Watch Party - May-December Couple - Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 - 1 PM Eastern time!


@vivi_1485 Are you coming back?


Sorry, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it :slightly_frowning_face:
Cinderella’s friend wanted to chat with her :sweat_smile:

Region weirdness _ who can see Iljamae?

We thought your evil-step mother caught you and locked you up


@brainbuster are you able to join us?


I was curious but I have to pass on this one… would like to watch when something else comes up :wink:


Look and see Thursday and Sundays we usually watch!


vote on your next choice


I wasn’t free today. Maybe next time.


aw maybe Thursday


Ruronuni Kenshin #1; watched it last night on NF. Quite a bit of blood and gore (it is about samurai fighters after all), but the plot line is understandable and interesting. There is a #2 as well but I’ve not watched that one. There are some sad spots so have the tissues ready.


I’ve seen all three - lots of sprayed ketsup


So What do We Watch on Thursday???


I can’t believe you guys did a marathon! Well Dr. McHottie Buns so worth it! I want to hear reviews!!!
What did you guys think???


I LOVED it. Wow, it’s So, So, So sweet.

What were we talking about watching next? I can’t remember, Kiss Goblin was mentioned by @vivi_1485, but there was something before that.

Was it Gourmet in Tang Dynasty? @my_happy_place, @porkypine90_261


Yep, Kiss Goblin or Gourmet in Tang Dynasty. I’ve seen them both, but I don’t mind re-watching either of them.


I vote Tang Dynasty! :heavy_check_mark:


Ok Peeps. Practice your right to VOTE!

  • Gourmet in the Tang Dynasty
  • Kiss Goblin

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It looks like Gourmet in Tang Dynasty is winning out for now.


I finally have time to join a watch party. If I may join this one?


Please do! Anyone can join! We love company!


We do love company, and please comment as much as you want, we love to talk about the drama we’re watching.


to the point where we are distracting ourselves from the show. :sunglasses: :rofl: :scream:

but you can watch and not talk if you prefer.