Was it right for VIKI to delete posts?

That fell into the General Discussion, Real Events, Social, and otherwise Categories that by definition have nothing to do with VIKI? That was the reason for their deletion, not having anything to do with VIKI. Please delete these Categories as well if we are to be right, not simply abusive. Enough of that happening already.


Viki Community Guidelines - New Discussions forum rules

These New Discussions forum rules were implemented about 15 days ago, and many of my post were deleted too. if they fell into any of these categories that’s the reason your post was deleted.

[Politics Religion Covid-19 or pandemic related topics, unless it relates to Viki, dramas, the TV industry or TV content in general. Conspiracy theories of any kind. Discussions about race, nationality, or other sensitive topics that might be construed as derogatory or that can cause the conversation to turn into that direction]


some of mine were deleated too. thanks for clearing that up!


I can understand they don’t want political discussions since they can get pretty heated. And I prefer that some websites are political-free zones lol So I was surprised to see Viki themselves being political on their facebook page


Not anymore, and that’s perfectly all right. Let’s go back to complaining about Kocowa and such to forget about the terrible things that are happening right now :sweat_smile:



It’s not about forgetting what is going on. Not every website has the manpower to monitor heated arguments that usually arises from political posts. Better to let them battle elsewhere and here we talk about latest tvshow instead.

Funny, I did ask in that thread why they post a political post like this. They removed me and I’m no longer a follower of their fb page. Too bad because I found a couple of tvshows that way.

Update: I sent a pm on fb why they removed me as a follower. Got no reply but am a follower again and get their posts in my feed. :slight_smile:


I’m watching all of these private companies that could have done what VIKI is doing – censoring users and refusing to acknowledge that human society needs a hard reboot – yet aren’t. Small and large, companies across the world – big conglomerates like Microsoft even – are not just recognising the current issues, but also pushing for Reforms and Changes within the very structure of society. VIKI, on the other hand, is just deleting posts. That’s fine. I plan to delete my presence on this platform too.

@angelight313_168 Even if it’s just for the sake of popularity, companies all over are talking about the current issues that are fundamentally impacting the entire human race, all of us. It says a lot about VIKI’s own actions to censor its users – censor itself by deleting official posts on social media – and simply hide global events under the rug. There’s a reason humankind has reached boiling point… Anyway, my enjoyment of VIKI faded a while ago. I no longer wish to use the platform. I’m doing other things, too, following my artistic passions to bring to life nice and encouraging creations, hopefully. :sweat_smile: :art::framed_picture:

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Whoever is in charge of VIKI has dropped the ball and doesn’t want to pick it up, either. But that’s just me. I’m sure others are perfectly happy with the service.

Thank you so much. It means a lot :hugs: :heart: Umm… I so wish you were on Facebook or Twitter. You can express yourself freely over there while staying connected with friends and family. Anyway, take really good care of yourself and your family. Stay safe.


be careful on FB cause they can do the same thing, delete, a sew people were deleted cause of not following their policy


Are you sure FB doesn’t still have the picture? I mean maybe not visible right now, but just stocked somewhere in their archive?
FB claims the right to everything we post, which is why some people only use it for chatting and don’t post anything on their timeline.

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It’s definately not fair and it also touches your privacy. I hope that lawyer will be helpful.

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I’m so sorry this happened to you. After the whole privacy debacle that ended with Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg being summoned in front of the U.S. Congress, it’s gotten better. Facebook would never store anyone’s photos for its own use. And you’re always allowed to delete your content and even deactivate your entire account. This was no doubt part of a scam, your photo used to promote illegal activities. I believe that honesty is the best policy, especially with my dear friends, so I’m not going to sugar-coat it: Scammers are still running rampant on FB. But you do have the option to report and block them. Of course, I wish they never existed at all. :weary:

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The choice: either ban people, either ban topics.

Not going to moderate each day unless they delegate. The past showed that even in delegating there would be fights (ex: delegating topic titles editing) or people can’t always be there.

