Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi! I’m Cristina and I am willing to help with English to Spanish translations. I was contributing with my subtitles some years ago and have helped recently in a Chinese drama & Chinese variety show. If you are in need of someone, please let me know.

Thanks a lot for taking me into account.
Wish you a lovely day!


Hi! I’ve been using Viki for atleast… 1 month? And im fluent on english and spanish. Feel free to contact me.


Hello everyone! If you’re looking for a person, who can translate English to Polish, feel free to write to me!
Have a nice day! :blush:


what excatly do you need to translate


Recruiting English editor and segmenters for

They need to be fluent in english of course.
The show will have subtitles, so theres only a team
need to check them. For moderator you need to at least have
QC status and do not have too many projects.
Application are open until 17.10
please contact me


Hi! I’m new to Viki but I have lots of professional experience as a translator. I can translate from English to French. Please DM me if you’re interested! :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m Kamila and I would like to translate subtitles from English into Polish. I’ve been on the Viki for a few months now, but this will be my first project. Please trust me , the projects will always be ready on time. :slight_smile:


A new volunteer interested in English editing:


Hey!! I can translate from English to German


Hi, I can sub to Arabic, English
if there are any projects please contact me.


Hello! My name is Kami, and I am available every day to sub from English to Spanish! Puedo traducir de inglés para español y estoy disponible todos los días


Hello, everyone! I’m a native Spanish speaker and I know English and I also have an intermediate level in Italian. I’m here to support the VIki community. I’d like to translate from English to Spanish. Feel free to contact me!


Hey! I’m Rufina and I would love to help with subtitles. I can sub from English to Finnish, from English to Northern Sami or from Finnish to Northern Sami. This would be my first project : )


¡Hola a todos!
Soy nueva y me encantaría ayudar a la comunidad de Viki
Puedo subtitular del inglés al Español y al portugués. Si necesitan mi ayuda no duden en comunicarse…
Estaré Atenta.


Hi there! I can sub from English to Portuguese and I will love to help :heartpulse:


Hi there! I can help with subtitling (eng to kor, kor to eng) and with segmenting! I don’t have Viki pass at the moment, let me know if it’s necessary and I will get it asap.



A Viki Pass is required here.


Looking for Chinese( simple or traditional) to eng translation needs!


Sorry! I didn’t know about that, it is not mentioned in your topic either.