Watch Party - May-December Couple - Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 - 1 PM Eastern time!


Thanks for the notification. Much appreciated. I’ll have to miss May December Couple as we’re going to be out of town. Hope to catch the next party.


eagerly waiting <3


I’ve seen it but I’d watch again. You should enjoy it. I kind of go for those ahjussi-sonyeo dramas like this one and Goblin but I know some people are totally against them. I figure, WTH, if two people with a larger than ‘normal’ age gap can get along/love each other and have good communication skills, go for it. Like you always say, ‘Age is just a number’.


I truly believe that - Some young people are more mature than GROWN UPS! Like in My Fated Boy they had a almost 10 year gap and HE was the most mature! I don’t care if there is a 20 year gap - if two people respect and love each other - leave them alone! Let them enjoy! RIGHT!!! :wink:

(I’m all older woman younger guy - send me more of those)


Just a side story in Reply 1988 (later parts of the series)


I like those as well. I have been known to look for dramas with a large age difference between the ML and FL, whether the ML is older or the FL is older. I almost enjoy them more than similar aged couplings. It helps me to keep believing that all things are possible. :wink:




Oh sheesh! I was all ready to get the link set up and everything and - oh. It’s only Saturday. lol TOO EARLY! :laughing:


We are so EXCITED!

@porkypine90_261 You need to change the header it says TODAY! Not Tomorrow! :smile:

Do you guys know what this is called on MDL - I can’t find it to add to my list???



uh… What is MDL?


My drama list
She’s refering to this website.


Hello! How do I join these watch parties?


It’s this one


We’ll be sharing a link tomorrow, you just need to click on the link and that’s all.


It’s a website where you can build lists of shows (currently watching, completed, plan to watch) and I know that it has a lot of functionalities like reviews, polls, and others hehe
Also, you can find some news and vote lists.
What is interesting to me, is that you can see how many episodes did you watched and where to find a specific show such as information like the number of episodes.


Did you just say that!!! Bahhahahahahahaha!

I keep up with all my lists of shows on MDL - it also calculates how many eps you have watched etc. I have a profile with all my Hotties there also and some collections! It is just another way to keep up with stuff.




Thanks @natyh I knew it probably had another name like McHottie Buns Show! I have it in my list now!



Can’t post the watch party link here. It’s broken still Taking it to Discord.


So weird I know the way that you copy the link is different so weird! I have been having to use discord also! Wonder what the deal is


I posted about it on the Community Board(Help Center). Please upvote it so they see it :sweat_smile: