Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hi , my name is Mina and I would LOVE to subtitle from English to Persian … however, there is a problem … a major one if you need to know … you know the subtitling tool they all talk about ? I have yet to find it …I watched the instructing video , I looked every corner of the screen , I reinstalled the app with the newest version , I joined a subtitling team(thought maybe you have to join and then it will let you access the tool) , I contacted Viki support team 3 times! 2 times they answered by sending me the link to Help Center page and the 3rd time they did not even reply​:neutral_face: I am hopeless at the moment … please , if you have any idea how to fix this problem , guide me , I would really appreciate it!!:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Hi, Mina. Welcome to Viki! :slight_smile:
I just looked at your profile page and from what I see you have not joined any team yet.
You need to find a show you’d like to subtitle and then ask the Persian moderator if you can help. If there is no Persian moderator, you have to ask the channel manager. If they accept you, they add you to the team and then you will have access to the subtitle editor (for that specific show).
You can also ask a Persian moderaor if he/she has any shows which you could help on.
Aim at the older shows, the on air shows usually don’t accept beginners.

Mina, whether you are a part of a team or not, you should be able to find the little pencil button if you’re using a computer.

However, I’m not so sure if you can sub from a mobile phone or a laptop. Anybody?

Furthermore, ever since Viki’s crash on Sunday, the mobile and laptop apps are not showing any of the newly created subtitles. Your problem might be related to this. So, it might be a good idea to wait a bit with using the Viki application and just use the desktop version for now. Give the technical team at Viki time to fix the more critical things first.


Hi, I can sub from english to spanish. I’ll be very glad if some project give me an opportunity,

I sub from a laptop. I doubt it would work on a phone though …

Is it a pencil? Haha, I always saw some kind of ancient scroll in it! :rofl:

@bakhshayesh_mina If you play a video and you move your cursor you see a sort of speech bubble in the lower right-hand corner, next to the blue square which tells you how much % is translated into your selected language.
If you put your cursor on this speech bubble, a menu pops up. There you see the subtitle tools: a pencil and scissors. The scissors are for segmenting, the pencil is for subtitling. If you click on it, you will be taken to the subtitle editor, but this will only work if you are already in the team.

Fantasy & Historical dramas should get an ancient scroll icon or a brush with ink :rice_scene:


Hello, I would like to help i can subtitle from english to portuguese and from english to portuguese. :sweat_smile:

I would like to subtitle I can translate from English to spanish ik its not much but I can try

Every subtitle on Viki is worthy, cheer up!:innocent:


Hi, I checked your profile and you have joined A moment of eighteen as a subtitler

Then you should start with Episode 1
Here: https://subber.viki.com/translations/1154814

Please choose translating from English into Persian before inserting your subtitles. Good luck :+1:

@bozoli. And yes you can use the subtitle editor from a smartphone. I am using an android one for the time being. It works :+1:


Good to know. Do you use the VIKI app then or do you open VIKI on a browser page and then using the editor? I wonder if it’s not to small for subbing then? (and time consuming because of typing every letter on that little touch screen?)

Since the new player you can only enter and sub when you go directly per link in the editor in your browser. You cant open or close episodes for subbers.
And it’s tiny


I too sometimes keep switching between my tablet and phone, the experience is not as good as a laptop or a computer because of my keyboard popping up onto the screen everynow and then.
I just need to set my browser on desktop mode and I am done.
When the mode isn’t on, one can’t subtitle or do as much as can be done on a laptop or with desktop mode.


You don’t seem to have a Viki account, you need one to get started.
Best of luck

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I open Viki on a browser page. I have a SmartPhone with a wide screen. It is not as easy as subbing from a laptop but it’s what I have for the time being. I am away home.


Olá, gostaria de ajudar, posso legendar de inglês para português.

Olá, gostaria de ajudar, posso legendar de inglês para português

Um, I can translate korean from english, (not because I learned it but I grew up from a bilingual household. My parents are korean but I was born in america. So I’m kind of confident that I won’t make any weird mistakes or things like that.) :wink:


Hii, I can translate some dramas from English to Polish :slight_smile:

Para apreciação…


Aguardo oportunidade.