Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Looking for Chinese( simple or traditional) to eng translation needs!


Sorry! I didn’t know about that, it is not mentioned in your topic either.


I can subtitle from English to French so if anyone need help, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


Helloo! I can help with subtitling from English to Thai or Thai to English if anyone needs it. I currently don’t have a Viki pass but I can look into getting one if needed!


¡Hola! aunque no cuento con experiencia tengo toda la disposición, puedo traducir de inglés a español o ayudar a editar.


I can subtitle from English to Hindi. I currently don’t have a Viki pass, If anyone needed Subtitling from English to Hindi, feel free to contact me.


Contact @shraddhasingh


I would like to subtitle from chinese to english


I can help with subs English-Portuguese (Brazil)



Volunteers for October month

(Rookie, Viki pass standard)

Chinese (rookie)

Chinese to English

english editors

Finnish (rookie, Viki pass standard)

French (rookie)
(Rookie,Viki pass plus) (rookie)

German (rookie)

Hindi (rookie)

Korean to English



(rookie 961 subs, Viki pass standard)




Portuguese (Brazil) (Viki pass plus, non qc, 11k+subs)

Spanish (qc,Viki standard pass) (rookie) (rookie) (rookie, Viki pass plus)

luisafontalvobarreto (rookie)

Thai (rookie)

@bozoli, @padmalayag ,@worthyromance


I can subtitle from English to Telugu
Telugu is my mother tongue and I’m very fluent in it.


@padmalayag for you maybe :smiley:


Ciao a tutti, se avete bisogno, posso aiutare a tradurre dall’inglese all’italiano :slight_smile:


Hola, soy Carlos pero mis amigos me llaman Tito. Hablo inglés y español. También estoy estudiando Korean y Japonés. Yo he soñado en ser traductor, pero tuvo miedo de solicitar porque todavía no hablo Korean muy bien. Pero, estoy disponible para proyectos que necesitan “English-Spanish” traducción.

Sup, y’all? My name is Carlos. But, my friends call me Tito. And, you can too :wink: I speak English, Spanish, motto motto skoshi Japanese, and am learning Korean. I’ve been a Viki member since 2018. However, I held off an becoming a translator because I didn’t know enough Korean, not knowing the other opportunities that were available.

I know I’m 3 years late :sweat:, but here I am. I look forward to meeting all of you and joining some projects :wave:t4::eyes::+1:t4:

Edit: Forgot my profile link:


Hi! I’m looking for people who want to translate from English into Russian.:blush::+1:


Buenas! :blush: Me gustaría entrar en algún proyecto subtitulando del ingles al español. Aunque este sería mi primer proyecto soy una persona que aprende bastante rápido. Espero alguna respuesta. Muchas gracias!
Este es mi perfil:


Hello :slight_smile: I’d like to help with subtitles… (English to Portuguese)
just let me know ^^


Hello! I would love to help with Korean captioning. It is not my native language but I am learning it and would appreciate it if I could help out with that for Korean dramas :0


Hello, I can help sub ENG - THAI or THAI - ENG. I haven’t subbed in a while so I guess I am back to the basics.


Hello! I am looking to contribute to Viki as a subtitler or editor. I’m a native English speaker, and I would be able to help translate from Mandarin Chinese into English. :slight_smile: