Was it an accident or not? Viki, please, do your magic and check it!

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Hi, dear Viki staff ^^
I hope you’re great.

I apologize, in advance, for bothering you. Believe me! I hate having to do this, but I must. I’m truly sorry and apologize. I know it’s very very hard to deal with people and, specially, when you are in charge of a large community.

But, you know, I’ve decided to post this here instead to write directly to Help Center because this is the second time in a row I misteriously disappear as volunteer for “Sweet Trap” - and my Moderator wasn’t the one deleting me because I follow the rules and I’m a respectful person.

This is the print:

It might have happened out of an accident, OK. But two times already? I’m starting doubting this was an accident.
Could you please check on your system’s history who did it and inquire to know why did it happen?

I really don’t need to know who it is because it might even not have been the person who wanted to aim at me (if it was on purpose) but a friend of that person - or two, because it happened 2 times.

Just in case, I have a word or two for any potential bully: People has known me here for years, so Even if I’d be removed from every project, there would always be someone who would still give me projects to work on because they know Who I Am and what’s My Worth.

Dear Viki staff, I’m counting on you to start inquiring because people is talking (through other means, not here) and, very regretfully, it seems abuse is indeed happening but people just remain in silence to avoid receiving even more hate from their haters.

Even when people do not like each other, everyone can and should work along very well. That’s called professionalism. Even on volunteering: professionalism, ethics are needed and talk greatly about who we (and not the others) are.

Thank you So much for dealing with this after the Spring-a-thon ends :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :

Have a Marvelous weekend! :sparkles: :sparkles:

Thank You Deeply! :heart:


I hear you, and believe the way you’re addressing this issue is very professional.
I :pray:t5: pray your immediate concern gets resolved with no more recurrence.


brendas, please expand your address to all of Viki’s community forums via those in charge of each community forums.

I find the ratio of profiles to actual community interactions here in discussions is very, very low. This same issue may have had a huge impact. I’d suggest this be brought to those who are working tirelessly to increase the interactions throughout Viki.


Now, I’ll take a look again if this happened to me, too. I also mysteriously disappeared in two projects of the same moderator a while back. It was the time the migration of the new profiles happened, so I thought maybe it was a bug from the migration. But if this still keeps happening, it’s a disaster.


Thank you very much for your support. Thank you Deeply :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Let’s just hope for the best, do our very best and see what happens in the meantime. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


When I visit the Team Management section, I’m always scared, that I will press something and accidentally delete someone :sweat_smile:
If it happened to you once, I’d say someone misclicked, but two times is suspicious


I agree with you Lady. This practice must stop. We are volunteers, but the interaction should always be respectful. Thank you for exposing this situation. I support you.

Your friend in viki

Gina :rose::ok_woman:t2:


Hello everyone.

I feel deeply affected by this kind of trend that has been seen lately in Viki in which colleagues that I have known and loved for a long time are harassed.

During my long professional career (40 years as a teacher) I always told my students that they should be one with their classmates, that empathy and friendship should stand out above any other negative feeling, but for some time now, I have observed that this community is no longer like that. Likewise, I have tried to be an example in terms of support for everyone who asks me for it and acceptance and guidance for everyone who needs it. Seeing now how people are rejected for God knows what reasons, deeply disgusts me. I hope all this stops and we all reflect on what is truly important and what can benefit this beautiful community.

Hoping for the best.



Thank you for your support and friendship with all my heart! ^^ :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

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This is very alarming indeed and that’s precisely why I’ve made this public.
In my case, I don’t know if it was an unfortunate coincidence or if it was done on purpose to bully me. All I know is that my Mod. was always a True Professional and Assertive person. I hope she may be blessed forever for being the way she is :sparkling_heart:

But, sticking to the topic: someone just wrote me it’s has started about 3 years + months ago.
It’s been too much time, so:
Abusive practices must stop right now!

Abuse, non-ethical practices, bullying and so on should be punished (Eg. Being unable to be CM or Mod. or Sub. during X time).

So I please ask everyone who was ever victim from abuse to post not the specifics but to state: “Yes, this situation has being happening” and write the specifics to Help Center.

We all dream with a True Viki, a place where all of us can work and put personal differences aside, as it can and should be.

Let’s fight for it with all of our hearts! :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


How about starting helping Viki Staff by opening a topic about what guidelines and rules for all of our roles should be changed/added focusing on ethical and professional good practices?


This is especially needed if the source, and strength for this practice is staff at Viki.

The root cause must be terminated for a solution to work.

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To change things from its root would mean, the way I see and based on the things people told me, those abusers must be reborn. They won’t change if Viki does not punish them.

Of course, if they are so powerful and run rampant as if nothing happens it might be because people do not expose them or, if so, Viki might not be fulfilling fully their part of moderators of their own community. I guess.

Don’t you think so?

I might be wrong, but that’s the way I read the overall situation. :sob:


I would think such people are not “punished” because what you are talking about is very hard to prove.
Not just that you were removed, but that it was done intentionally. -If- you were removed by the same person twice then it becomes “strange” indeed, but other than that?

For example, in a small project I had before, I had a translator removed from her translator’s position, I was the only moderator for my language, the project had been closed long ago for other languages, the translator was new on Viki (so no reason for anyone to not like or to bully her), etc. Yet, the fact was here: one day I added her as a translator, she could translate for a bit, and after a few days the database didn’t recognize her as a translator anymore. I re-appointed her, fortunately the problem didn’t occur again… but to this day I still don’t know what happened?

So, maybe (maybe) there’s such a bug in Viki. It would be strange that it happened twice to you but… bugs are strange, so they can be repeated?

Anyway, I’m sure the Viki staff will look into this and come back to you with what they find. -If- they can know who appoints or removes someone from a team, which is another question.

This being said, regarding a topic that arose in the converstions here (and in other topics in the past), I would like to say that it is possible to “make your own little way” on Viki, even today: I arrived recently on Viki (started translating in October or November 2023), I started with two dramas, one of which was managed by a “full-on” team with their own Disc-ord and so on, time showed that we did not have the same views on good communication - team work - translations, meaning on how to work on Viki as a whole, and… let’s say the project ended very badly for me, they actually full-on fired me. Had I had only that project at the time, I would have left Viki as a whole and I would have a very bad image of how Viki works “team-wise”. Fortunately things went awesomely well with the other drama: after that, as I was still new, I mostly requested dramas or projects that had less chances to be “very demanded” (but in which I was still interested, so that I could work on them with pleasure), little by little things led to a drama that I’m currently co-moding and so far it keeps on going very well. As for the first team I mentioned, I just ignore the people, they also ignore me, all good, there are enough projects on Viki for everyone and I wish them nothing but the best / not being compatible with lil’ me doesn’t mean being an awfully bad person as a whole, fortunately. I don’t think I’ll ever be interesting in channel-management, it’s too time-consuming for me, so I can’t comment for that part, but… I wanted to say that it is still possible for a brand new starter to make their own little way on Viki, even when when their path isn’t 100% perfect and full of love and roses?

This being said: as I said, I’m new, so maybe there are really such issues and Viki really does not face them properly. It’s just that… from my very limited experience, it doesn’t seem to be a general thing on Viki, while the present conversation gives the feeling that it can be experienced quite often? But of course, I hope that the situation will be solved for you, as soon as possible, would it be an actual bug or someone actually targetting you.


You’re totally right, Viki wasn’t and shouldn’t be like this, we’re an amicable and loving community that joined for our mutual interest and likes, I hope the Viki staff and administrators can help resolve this issue and prevent it from happening again. To be honest I love seeing my name in the projects so to think people are just deleting someone is heartbreaking.


I’m support you, dear!


Dear Spolochon,
Thank you very much for your advice and good wishes :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:
But you know, as I mentioned in my main post: I don’t even want to know who did it - if it was someone and not a sad coincidence. I just need Viki to deal with it and stop abuse - if it was, which I really don’t know.

All I know that there’s, very sadly, an urgent actual need for Viki to pay attention to real abuse that people say happened to them.

So you could very well say this is the main reason for my topic by starting from the fact something strange happened to me. I’m trying to lend a hand to a community improvement. ^^

I know I might be silly, but I do Dream with a better Viki community and don’t want to listen nor be witness to sad stories that usually didn’t happen before because there was more respect amongst volunteers here.

That’s all.

Once again, thank you for your words, good wishes and kind advice :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:



Thank you so much for your support. I’m fully grateful :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Let’s hope it was a bug, I truly wish so. Also, let’s hope to actual abuse to stop because it’s happening to some of our dear viki colleagues indeed.

Let’s support them! :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you so much, sweetie :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


There is a Very Important thing I addressed on the main topic and after on a reply but now I’m explaining it to the fullest:

It’s not, absolutely and without a shadow of doubt, my Moderators’ fault.
Either was an unfortunate coincidence or someone’s else doing.

When I was first removed she was fully assertive, human, empathic, ethical and professional and added me right away.

The second time I misteriously was out of the team, after exposing it here, because I didn’t want to bother her anymore (if it was on purpose and not an accident I’d be deleted as many times my Mod. would add me, so I would be wasting her time) I wrote her telling what happened and then said goodbye.

But Because she is a Great example of what a Moderator should be, she re-added me right away. She didn’t even know I had exposed this situation here, so it wasn’t for the show but out of sheer professionalism and responsibility.

So, dear guys, that’s an example of how a Moderator should be and I do bow my head towards her, thanking and saluting her. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

May she always be blessed and happy forever! :gift_heart: :gift_heart: :gift_heart:


That situations like this happen is unacceptable and disappointing and I support you my dear unique_lady for reporting it. I think we should not normalize and even less accept it as a normal practice. We must not forget respect, empathy and solidarity towards our colleagues, which are important in every human relationship