Watch Party - Along With The Gods: Two Worlds - Sunday, Nov 7 @11:20 Am ET -Finished


I’ll join next time. There are still too many things I’ll have to do. Have fun.


It’s 12: 30 I’m really feeling sleepy, good night :night_with_stars:



We will do the other one too. MAybe a double header? What do you think?



I LOVED it such good morals in the story and also the heartache of life and how you can overcome and resolve things!!!

Kim Dong Wook


cute picture


How about saturday nights for you?
I can rise early on Sundays.
I’m in for movies.


We are going to do Red Sky Friday and Saturday evenings at 7pm when @porkypine90_261 starts it!!!


Okie dokie!

I’ll post it then!


Following a series is hard for me, sorry, please invite me when you guys watch movies.
8 pm est, any day of the week is fine for me.


Keep an eye on the discussions thread We post movies suddenly!

You know, we don’t “OWN” the Watch Party franchise! Don’t wait for us, You too can start your own watch parties! :sunglasses: Post the link and somebodies will show up! Our only difficulty is finding suitable times for us who are on opposite sides of the world to watch together. :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to watch the sequel - Along with the Gods: the last 49 days. PICK A DAY and TIME and I’ll show up! :smiley:


No, actually I’m free, and I don’t know at what times you all will be free, so I can adjust I’m ready anytime for the second part of the movie.


Just watched the trailer of second part,
The guardians past is in the second movie!
I really can’t wait to watch it


Sadly this is not available for my region, but wait can I see it in watch party then?

@porkypine90_261 @padmalayag @vivi_1485



similar was shown when I joined earlier ! any solutions?


It’s not licensed in india, I and Vivi are qcs, so we were able to watch it.


are you both gold or normal QC ?

Does it require Gold or Normal QC ?


Normal qc is enough,
Vivi is gold qc, I’m qc now with 18.2 k subs


Are you on our Discord chat group?


Yepp !!! why