Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hello, I can sub from English to Portuguese.
If you have some project that needs people, call me


I’d like to subtitle some episodes from Japanese to Spanish! Is there anything available at the moment? Thank you very much in advance!


Hi everyone! :slight_smile: I would love to help the Viki community!
I can subtitle from English to Italian :blush:


I can subtitle from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi to English.


Hello there! I hope you’re having a sweet time!
Can you subtitle from English to Hindi (in Hindi script not Hinglish)?


Hi everyone

I would like to join a team on any project. I can sub from English to Spanis. Thanks and greetings!

Tagalog Subbers Needed!

Unfortunately no. I can do from those languages to English with high fidelity. The other way for Chinese and Japanese but not for Hindi script.


Hi, everyone!
i can subtitle english to spanish, let me know about new proyects


hiya! Sure thing ! I can commit to 4 hours a week. which series do you have in mind?
I’ve worked on some other projects, but kinda got discouraged after a while since I was doing it all alone.


Hi, everyone I can sub from English to Spanish. I would like to help any team, Thanks!


I can Sub from English to Spanish. I am free most of the day so let me know i can help if needed !!


I’m new here, but I love to translate and make subtitles.
I’m english-portuguese translator.


Hello Viki Friends,

I’m looking to start subtitling for Viki. Please let me know if you need help subtitling Cantonese/Mandarin to English! Thanks :’)


Hi! :grin:
I would love to help. I can subtitle from english to Dutch and I can subtitle from english/dutch to German.


Hallo gwenmanouk,
Wat fijn dat er nog een nederlandse vertaler is!
Als je wilt heb ik nog wel een project waar je bij kan helpen, genaamd: three lives, three worlds: the pillow book
Stuur me een berichtje als je intresse hebt.


Oii, eu sou iniciante e conseguiria traduzir do inglês para o português
gostaria muito de ajudar :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m kinda new on this subtitling job thing on viki and where I can search for a drama to subtitle, I can help subtitlin from english to spanish, and english to italian,
Hope to hear from anyone who is willing to let me help :smile:


I would love to help the Viki community !
I can subtitle from english to french and english to spanish.


Hello everyone,
I would love to help. Just give me the opportunity, please! I can subtitle English/Portuguese. Soon I’ll be able to help with French as well.


Hi, everyone. I want help with subtitles to the czech and icelandic languages. Special CZECH. I can translate from english and also from korean. Thank you!!!

Joshua - my email is