Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hello! I would be happy to subtitle from Korean to English.

Oi tudo bem,eu tenho disponibilidade de traduzir do inglĂȘs para o espanhol e portuguĂȘs,posso ajudar vocĂȘs a traduzir,esse e meu email para vocĂȘs entrarem em contato comigo moraissabrina84@gmail.com.
Por favor entrem em contato quero muito ajudar vocĂȘs a traduzir os dramas

Hi, guys! Does any project need an extra Subtitler EN-PT ? I am a QC member (if that helps) and looking for a new drama to translate, but many “coming soon” dramas already have their teams complete. It can be Tw, Ch, J or K drama. Please, send me a message. Thank you guys

Hello! Good morning/ evening!
I would like to help with subtitles from Korean to English. Since I’m new here in the volunteering community I have a bit less knowledge about it but I’m eager to learn more. If there are any projects available I will be happy to help with them :smile:

Hey there! I am a Korean to English translator! How do I get a project?

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You may want to have a look at the thread Want To Subtitle? Let People Know. Many of us have written post with tips and ideas on how to go about finding a project. One post by me is here

This is about making a good profile page

And here are my Subbing and Editing guidelines for English subbers. Most of them are the same as every other English moderator’s, but there may be variations on a few details.


Hello! I would love help from you with content I have that haven’t been subbed as yet. Please help me??

sure! I would love to do so:heart:

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Great, PM me on Viki, https://www.viki.com/users/msyeeun98_986/overview

If that work is not taken care of yet. I can help! I can translate Korean to English with intermediate level knowledge of Korean :slight_smile:

Hello! I would love to help any project that needs translation from English to Portuguese. Please contact me!
OlĂĄ! Eu gostaria de ajudar algum projeto que precise da tradução do inglĂȘs para o portuguĂȘs. Se precisarem me mandem mensagem! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ultimamente, eu ando viciada em shows de variedade e apesar de falar inglĂȘs, as legendas em portuguĂȘs fazem muita falta para quando quero assistir com outras pessoas.

Eu vi que existem algumas questĂ”es que envolvem direitos autorais que nĂŁo permitem traduçÔes para outros idiomas alĂ©m do inglĂȘs. O que vocĂȘs pensam disso?

Gif de um cachorrinho fofinho para alegrar o post :heart:

Hey there! I am interested in new dramas and tv shows that don’t have a channel for subtitles and translations yet.

Here are the links for the titles I am interested in.

If you want to begin a project to them, I can be an English-Portuguese translator :heart:.

Hey there,

For the channels you mentionned, the team is not yet formed and we don’t know when it will be.
Once you see the moderator icon appearing in the 3rd tab “subtitling team” for each channel, you can contact the moderator of the language you want to subtitle in (Arabic if Arabic, Portuguese if Portuguese
So keep an eye on that tab for the meantime.

While waiting, you can:

Look for a show that has the blue tag “on air”, that is being subtitled and that has a moderator icon in your language. Then, contact the moderator to apply to subtitle this show.

You don’t need to look for channels that have 0 sub in your language to begin, look for shows that are being subtitled.

When you will contact moderators, ask at the same time if they don’t have other shows where you could subtitle.

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Hi! Would like to subtitle :slight_smile: I can do Chinese to English I can help with some Korean to English too!

Hello, I would like to help with any subtitle project from English to Portuguese.(and I’m not 100% good at English, but I can try) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

OlĂĄ, eu gostaria de ajudar em algum projeto de legenda do inglĂȘs para o portuguĂȘs.(e nĂŁo sou 100% bom em inglĂȘs, mas consigo desenrolar) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hello!! i would like to work in the translation english to espanish

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Holaa, estoy en busca de algĂșn proyecto para la traducciĂłn del ingles al español!! Desde ya muchas gracias!! Espero su mensaje :smile:

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Just keep in mind that subtitling does require a level of fluency in both languages
also lots of dramas deal with different subjects that might sometimes be hard to translate if you’re not completely fluent (I’m saying this from my own experience, a lot of viewers will be watching too)
That said, glad you’re willing to help, hope you enjoy your time volunteering here at VikI!:grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi there! I’m looking for a project. I have a good level of fluency in english and my native language is portuguese, so I can help translating from english to portuguese :smile:

OlĂĄ! Estou procurando por um projeto. Tenho um bom nĂ­vel de fluĂȘncia em inglĂȘs e minha lĂ­ngua nativa Ă© o portuguĂȘs, entĂŁo posso ajudar traduzindo de inglĂȘs para portuguĂȘs :smile: