Watch Party - May-December Couple - Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 - 1 PM Eastern time!


We missed you Cinderella! :princess:


Sounds like you had a lot of fun!


I didn’t have exams (I had exams during the weekdays), but have some things going on :anguished:


We did - we need a good one for Thursday - Any suggestions?


Scripting your destiny?

You can always choose Splash Splash Love, you know hehe

This is a new one

Did you watch this one:


This one scored pretty high on our previous poll.

  • May/December Couple
  • High End Crush
  • Must You Go
  • Gogh Starry Night
  • Definitely Not Today

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Here are the choices for Thursday - Please Vote for your #1 and let’s see what we get!




I didn’t want to vote for definitely not today. I was trying to copy the name so I could look it up. ol My name shows up under the second one - I don;'t want that either. (Man! My typoing skills are just terrible! This is why I was a tech not an office worker!

Must You Go was a good one. How about High-End Crush


I’m pretty much okay with any of those choices. I’ve either seen it and like it or have it on my watch list. I don’t really know which one to vote for.


Oh ok so no vote for you yet them @porkypine90_261


Ok my Vote is for Definitely Not Today

It is a more DARK comedy - With Broken People Helping Broken People!
Very Short and somewhat funny and emotional - a good dark ride some are saying!

Introvert (most of my friends) and Extrovert (Me)

We can Handle it RIGHT??


I’ve already watched first 2 episodes and I undeniably enjoyed them. The concept is really unique and the FL is strong.


Yes, that was my vote too!!

Introvert (me) and extrovert (most of my friends)


You’re MY people


Thanks for the invite. I’m not going to vote because I won’t be able to enjoy this viewing party. :disappointed_relieved: I can do weekday evenings and weekends though. Have fun and again, I’ll be sorry to miss this one. We had a lot of fun during the watch party for Kiss Goblin!


I worked on that one too. :smiley: At least I can now watch it. I don’t really remember what it was about because I was fixing at the timing on a few of the episodes, not watching the story. lol


lol most of them voted for definitely not today


Looks Like Definitely Not Today!
Thursday, October 14th at 1 pm Eastern





Ewww I don’t wanna go with him! lol (I can’t stand beards. lol)

That thar guy is a bar!