Watch Party - May-December Couple - Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 - 1 PM Eastern time!


We HAFTA do a watch party for Ending Again! It just dropped this evening and I am fixing the timing now. IT IS SO CUTE! uh, outrageous? avante guard/ a bit fast? it’s a webtoon… kdramagirl will probably love it.


Wow, looks good!


Ok that is in the ROTATION! I am addicted to having you guys watch things with me! And Webtoons are my FAVS!


Another one I’m working on gives me the giggles. Put that on the list too. Episodes are about 20 minutes each.


I just read the description for this one last night and put it on my watch list. It looks interesting.


It is. 4 time traveling guys and this girl who sees them but no one else does. Things happen. lol


Now I’m so curious. :rofl::rofl:


Ya ain’t gettin’ any spoilers from me! and I’ve only seen parts here and there since there are 6 other people helping segment that show. We come in like a swarm of locusts and get it segged fast so the subbers can get to work.



Today at 1 pm Eastern - I’m Back - @porkypine90_261
Am I running the show or you???

Watch Party Link!

Is in D I S C O R D!

It is not letting me post here for some reason - Let me know if you are having an issue!


Sorry, I’ve been busy segging this morning. I’m here. I can run it today.


I started the party link - do you want me to end it and you can take it over - I really don’t mind
The link is posted - it is acting really strange though @porkypine90_261
I’m not trying to run them all I promise!


I don’;t mind. It’s ready to go.

Weird! It like they don’t want us posting watch party links!


Thanks for the invite but I won’t be able to make it. Please let me know if it a good view or not. :wink:


You are me - so if I like it I know you will like it!


The link is having issues in discussions - you have to go to Dis - Cord! To get the Link



I guess I’ve to skip this one. I have a bit of deadlines packed for today :disappointed_relieved:
I really wanted to watch Definitely Not Today with you guys but work is more important


Let’s see if we can work around this watch party link

At least this works - It takes you to the correct link back to Viki’s watch party.


I did a thing on the weekend, so I’m still trashed. I hope you all had fun. If you didn’t finish it let me know where you left off so I can catch up, in case I can make it on the weekend.


The show was so Good - go watch it - very short! Hope you are ok! :bird:


See you guys on Sunday at 1pm Eastern