Watch Party - Along With The Gods: Two Worlds - Sunday, Nov 7 @11:20 Am ET -Finished


Sunday’s Movie is:

Along With The Gods: Two Worlds

Come join us for this Watch Party movie this Sunday, Nov 7, at 11:30 AM ET. (9:30 AM Mountain time) Sorry, the US seasonal time change confused the start time on this one!

It is a very good movie! And! And! And!


It just dropped this morning (Wednesday) We’ve finished the timing already. It came with English subs which are pretty good. There were a few very minor things I’d translate a little differently but it’s all good. Our Team TE will get those. I just do the timing.

I moved the time so our kiddies in India can join us. (And stay up past their bedtimes) :laughing:




This time I’ll watch the full movie.
I’ll ask my mom’s permission so that I can stay past midnight.


I’ll try to be there!


Hi! I changed the time to noon ET so you guys can watch. :sunglasses:



That’s great! I really really hope I can join!^^


I probably join as well.



I should be there - 1 pm is better but we have to be kind to our Cinderellas!


Thanks dear for being so considerate! :sneezing_face::sneezing_face::heart:


It’s 10 AM for me and you complain about noon. lol.
(and here I thought I wanted to sleep in a little later on a Sunday but I’ll start it earlier for our kiddies.) :sunglasses:


Awww! So sweet of you!!!
And I thought yours is et too! And it’s not.


No, I am in the Mountain Time zone which is 2 hours earlier than Eastern Time - (kdrama is on ET), and Sweety and Happy are on Pacific time - 3 hours earlier. I used to be on Pacific time but I moved to potato land 25 years ago. Natyh is on Central time. The US is huge. (Natyh is in Columbia - not the US.)

Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific and Hawaii-Aleutian time zones. 6 time zones OOPS! I almost forgot Guam -Chamorro time and American Samoa- Samoa time so that is 8 time zones. Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands are all on Atlantic time.


sorry y’all I missed it,

got a question for the other movie if you don’t mind, and yes this one too. how did they figure “49” in the works?? y’know where they were tested those 49 days?? and today is “49” days till Christmas, spooky!!!


oh and a p/s to my message, I loved both movies!!


The 49 days is from Buddhist Scripture. It is a 49 day mourning period with prayers every 7 days across 7 weeks. Then after 49 days, rebirth. The prayers help facilitate the journey of the deceased into the afterlife.

Catholics do a similar thing to help the deceased by gathering and reciting the Rosary for them, which is a set of prayers to help scatter demons and battle evil. Catholics will recite the Rosary alone also, but mass prayers are considered more powerful. I don’t don’t know what Protestants do to help the deceased.


well thank you for the lesson, something I didn’t know! so 49 is important then. and thank you again


You haven’t missed it yet, it’s tomorrow


Protestants believe that all life’s choices are made while the person is still living. If the person had a personal relationship with God while he/she was living, he/she will go to heaven. There’s nothing others can do for the person after they’ve died.


Oh, count me in. At least I’m gonna try to be there in time.
If I’m not mistaken here will be 4pm. :blush:


They are changing the time early am hours on Sunday. Does everyone in the world change from daylight to standard time today?