Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hello! I’d be happy to do Irish subtitles for anyone who needs help :)) I’m on my summer holidays so I can dedicate a lot of time to helping out if you’ll have me.


I’ve noticed there is never many dramas with Irish subtitles. I’d like to volunteer to write Irish subtitles Even if it’s just me on the team I’d still love to help. There’s a lot of people here who would appreciate it. I can translate korean>irish or english>irish on any dramas. :slight_smile:


@caoimhecbh, I sent you a p.m.


Hello everybody :). I can translate from ENG => French, so if you need some help, please feel free to contact me. I can begin right away.
Thank you !!

Salut tout le monde, je suis à la recherche d’un nouveau projet donc si vous recherchez des traducteurs de l’anglais vers le français, n’hésitez pas, je suis dispo immédiatement. Je suis aussi qualifiée pour prendre en charge l’édition.
A très bientôt.


Newbie here. Free to help with English > portuguese-br translation.


Hello ! I can help translating from english to french.


Hello! Im new here~~
I just moved to Australia and have looots of free time so I am looking for a project :grinning:
I can translate ENG to RO (as I am a native Romanian) :blush:


hey, I can subtitle from English to Swahili


It´s really hard to start subtitling cause some channel manager just accept people with a certain number of subs and we, who have just started, can´t match those standarts. I´m really interested in subs and it would be really nice if someone picked me cause I sent messsages to a lot of managers and there´s no answer (probably the same as you, guys).
I can help with translation from english to portuguese(my mother language)
please take me into consideration :slight_smile:


It’s better to ask the language moderator and not the channel manager because the channel managers usually only recruit the language moderators and segmenters while the language moderators recruit the subbers.

(I’m sorry that I can’t invite you to my team since I have a different native language than yours)


First of all, you meant Portuguese Moderators, right? Because a Channel Manager has no business recruiting the Other Languages team.
If it was the Portuguese moderators, it’s really bad that they didn’t reply. But there may be a couple of hints I can give you.

  1. Don’t ask for on-air dramas. I, as a moderator, very rarely take a newbie for an on-air drama, because the episode needs to be translated quickly, and a newbie will either be slow, or will make mistakes and the editor will waste lots of time in correcting them. But all moderators, together with the on-air dramas, also have some side projects, older dramas which are done little by little, comfortably, whenever there is some free time. You have much more probability to get an opening in one of those. Moreover - very important! - most on air-dramas are restricted to those not having vikipass, so if you don’t have vikipass, you have to become Qualified Contributor (which needs 3000 subtitles) to be able to access those dramas.

  2. Always ask when they say they are recruiting - if it is written on the cover page - or when the channel is still a fan channel, if it’s an old drama or film which has just come to Viki. Not when the project is already started. Because when a moderator has gathered a team and starts working on a drama, of course they have more than enough people already. If you don’t mind doing a bit of detective work, go to Browse and search older dramas. There are some which are not fully translated yet. In such cases, the team has probably abandoned the project, and the moderator has almost given up on it. Offer to work on that one, they will be glad to have you.

  3. Start with Taiwanese or Chinese dramas / films. Almost everybody wants the Korean ones, which are more popular, but much less in quantity, so it’s a battle, and if there is a lot of offer, it’s not likely that someone will prefer you over someone experienced they know. The Taiwanese or Chinese have much fewer subbers, so your chances are greater if you apply for a position there. I also did a number of those when I first came here. After I became a Qualified Contributor, when the moderators started to know me and the quality of my job, I slowly started to be able to pick and choose. Nowadays I only do projects I like and nothing else (unless I do it as a favour to a friend in need).

  4. Offer to do a sample part. Say that if they put you on the team, you will translate one part of an episode (it’s 10 minutes) and if the moderator is not happy with your work, she can take you out of the team. This will increase your chances.

Please note that Spanish and Portuguese are the languages with more volunteers here at Viki. There is incredible offer of Portuguese subbers. I don’t know how many of these are actually good, because I don’t know the language, but as for numbers, they must be many hundreds of them.


thank you for the reply and the tips, i will try again :heart_eyes:


you really helped me A LOT!! I will follow the hints and come back to tell you the results, thanks a lot :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I would like to translate from English to italian.Thank you


Hello! I’d like to subtitle from english to romanian! I accept all kind of shows ! :smile:


Hi! I’d love to subtitle from English to Italian. (French to Italian too, although I’m more comfortable with translating from English since I speak it a little bit better.) All kinds of shows are welcome, practice makes perfect :slight_smile:


Hello I’m new, I can subtitle from Chinese to English or vise versa. I can type in Simplied or Traditional. If you want some credibility I’m currently minoring in Chinese and I’ve spoken the language my whole life. Let me know if I can be of some assistance.

Thank you,


Hi All! I’m available to sub English-Japanese/Japanese-English. Please feel free to DM me if you need my assistance! :slight_smile:


Would you be interested in subbing some of these?


@calagna_rosalba_88 e @deborah_destiny96 vi ho mandato un mp su viki :smiley: