Watch history and timeline not updating


Hi All

Is it only me or is anyone else having this issue??? Whenever I open Viki to continue watching a show it doesn’t reflect my watch history as it usually does. So inconvenient because I have a terrible memory and have to be searching to find where I left off. This has been happening for about 3 days now. HELP!!!:sob::sob::sob:
Is Viki aware of this???


Yes, I’m experiencing this issue as well.


Ok. Just making sure I am not alone. FYI. I went to Viki support and I see where they are aware of the issue so…help is on the way!!!..sooner than later i hope🙄


Did they say anything about problems with the video player?
Today I have to activate subs manually, and there is no start button in the middle of the screen and no way to go to the main page from the episode …


IDK. I just see where they mentioned on a banner at the top of their help window, that they are aware and working on the fix for the watch history issue so…


It must have been temporarily, now things are back to normal.
Thank you, anyway!


Because I was dreading it happening to me as well.


Mine suddenly stopped working properly yesterday. I haven’t been on to see if it’s working today.


I noted this as well, likely a week now…


Their Help Support suggests they are aware of the issue and are working on it so…hopefully soon all will be improved/back to normal


Hi I am having this same issue, did they fix it because my continue watching feature is still not updating.


It doesn’t work and there are other hiccups going on with the video player, such as with subtitles on-off and so on.


Nope they haven’t. Still having the same issue. Viki is really slacking off. I am also having my subtitles being blocked by video time whenever I pause to read on my android devices. I have been complaining about this for over a year now. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob:


I never realize how much I rely on this particular function until it’s not working. It makes video watching such a pain. I realize that Viki is basically a small entity in the streaming world, but I am still amazed by how often these issues occur and how long they are allowed to continue before being fixed.

Barre bleu?

They’re telling me it may be my browser, I don’t get it because I never had this problem before and it’s doing this on my laptop and both tv’s so I don’t think it’s my browser.


I thought it was a problem with my Firestick but nope. It also fails on my computer. It’s rather annoying because shows I’ve finished are cluttering up the front end and won’t move down.

No, It’s not the browser because I have an android, Fire stick and PC. The problem is on all devices. Their latest update broke something. They need to find the problem code.


Its not your browser. Its Viki. They even have or had a banner up on their support tab saying they are aware of the issue and are working on it

Can't tell where I left off - which episode
Bug in the "Continue Watching Section"

It is not back to normal for me. I even deleted cookies hoping it would help


So I was not th only one. It tried cleaning cache/logging our chaning devices… hopefully it gets resolved soon, it is a pain to search for the correct episode everytime I try to continue watching the dramas.


Is anyone still having this issue? It’s getting really annoying now. I’ve tried logging out and in again after clearing cache and cookies. It’s still the same! So annoying!! Why am I paying for this when I can’t pick up where I left off from videos on my Watch List? The ‘Continue Watching’ seems to be stuck too. I think I will pay elsewhere on a platform that actually works.