Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi! I’d love to help subtitling into either Spanish or English from both of them languages. I’m currently on summer holidays so I have lots of time to help. If you’d like me to help let me know! Thank you.:hearts:


Hello, I would like to help to subtitle from English to German or Polish. I’m fluent in all three of those so I feel comfortable translating all of them. Hope I will be of any help since I have way too much free time.:hearts:


Hello I’d love to help with subtitling from English to POLISH :heart: :heart:


Mogłabyś podać link do swojego profilu? Niestety, ale nie mogę go znaleźć


Hi :slight_smile: I would like to help with translating to Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. Please recommend me where i can start or help me in any way. Thank you :slight_smile:


I have two questions if I may…

  1. Why isn’t " Jiang Hu All Men Are Brothers" on viki?

  2. If for some reason it’s not allowed on this site is someone willing to work on adding English subtitles to the play list that already exist on YouTube (I got to episode 39 and realized there were no more English subtitles and only Thai for some reason! I was so sad because this is one really great show that moved me deeply I wanted to see the entire series so badly!)

Thanks in advance,


I’d like to try subbing(I’m new lol), preferably from Chinese to English. I’m not fluent in Chinese but it was my first language and I used to go to classes. So I’d like to give it a try!


Hi ! :grinning:
I can translate french / russian :sunglasses::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi, I am new here, but I would like to help with subs. I can translate from English to Czech.:grinning: I have little bit of experience with subbing.:wink::slightly_smiling_face:


I have not provided much subtitles because I am an absolute beginner, but I would like to translate more. I can translate from english into german. Please send me a message if you want to work with me :slight_smile:


I can subtitle from Chinese to English!! Let me know if any projects are looking for more subtitlers!


hello! i can sub from chinese to english!


I would like to subtitle from Englisch to German. I am a certified foreign language secretary. I just joined so i am new to this, but i would love to help.


WELCOME! I suggest you go to the dramas you like to work in, and request (send a PM message) to the German Moderator to add you in the team. Good Luck!

PS. On air dramas are harder to get in but you never know…:slight_smile: Contact below she worked in one drama i was moderator they are looking for volunteers



I would love to help with translation from Korean to Japanese

I’ve been studying subtitling and segmenting at school

Let me know if any projects are looking for japanese subtitlers.


Hello. I want to help with subtitles…I can sub from english into spanish


I’m keen to help out with English Editing - as an English teacher I’m confident with the vocabulary and grammar, as well as being keen to help bring some of the nuances of Korean linguisitic formalities to the English subtitles where possible. Pushing my luck to ask to joing the Melting Me Softly team?



Best way is to send a PM to a drama’s Editor team/chief editor and ask directly since not every volunteer who is actually working on a drama reads every thread.

So if you want to participate in a certain drama’s team, go to the drama channel and then click on the team and write a PM via the member’s profile (or check the drama’s info picture on bottom of the channel’s page. Sometimes they list the one who invites editors there, too).


Hello Everyone!

I am looking for projects to help translating from Spanish to English. Spanish is my first language, and I have been a fluent English speaker for 12 years now. I have done subtitles for the Viki community in the past, but took a very long break because of school. Now, that life is a bit less congested for me I want to retake some projects and meet awesome people in the long run!

Thanks everyone!


Hello, I can sub from english to french