrar em qualquer time. Se alguém estiver aceitando ajuda, por favor me avise.

Hello, I would like to translate English to French if you’re looking for someone. Thank you very much!

Hello everyone. I can speak English and Arabic. I want to ask a question. Do I have to be fluent in Korean to be able to translate or can I use apps and programs for that ?. Thank you very much.


If you want to translatw you must know english very well, because you sub from English into Arabic.

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Yes, I am fluent in English.