Want to subtitle? Let people know!

  • Sometimes it is written on the cover page, if you go on the drama and in the dashboard you click “Subtitle Team” and scroll down the page and you’ll see a whole graphic page, in many cases it is written if QC is required.


  • Very often movies do not require QC, it could also be a regional access thing, if you cannot access it, you cannot subtitle.

  • Another way is just find French Moderators (of dramas) and introduce yourself and ask if they have a project that you could participate in.

Very often On Air Korean dramas require QC and/or VikiPass some Standard some Plus and teams are formed before the airing date, therefore older projects and/or movies are the easiest to start with.

Try to write to these Mods:

Bonne chance!!!

Check this out!

@joaniemusic FYI, hope this helps :+1:

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Thanks I will try, you helped me al lot !

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Hey guys,

I’m looking for some new projects to work on. I can subtitle from Korean and Chinese to English or caption dramas.

Feel free to contact me! :slight_smile:


Hi! I would like to help with subtitles too ^^ I can translate from English to Polish. Thanks :sunny:

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Hi I’m looking for a project. This is my first time. I can subtitle Chinese to English or English to Chinese.


Hi, I’m looking for people to help subtitle the movie “Supporting Mom’s Affair” from English to Simplified Chinese.

Would you like to be part of the team?

Hi, I’m looking for people to help subtitle the movie “Supporting Mom’s Affair” from English to Simplified Chinese.

Would you like to be part of the team?

Hi, I’m looking for people to help subtitle the movie “Supporting Mom’s Affair” from English to Simplified Chinese. Would you like to be part of the team?

Instead of posting the same offer three times, you should probably send a private message to these users :wink:

Let’s leave this thread to people offering their services. Moderators can then select who they wish to contact and do so outside this thread. It will help the thread be more organised and informative.


Hi, i want to help with subtitles, i can sub from english to french

Hola, me gustaría ayudar a traducir k-dramas, c-dramas o bl de ingles a español, aunque soy nueva en este aspecto me gusta trabajar duro y hacerlo de la mejor manera posible.
Espero ser de ayuda :slight_smile:

hi i would like to help with subtitles! I am fluent in English and French.

Olá gente, quem estiver recrutando para ajudar a traduzir do ingles pro portugues, estou disponivel

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Hey! I’m available to sub from english to portuguese!

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Hi! I would love to translate some dramas from English to Polish but every time I ask people they say that they don’t need volunteer. Maybe someone from here would like me to help?


@zosiam CONTACT this person that 11 days ago posted she needed help. GOOD LUCK and welcome!

Polish subbers needed! ^^ <3



Hey! I’m Kamila, 24 y.o. and I’m looking for helpers!

Jestem moderatorką/ edytorką paru dram i filmów. Chętnie dam szanse początkującym na nabranie doświadczenia i/ lub już doświadczonym osobom, które chcą mi pomóc !

Do przetłumaczenia pozostają m.in.:

Komentujcie! Piszcie do wiadomości prywatne! Lub piszcie na instagramie https://www.instagram.com/kamkaj_viki/ ~!!!


thanks for help <3

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Buna, daca doresti sa traduci din engleza in romana eu sunt moderatorul serialului Drunken to love you. Si bineinteles mai am si cateva filme care urmeza sa vina, daca doresti sa intri in echipa te rog sa imi scri.
O seara frumoasa!

Gostaria de contribuir, legendando do inglês para o português. Pode me redirecionar para algum? Estou a disposição!

Oiii! ^^ Existem alguns shows que em breve estarão abrindo recrutamento de tradutores. Sugiro ficar atenta aos canais listados como “em breve”, assim que o(s) moderador(es) de português forem escolhido(s), envie uma mensagem diretamente para ele(s) logo, pois ultimamente as equipes fecham muito rápido.
Segue link para acesso aos canais listados como “Em breve”:

Boa sorte!
Fran :slight_smile:

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