Watch Party - Along With The Gods: Two Worlds - Sunday, Nov 7 @11:20 Am ET -Finished


No, not in our country, there is no rule as such we follow the same time throught the year.


Lucky! I HATE when we spring forward!!!


Watch party link please.


I’m sure she will post when it gets closer.

I’m probably not going to make the movie - I might pop in! I’m dying to make pumpkin bread today for some reason - maybe cuz it’s fall!!! You guys have fun!!!


Have fun!
Post the pic of it personally, I really want to see it.


according to stats, about 60% of the world doesn’t use daylight saving. People near the equator don’t need it, anyway…


We all wish they would just leave it alone - but I like FALL back better than Spring Forward! It’s annoying!



I’m reading that this movie will make you CRY - REALLY - NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

D.O. Say It Ain’t So!


I just watched the trailer a couple of hours ago!
Totally my type of movie, I didn’t even read the synopsis.going to watch it straight away.


I’ve heard references to this movie in SO many other dramas/variety shows that I will go into this blindly. I haven’t even checked its MDL rating!


It’s time but Cindy is not online?what shall we do?



patiently waiting, pretending to do my homework :joy:



Along With The Gods: Two Worlds - LINK

We hate that they keep messing with the time and wish they’d just leave it alone.


I thkink we’ve got one hour (well 50 minutes) before it starts?
According to this:
Sunday, Nov 7, at NOON ET . (10 AM Mountain time)


Oh dear, I forgot ALL about that Daylight Saving time!! :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Hello, The US time change is not applicable to India. Our kiddos still need to finish this before midnight their time.


We can start now if you guys want. The link is ready.


It’s taking me to the Viki homepage! Broken link problem again -_-


Try that


The Watch Party has started at 9:29 Am MT (Time change)