Watch Party - Bride of the Water God! - FINALE ON NOW!


When I say that I CACKLED at this scene when I first saw it … absolutely hilarious.

@sweetybirdtoo If you want to PM them to me, I’ll see how easy/difficult it would be to make boards. We would need what – ten to be safe? I’m not sure I could make ones specific to each drama but we can send them out when we first start a drama and then switch them when we start a new one. And I’m not sure about prizes – maybe just the satisfaction of knowing you won? :laughing:

@irmar Your work is exhausting, both physically and mentally/emotionally. Sending you hugs. :heart:


Much grace to you every day!


I don’t think we need specific for the drama, we were just throwing out ideas without considering how much work it would be to tailor one to every watch party, but if we have different board arrangements that should work. I never even considered prizes, I agree, just the bragging rights should be good. :slight_smile:



Movie at 10 after Water God
if you want some more WP for the night

Link for Movie at 10 pm Eastern




It is saying its no longer available??


@frustratedwriter try this.


So for those of you who can take yourself away from all the yummy food and crazy family or friends on Thursday evening - I was thinking to watch another movie - this one says FUNNY and ACTION
8 PM on Thursday!!


not sure I have watched that one, I will do my best to be here


and I will be here this pm to watch bride of water God


oh my goodness! a lot of my favorite actors are here too!


not able to be here tonight,


We are not doing it tonight I miss understood! Have fun!


ok good to know!


Hello, watch party fiend uh friend! :laughing: maybe this should go in its own post rather than attached to this one so people will see the title?


and a lot of our favorite actors too. don’t think I have ever watched this one, would love to watch it this evening.

see you then

oh and if you do celebrate thanks giving
Happy Thanksgiving


Ok I made it - a watch party of it’s own!! :turkey:

Link will be in that Thread!!!


Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings!!
Watch Party Monday, Nov 29 @ 7 PM ET - EP 5 & 6

Link: Monday nite - TBA

Here. Hold my chicken. Don’t let it get dirty.



Baths R Us!!!
Link for tonight
Eps 5 and 6

Where have you been???


here’s the first bath, the one we talked about his towel…


How low can you go? (and keep it suitable for television?)