It would be nice to have a self-regulating community, but it’s an utopia because it would mean people know how to self-regulate themselves or an individual would think in the group’s interest. The past shows… it is not the case.

I think it was kind to allow people to still participate on the forum and not exclude by banning, after what happened more than once actually.

But is it fair or no?
When in school, we had to copy sentences or coped with sentences we have no responsibility for, the group sentence is more unfair than fair for individuals who have nothing to do with that.

I don’t find it fair, but I find with Viki forum past, it explains a lot of their decisions.

If it were me, I would have muted for a week or two.
In real life, the student would be out of the classroom and he would have to tell me what he thinks of this sentence:

Freedom is not doing whatever people want or say whatever they want to say.

If you don’t agree, then pick to ban people.
If you ban people, you’re going to ban your friend.


But only if we talk about VIKI exclusively. Yes, it’s their site. Yes, they can do whatever they want. But to claim that the members are anything but super courteous and polite is quite shameful. I agree some members are annoying. I for one often criticise VIKI for allowing shows where women are brutalised and such. I do so because I like you all, and I wish to see not just technical improvements to this Community, but also social ones. By deleting those posts, however, VIKI has made it clear that is in fact NOT a Community. It’s just a place to promote their platform. No disturbances allowed. So I won’t allow myself to participate here. And that’s OK. I would love to befriend you all on social media, though. :hugs:


I didn’t understand it that way. I might interpret their post not correctly.


For me, when I read it, we can talk about everything except politics, religions, conspiracy theories, the current pandemic and answers with race, ethnicity… discirminatory remarks. (These are all related to previous posts where some users asked for Viki’s moderation and @ed them.)

Exceptions are: pandemic topics related to dramas, series or movies or shows on or not on Viki. (This bullet was blurry.)

They recently deleted posts because some people ask for it, I am not included among them.

The idea of not talking about religions, politics or what we should talk about on Viki: it comes from the forum’s users. The posts were deleted, but I still remember reading it. It is not Viki’s idea originally.

In the case where a topic is personally hurting your friend or you, what would you do towards this topic or individuals if you were a forum mod?


“We can talk about everything, except the things I don’t like” is VIKI’s message. This is a classic tactic used by manipulators to make you feel in control when in fact your hands are tied behind your back.

I think my friend would be more hurt if we didn’t talk about issues that are currently impacting the entire human race. VIKI is just sweeping Global events under the rug, and that’s not nice, especially since Categories like Social - A place to hang out with your fellow community members! still exist. Politics, religion, pandemics… These are Social topics. Of course, it’s OK if VIKI just wants an interactive promotional platform for its dramas. Just call it what it is.

PS: I know lots of people here, and none would make discriminatory remarks, maybe new members looking for trouble, certainly not this Community. I think it’s just VIKI’s excuse not to bother.

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I think that maybe you missed some topics, Viki has moderated some recently, so you might have missed them or came late to be able to read them.

It’s another topic.
This discussion about this topic can take place only if people can self-regulate themselves.

On Viki, knowing how people can react, it’s not possible. It has a high probability that a discussion on this topic will go badly and that some people will end up calling the Viki police based on previous experiences because it will involve the same individuals that share some past conversations that went badly and the past will resurrect on future topics with the same idea or similar.

That you want it to happen, I am fine with it.
But if it’s going to make people fight and will eventually come to insults, it is where it can hurt people personally, and here it might not be fine anymore.

Yes, there are global issues way more important than self issues, but we won’t be able to talk about it or the way you want it without people fighting.

Do we want people to fight? No, for sure…


From my understanding Viki just took some measures in an attempt to keep the peace. We may or may not agree with those measures, but I don’t think they had bad intentions with it.


I, for one thing, like the fact that we don’t talk about some of those mentioned things here. I can relax when I need to, escape in a way. Once I re-charge, if I want to get involved in today’s issues again, I can always turn on FB.