Watch Party - Bride of the Water God! - FINALE ON NOW!


I think he moved it because of that (censors,) but then again, she tells him to move the towel up.


Hey there, I was getting ready for my trip to my parents home. But now, here I am
I’m here again hehe


It Matters To Him!!! Water God 7 and 8

Tonight 11-30-21 at 7 pm Eastern



I can’t be there – I have a meeting at my daughter’s gym at 8:30ET and I won’t be going home before then. BOOOOOO!


I know that this thread is not for this but, I found this movie with our lovely monk
who wanna try?


I can add to Sunday Funday Movies - We are doing Swindlers this Sunday


Is he waiting by the Wall??

Water God tonight 7 pm Eastern


@porkypine90_261 I may be a little late to the watch party tonight. I have to whip up some Reindeer chow for our Wassail Party at the Gallery tomorrow night. :wink: I sent this to multiple parties since I am not sure who is running the show tonight.


We decided to take a break tonight!!! So no PARTY!!! Sorry!!! @stardust2466_546


Okay. That sounds like a plan. Thanks!


Um … YUM! Can I come to the party? I love a good wassail!


Better leave soon! It starts tonight at 5:30 PM Central Time. :wink::grinning:


Not gonna make the watch party tonight (Monday, December 6th) for Bride of the Water God. Hope everyone who attends has a great time!


I cannot do Water God Tonight I just got home!!! Been out ALL day!


That’s fine. Tomorrow?


Yes I should be able to tomorrow - no crazy changing hair colors tomorrow!


No longer purple? and which color is our hair today? :smirk: :grin:


It is purple and red but more subtle - so I’m calling in

Cherry Cola!!! LOL!


Ok 7 pm EASTERN - We have Ep 11 of WATER GOD

Be there or be square


Rewind That Kiss


Planning on being there tonight. :wink: