Watch Party - Bride of the Water God! - FINALE ON NOW!


Come join us for the Bride of The Water God - Habaek.
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings! 7 PM ET!

Link: FINALE on now -

Here. Hold my chicken. Don’t let it get dirty.



Are you sure you want to watch this train-wreck of a drama? LOL!


Oh yea! :grin: :rofl: Certain watch party aficianados are quite enamored of our mystical male lead. :wink: :joy: :sunglasses: Join us!



do y’all do a zoom or something to watch it together?? or any of the other ones. If so I am not able to cause no camera on my computer. Loved this drama…


Watch party doesn’t need a camera we all just watch the drama/movie we don’t see each other only a chat thread is available nothing much, you can join


ok i will watch this one then


You watch through VIKI - If they have a watch party available for this drama!

You just click on the link we provide and BAM - you can watch and chat with us!!!

This is just all about Nam Hyuk we don’t care about anything else
and he loves to stay clean :bath:


I have already watched it, that’s why I said that. I was in the team, so I couldn’t drop it as I would have wished.


Oh! Then you really MUST join us in the peanut gallery! We have a lot of fun at our watch parties!

Here’s the link to tonight’s watch party! 7 PM ET

@frustratedwriter Here’s the link!

You can go now but the show won’t start till a little after 7 PM Eastern Time! :sunglasses:


Are you joining us?


You coming??


@frustratedwriter Here’s the link!

The show is on NOW. It’s easy! Just click this link to join! 7 PM Eastern Time! :sunglasses:



Episode 2 is on now!

(this ep is finished.)


Watch Party TUESDAY, Nov 23 @ 7 PM ET - EP 3 & 4

Here. Hold my chicken. Don’t let it get dirty.


Ok I’ll see you tomorrow for more WATER GOD -

Did he take a bath yet???


That’s 2 o’ clock in the morning for me. I was in the arms of Morpheus.


@irishtigger, @kdrama2020ali were either of you serious about making bingo, I’ve run out of energy to figure out formatting and wording, but I’ve got a list of 45 potential tropes if someone wants them to use, refine, add to.


That is too much like work. They can do it since it’s their idea. :sunglasses: :wink:


No. He is trying to move in. Still in his clear castle. :laughing:

Aw. What is work anyway? You really don’t need to get up early and go. You can stay up waaaaaaaay past your bedtime. Or! Take a nap earlier in the day so you can stay up late! Yea! that’s gooder idea! :wink: :sunglasses: :rofl:


Being the sole carer of a bed-ridden and incontinent 98-year old mother. I’m sleepy all day as it is, I fall asleep in front of my screen while editing, all the time.
Anyway, if you love the actor, watch “Radiant”, where he really showed talent. And the drama itself is awesome.